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Last updated: March 26, 2020 • Real Estate, Real Estate News, Real Estate Trends

Passive houses

Building passive houses gets easier by the year and it’s a highly promoted alternative by developers as the benefits outweigh the costs. As energy costs increase every year, passive houses in the US gain momentum. Another factor that helps their popularity is the growing awareness of our limited resources and the effects that global warming …

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Last updated: January 16, 2020 • Real Estate, Real Estate News, Real Estate Trends

What are home buyers looking for in 2020

We have a new decade before us and you could already see yourself settled in your dream home, with all the features and the design you have always wanted. Year 2020 could be the year that dream becomes a reality and you find fulfilment in reaching for the American dream of homeownership. Probably you’ve been …

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Last updated: July 19, 2019 • Real Estate News

2026 FIFA World Cup in America

It was announced that, in a joint bid, the United States, Mexico, and Canada will host the 2026 FIFA World Cup of Soccer. While we hope the US team gets it together and starts to play as well as we did in 2002 – when we sent Portugal (with Figo, then voted best player in …

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Last updated: January 21, 2019 • Real Estate News

How Much Time will Trump Actually Be Spending in the White House?

Since last week’s surprise election results, people have been wondering whether newly appointed President-elect Donald Trump will live in the White House, which he considers a “downgrade” when compared to his New York Penthouse and his Mar-a-Lago club in Florida (which, as we mentioned before, was originally built to be a winter White House)!  The …

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Last updated: January 21, 2019 • Real Estate News

Will Having Donald Trump in the White House Help the Luxury Real Estate Market?

While Donald J. Trump’s victory in the U.S. presidential election initially led to some stock market unrest, it quickly smoothed out and UK real estate experts say they believe the luxury real estate market will benefit from having the real estate mogul installed at 1600 Penn Ave. Donald Trump has been lauded from Britain, and …

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