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With many great years in Real Estate, representing buyers and sellers, I get the greatest joy in making the buying and selling process as simple as possible. I was told that my positive attitude gets me great results and nothing is more important to me then happy clients all the way through that amazing experience. 

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Irene  Trivoulides

Irene Trivoulides



Real Estate Glossary Terms

  • Anti

    Prefix meaning: (1) opposed or against something, as in antitrust or anti-Semitism. (2) opposite, ...

  • Manufactured Home

    A home built entirely in a factory, transported to a site, and installed there. Manufactured homes ...

  • Annual Convention Blank

    Same as term Annual Statement: report that an insurance company must file annually with the State In ...

  • Endorsement

    Written agreement attached to a policy to add or subtract insurance coverages. Once attached, the en ...

  • Master Contract

    Same as term Master policy: single contract coverage on a group basis issued to an employer. Group m ...

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