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Real Estate Agents and Moguls Anticipate Trump Inauguration

For real estate agents, the Trump presidency is a dream come true – after all, who better to push legislation to benefit real estate moguls and drive home sales? This is especially true for those selling real estate in Washington, DC – as the area floods with Southerners moving North to join Trump’s cabinet, agents …

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December 29, 2016 • Celebrity Real Estate, Real Estate History

2016’s Grim Reaper Claims More Stars Before Year’s End

The staggering array of loss continues – in addition to Bowie, Prince, and others, the past week claims another musical icon, George Michael, as well as mother / daughter duo Carrie Fisher (the indomitable Princess Leia and General Organa) and her mom Debbie Reynolds (famous for Singing in the Rain and other massive hits). All …

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December 22, 2016 • The "Pot"-conomy

How Will Pot Affect the Real Estate Market? It Can Deliver a “High” ROI

The “pot-conomy” is here, and it’s affecting verticals across industries – including real estate. How will it affect local markets across the US in the commercial and residential sectors? Denver would indicate that the answer is “pretty darn well”. The industrial real estate that houses pot production is skyrocketing, positioning itself to become a great …

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December 16, 2016 • Holidays, Real Estate History

Christmas in the White House – Through the Centuries

Christmas is always celebrated in Washington DC, with an amazing assortment of decorations and a massive outdoor tree close to the White House itself. What has Christmas in the White House looked at over the past few centuries and what impact had for the real estate agents in Washington DC ? 1800: The first “official …

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December 14, 2016 • Environment

Energy Saving Tips for Winter from REA!

Not looking forward to crazy power bills this winter? These tips can help you save money all winter long. Every room of your house holds possibilities for energy savings this winter, whether you own a Dallas, Texas real estate, or live in Chicago, Illinois. You can use this list and go room to room becoming …

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