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Real Estate has become my passion. I thoroughly love the Triangle and take great pride in representing buyer's and seller's throughout the greater Raleigh & Durham area. Currently I work with about 60% sellers and 40% buyers, and am happy to answer any question that you may have. I believe in the education of my clients and will gladly give you a free consultation.

A Maryland native, at 21 years old, I started my first business from the garage. I spent 10 years growing the (industrial equipment) business, but with the arrival of my second child, my priorities shifted to providing them with the best environment possible. In 2009 I sold the business to 2 employees and the Triangle became our new home.

I was always interested in Real Estate and had even flipped a couple of homes in MD. While searching for homes in NC, I found that I really enjoyed exploring the area and was amazed at the diversity it offers. The spark was kindled and I decided to get licensed. What I didn't realize at the time is just how much I would enjoy my real estate career.

My wife Kelly and I live in NW Raleigh with our 3 children Amelia, Wilder & Wyatt. She is a NC native and we spend a lot of time with family and friends in her home town of Oxford.

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Michael Griffith Fathom Realty/Team Triangle Realty

Michael Griffith


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Office: 1-919-443-9114

Real Estate Glossary Terms

  • Building Permit

    Approval given by a local municipality to construct a particular structure at a specific location. T ...

  • Declaration Of Trust

    Written acknowledgment by an individual holding title to property that it is being held in trust for ...

  • Marketable Title

    Title leaving no question as to who the owner is. It is the title which a reasonable buyer, knowledg ...

  • Permanent Mortgage

    Mortgage for an extended time period (e.g., 25 years) Type of real estate investment trust (REI ...

  • Earned Premium

    Portion of a premium paid by an insured that has been allocated to the insurance company's loss expe ...

Real Estate FAQ

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    An index is an economic indicator used to set the rate for adjustable-rate mortgages. ...

  • Should I Consolidate My Debt?

    Discover your potential monthly savings by combining your bills into a single source. Eliminate high ...

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