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Apr 17, 2018

Internal Garden OR Extra Seat?


Internal Garden OR Extra Seat

Say you have a spacious window sill: would you use it to make an internal garden to get fresh herbs for your cooking, nice scents to the house and that amazing forest feel indoors…

Or use it as an extra space for seating, reading, window gazing and that perfect power nap?

What are you? #TeamGardening or #TeamExtraSeat?



Apr 10, 2018

Local Sibling OR Long-Distance Sibling

Local Sibling OR Distance Sibling

April 10th is National Sibling Day! Which type of Sibling is best for you?

The one easily reachable, that can be at your door in a matter of minutes… Or the one who lives far away - providing that sweet home-away-from-home vacation home?

Now, mind-blown scenario: what if two siblings vote each on a different a different option?! Oh, the family/sibling drama! We love it!
(Don't worry, we won't tell your sibling which option you voted for)

Either way: call/meet your sibling and say: “ Happy Sibling Day”!




Apr 04, 2018

Humans OR Dogs?

Security Guards OR Guard Dogs? Which would it make you feel safer?


Which is the most reliable home security system? A security guard patrolling the house or a guard dog?

Team security guard will say that everyone who watched a cartoon knows that a piece of stake is enough to tame an angry dog, but Team Guard Dogs will say that you get a better value out of Dogs, as they are 2-for-1 and can serve as both a security system and men's best friend! However, dogs can't help carrying your groceries, right? But with the right training they can bring you food - which is not one of the security guard's duties.

Oh, we can't answer this one: what are your thoughts? Sound off on the comments about your thoughts regarding the best security system for your home!



Mar 23, 2018

Hand Painted Eggs OR Plastic Eggs?

Hand Painted Eggs or Plastic Eggs? Which one will your house feature this Easter?

Easter is right around the corner and we want to know: what is your preference when celebrating it? Do you get the kids Hand Painted Eggs OR Plastic Eggs?

Hand Painted Eggs Team will say that there's nothing like putting your artisan skills to the task; that it is a nice therapy, even!

But Plastic Eggs Team will counter by asking " Who has time for that?", plus the mess those eggs can make...

So, tell us: what side are you on?
This Easter, will your house feature Hand Painted Eggs or Plastic Eggs?



Mar 22, 2018

Chicago OR Boston ?


Chicago or Boston - This or that vote your favourite

St. Patrick's Day is only a few days away and the festivities are heating up! Chicago and Boston are two towns that take the festivities really serious and have a tradition of organizing awesome celebrations.
While Chicago dyes its river green since 1962, Boston has the most remarkable parade filled with kids and St. Patrick's motives. 

If you had the opportunity of travelling to either Chicago or Boston to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, which would you choose?
Would you go with the Windy City of Chi-Town or would you choose the famous City on the hill of Boston, Massachutes?



Mar 22, 2018

Green Beer OR Glass of Jamesons

green beer or glass of jamesons

This Saturday the country will be taken over by green! People of every city storm the streets to enjoy the Luck of the Irish, - on this lucky day which do you prefer Green Beer or a shot of Jameson's?



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