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Last updated: September 28, 2021 • Home Improvement

ECO-Friendly Interior Design on a Budget

Green living, sustainable lifestyles, and eco-friendly alternatives have taken center stage over the last few years across the world. The subject was discussed on world stages like the UN Earth Summit in 1992, it was also debated in the highest ranks of the government and during lunch breaks for several decades now. Still, actual results …

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Last updated: October 5, 2021 • Home Improvement

Hidden Rooms that Provide Ultimate Privacy

There is a high probability that you grew up wishing you had access to a room that was all your own and that nobody could reach. Well, that’s the definition of a hidden room. Now that we’re all grown up, the idea comes back to us even if the purpose of the room changes with …

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Last updated: September 14, 2021 • Home Improvement

Houseplants That Will Brighten Up Your Home and Your Life

Whether you just finished a renovation project or have recently moved to a new home that made you instantly fall in love, once you settle in, you might realize that something is missing. You spend days personalizing the space to fit you and your lifestyle, making it your own but still … It needs life. …

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Last updated: September 8, 2021 • Home Improvement

Decorating Ideas for Your Yard – Dog-Friendly Edition

Just like any other dog owner will tell you, having your dog safely run around, play fetch, patrol your yard, or simply dozing off in your yard is a dog owner’s paradise. Not to mention how incredibly happy your dog will be by having a safe place where they can enjoy the outdoors. Having them …

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Last updated: September 2, 2021 • Home Improvement

Home improvements – Making your home smart

Smart is the new buzzword. From electronic gadgets to any online shopping experience, everything must be automated, fast, synchronized, designed for the younger generation. In a word, intelligent. The older generation, on the other hand, raises eyebrows when learning about new technologies. However, all it takes is to see the big picture: smart technology makes …

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