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Last updated: June 17, 2022 • Real Estate Investing

How to Invest a Million Dollars on Real Estate to Live Off the Interest

While rampant monopolization and commercialism have made the American dream a lot less attainable than it used to be, this country is still one in which the ambitious can still hope to make it big if they work hard. There’s no guarantee of success, but those with a healthy reserve of discipline and determination can …

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Last updated: May 31, 2022 • Real Estate Investing

How Data Is Changing Decision-Making in Real Estate Investment

Until recently, agents and investors primarily made real estate decisions on the basis of historical trends and industry experience. However, thanks to the revolutionary power of big data and today’s cutting-edge technologies, it is now possible to access accurate real estate data in real-time. The insights gleaned from big data enable investors, real estate firms, …

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Last updated: May 18, 2022 • Real Estate Investing

Could Renting Become a Part of the American Dream?

Many generations have been born, got to grow up and live in America believing in the “American Dream”? That “American Dream” made everyone strive for more. Whether it was more profit or more space by purchasing a bigger house, the idea that if you strive for more, you will get access to more has been …

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Last updated: January 19, 2022 • Real Estate Investing

Commercial Properties: a Real Estate Niche

In many businesses, there’s a lot of success to be found working as a general tradesperson. Doctors can adopt general practice, lawyers can practice general law and construction workers can work as general contractors. Most fields have space for general practitioners, and these positions are often a great place to start for less experienced professionals.  …

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Last updated: November 12, 2021 • Real Estate Investing

9 Tips on How to Find Your Next Apartment Fast

While most people can usually afford to look for a new home for some time, there are certain exceptions when you have to act quickly and don’t have the luxury of spending weeks hunting for a perfect rental.  A new job in a different state, problems with roommates — there are plenty of reasons you …

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