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3600 S. SR. 7 suite 228 , Miramar - FL 33023
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About David Dweck

I am a retired law enforcement officer who served Communities in both Florida and Tennessee. I was originally licensed in 1988 in Florida and in 1991 in Tennessee. I reengaged my Real Estate career in 2007 and now I am the Principal Broker at Southeast Regional Realty.

Education in my field of business as well as staying current as to our changing markets is important to me to provide you the best possible service. I hold certifications and designations from the National Association of REALTORS including: Acredited Buyer's Agent, Pricing Specialist Advisor, Graduate Realtor Institute, Certified International Property Specialist, Transnational Referral Certified, Short Sale and Foreclosure Resource, e-PRO, Broker Price Opinion Resource and At Home With Diversity.

David Dweck
Southeast Regional Realty - Miramar Branch Office

Southeast Regional Realty - Miramar Branch Office

David Dweck



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ABR, Accredited Buyer Representative
CIPS, Certified International Property Specialist
Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity (FHEO)
GRI Graduate REALTOR Institute
PSA (Property Staging Advisor)
The Multiple Listing Service Mark member badge

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How To Rebuild Your Life After A Foreclosure?

How To Rebuild Your Life After A Foreclosure?

When one chapter ends, another one begins. Foreclosures are simply that: fresh new beginnings. Of course, it can bring you down for a while, it may have a negative impact on your credit score for years and even on your relationships, but you can rebuild your life and live happily ever after. Foreclosures are like a bad dream that for some homeowners becomes a reality. ...

Homebuyer Tips

Passive Income Strategies To Avoid Paying Interest On Your Home Loan

Passive Income Strategies To Avoid Paying Interest On Your Home Loan

To pay interest means to work twice for the same money. In other words, it reduces your productivity. When you are paying interest, you are simply treading water, that is you’re not making any progress. Despite this fact, most passive income opportunities rely on interest and especially on compound interest. There are many different definitions of interest, but in ...

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6 Types Of Land Surveys You Should Be Aware Of

6 Types Of Land Surveys You Should Be Aware Of

Land is a precious resource because it is very limited and nobody’s going to make any more of it.  As you already know, about 70% of the Earth is covered by water and the rising sea level is threatening. Then, not all the dry land is suitable for construction or even habitable - 33% is dessert while mountains occupy another 24%. This means there are only 15.8 ...

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Should Friends And Family Hire You As Their Real Estate Agent?

Should Friends And Family Hire You As Their Real Estate Agent?

Haven’t you ever been told to keep friendship and business apart? Real estate could be the ultimate test for friendships because money and greed bring out the true character of a human being. The United States of America is the third largest country in the world by surface area, and currently in the third place by population - more than 331 million people. 32% of ...

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9 Unusual Ways In Which Water Increases The Value Of Your House

9 Unusual Ways In Which Water Increases The Value Of Your House

What really increases the price of the house is its location. So, if your house is not on an exotic beach, we will tell you how to bring the sea to your house. Stay with us as we look at the friendly side of the water - the miraculous liquid that makes our planet habitable. Water is both a friend and an enemy in real estate. Leaking faucets, burst pipes, and floodings ...


Real Estate Glossary Terms

  • Arm

    Same as term Associate in Risk Management: professional designation earned after the successful completion of three national examinations given by the insurance institute of America (IIA). Covers such areas of expertise as essentials of risk management (identification and measurement of loss exposur ...

  • Contiguous

    Adjoining. ...

  • Blanket Floater

    Same as term Floater: coverage for property which moves from location to location either on a scheduled or unscheduled basis. If the floater covers scheduled property, coverage is listed for each item. If a floater covers unscheduled property, all property is covered for the same limits of insurance ...

  • Cost-of-living Rider

    Usually term insurance for one year added to a basic life insurance policy. In effect, this increases or decreases the face amount of the basic policy to reflect cost-of-living changes as measured by the Consumer Price Index (CPI). This rider can also be used in conjunction with a disability income ...

  • Nonresident Agent

    Agent who is licensed and who markets and services insurance policies in a state in which he or she is not domiciled. ...

Real Estate FAQ

  • What Is A Buydown?

    A type of financing in which a developer or seller arranges for the buyer to get a loan at a rate be ...

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