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Last updated: April 4, 2018 • Real Estate Trends

Will Amazon HQ2 set a new commercial real estate trend?

Powerhouse company Amazon has done something that might completely change the game. Again. But this time it’s not related to any cutting-edge technology development or a new way of acquiring virtually any product existing in the world. This time, Amazon is about to change the real estate market, specifically the commercial real estate market. Late …

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Last updated: October 24, 2018 • Real Estate Trends

Floating Homes Around the World

A floating home is the perfect midway between life on a boat and life on dry land. It’s a more reasonable approach to ‘life on the water’, and many people have begun choosing summer homes like floating homes over buying a boat or renting a tropical bungalow. In case you’re tempted by a floating home, …

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Last updated: March 29, 2018 • Real Estate Trends

Tiny Homes Across the USA

Tiny homes have hit the big time! For good reason, too –  who can resist the quaint, simple appeal of a tiny home, especially when they are so within our reach? Your hobbit home doesn’t have to be buried in a mossy hill or built out of fresh pine. Even some of the strangest items …

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Last updated: October 29, 2018 • Real Estate Trends

Top 5 US Cities with the Best Internet Connections

In the past decade, technology has bounded forward at extreme speeds, leaving many of us in the dust. Everything, from our cellphones and computers to our air conditioners and real estate markets, depends heavily on technology and the internet. The past few years have made it impossible to avoid becoming part of the trend, and …

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Last updated: March 27, 2018 • Real Estate Trends

Off the Grid Homes: The New Real Estate Trend

Do you get frustrated with the prices for electricity and gas? It has become extremely hard to keep up with the rising costs of heating and powering your home, right? Plus, let’s not even start with how frustrating the power companies’ customer support is! The good news is that it’s becoming a real estate trend …

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