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People who are buying real estate require trust and the assurance that they are making the right decision.

As realtors, we're not just selling homes or offices. We're changing lives. That knowledge, once acquired, changes how you approach real estate sales.  Not only are we selling our clients property that they will live or work in, we are asking them to trust us to help them make one of the most important decisions of their life.  That means we must deliver on all of our promises to be successful, and I do not take your trust in me lightly.

Delivering on the Dream

Throughout my Real Estate career, I have done it all. I have bought, managed and sold rental and investment properties for myself and others. I have seen two big market crashes and seen some wild and exciting balloon markets, where pricing skyrockets. I have helped families find their dreams and avoid nightmares. I have helped first time home buyers buy a first home and worked with retirees who want to downsize.

So how did I get here? At 21 years old and wanting to go into real estate, but most homeowners wouldn't take a chance on someone my age. I knew I would have to build a reputation from results-based performance, first, so I took a job listing and selling property for large private investment groups. In my second year in business I listed and sold more than half the units in a renovated condominium complex of well over 100 units. That's when I knew: I can do this. I also realized working for that firm what tools they used to sell units. It's all about the advertising.

Delivering the Message the Right Way

Skip ahead a two years and I've just bought my first Advertising and Sign Company. My small advertising and sign company specialized in supporting Real Estate Marketing for many local offices. I had learned from my Business, that Real Estate Agents needed help promoting and selling. I knew that they had unique needs that other sales positions did not require.

To date, my businesses have helped 1,000ís of Agents, sell 1,000ís of properties. I am now living and selling from a warmer climate, but my principles learned that cold Boston office remain the same: Advertise and deliver. While I enjoy training Real Estate Agents, I believe it is time for me to bring my experience directly to you, the home owner.

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Newell White

Newell White


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