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Considering Selling Your Home?

Selling your home is an involved process that affects your family and your future. Before you begin this process, you'll want to ensure that you have the most up-to-date information. When should you sell? How do you get the best price? What kinds of renovations should be made prior to the sale? How can you make your home most appealing to the average buyer?

Making A Dazzling First Impression!
Here are some of the best no cost to low cost tips to capturing the buyer's interest in your home.

? Making-the-sale checklist ... Yard

First, most buyers will drive by the home and evaluate it's "curb appeal" before contacting a Realtor to touring the inside.

? Clean up your yard
? Mow and trim the lawn
? Remove dead limbs from trees
? Prune the shrubs
? Mend any fences or other outside structures
? Strategically place a planted pot with flowers around the yard

? Making-the-sale checklist ... Exterior

The buyer coming to view your home must walk up to the front door. During this walk, they will pay particular attention to the homes exterior.

? Paint the woodwork if needed
? Clean the gutters
? Polish the exterior lighting posts and lamps
? Wash down the siding if necessary
? Clean the front entry
? Clean and polish the front door and brass (very important)
? Place a potted plant at the entry
? Prune the front shrubs
? Make sure the landscaping looks great; weeded, trimmed, all dead plants removed, etc.

? Making-the-sale checklist ... Entrance

The buyer will often spend extra time at the entry way while receiving instructions, reviews, etc, from the Realtor or you as the seller.

? Open up the entryway
? Remove all clutter (rent a temporary storage unit if necessary)
? Place a potted plant by the entryway
? Open the hall closet door, remove everything from this closet except 2-3 garments
? Dust and wash walls to remove stains, markings, and finger prints
? Dust and clean all lighting fixtures and install higher wattage bulbs to make rooms brighter
? Apply fresh paint to any walls or rooms that desperately need it (use bright neutral colors)
? Clean, scrub, and polish floors, remove stains in carpet, and wash the baseboards
? Clean windows inside and outside and clean the blinds and drapes too
? Clean garage to a neat and orderly fashion
? Change the air filters and install air fresheners in major areas

? Making-the-sale checklist ... Kitchen

For most buyers, the kitchen will be the most critical room that is observed.

? Remove everything from the countertops except a centerpiece
? Straighten the cupboards; leave excess room in each
? Lay a clean sheet of shelving paper
? Double clean the stove and refrigerator, paying particular attention to edges and crannies
? Clean the countertops and sink, removing all stains and polishing all metals
? Scrub the floor

? Making-the-sale checklist ... Master Bedroom

The master bedroom and bath is another key area and selling point of the home.

? Clean away everything from behind and underneath the bed
? Remove clutter from the dressers and nightstands
? Recycle old magazines and arrange a few in a magazine rack
? Put clean bedding on the bed
? Make a special effort to straighten the closets
? Make some empty space on the shelves
? Hang clothes individually with some space between each garment
? Bleach the tub, shower stall, basins, and toilet
? Remove any apparent stains, especially molds and mildews in tile grout and drains
? Clean the mirrors, scrub the floor, hang fresh towels
? Clean and clear the countertops, shelves, and sinks

The simple ideas listed on this page can make a positive difference in the appeal to buyers who view your home in consideration of making an offer to purchase.

As a Florida Luxury Realty associate, I am always available to help you regarding suggestions that will help sell faster and for the best financial outcome. If you're ready to have a real estate professional help you with the selling process, contact me today.

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