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Charlotte Lacy, Broker ®

Growing up in Real Estate with a Realtor Mother and a Builder Dad, I learned Real Estate by osmosis.  I learned to listen, not only with my ears, but also with my heart, to serve without thinking about the cost, to study and know the answers to questions homeowners need answered; to think about the needs of the client before considering my own; and to be patient, at all costs.  However, that was only the beginning.  Over the years, I have owned two relocation companies because my heart went out to families who must relocate.  I have lived that life and can relate to the pains and blessings that come in the corporate world and the demands on the families.  Being a loan officer for over five years taught me the different ways a home can be financed and how to overcome obstacles.  Otherwise, a Realtor can only help those who have stellar credit.  Being the daughter of a builder who did not just build, but crafted a home, I learned what really good building looks like and how to spot shoddy workmanship.  Since a home is the most costly purchase most people ever make, it is critically important to be a patient credible resource in helping clients find the home which not only best meets their needs, but also is as valuable as he price they pay for it.  By the same token, when working with a seller, it is critically important to price the home in tune with the market as well as staging the home to show its best features, and sometimes have the courage to tell truth about what the seller needs to spend in order that they may maximize the marketability of their home.  In this way the home does not grow stale, but sells quickly for the maximum amount the “Market will tolerate” so the seller’s assets are protected.  It is absolutely vital that a Realtor has the ability to think “outside the box”.  To facilitate all of this, a Realtor must always be aware of the nuances of an ever changing market.  We must always go above and beyond.

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Michelle Perez, Realtor ®

I have been in the Austin Area for over 25 years. I am a third generation realtor so the profession runs in my blood. I believe in doing business in an honest and ethical manner. I work with buyers and sellers. I have helped many clients relocate to the Austin Area with knowledge of schools, area business, and the local Austin economy. I also am very familiar with the short sale process as I have worked on several but I don’t claim to be a certified specialist in short sales as I believe in being honest with my clients. I have also worked with many foreclosures as well. HUDs and foreclosures can be great deals but just because they are titled as so doesn’t always make them great deals. I do my research and help my clients make an informed decision on all real estate transactions. I believe in strong customer service and for this reason I have a strong referral base. I try to make the real estate process as smooth and non complicated as possible. I would love to serve you in any of your real estate needs.

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Charlotte Lacy &  Michelle Perez

Charlotte Lacy & Michelle Perez


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