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Last updated: September 11, 2021 • Home Improvement

5 Great DIY Projects you can do with Reclaimed Items from your Home

Are you wanting to add some pizazz to your home, but you are on a limited budget? Time to get crafty with some of the old items you have sitting around that aren’t being used anymore. You probably have some junk in the garage that could be repurposed into amazing home decor. Here are a few ideas to get started!

Crib Front Porch Swing

Crib Front Porch Swing

You can keep all of the memories of when your children were small when you turn their baby crib into a big porch swing that they can still use and enjoy as they grow! Reassemble the pieces of your baby crib into a sturdy, serviceable swing and decorate it with plenty of comfy cushions and pillows. Your kids will love sitting and swinging, and you’ll get a kick out of the nostalgic feel it brings to your home.

washing machine to fire pit

Washing Machine Fire Pit

That old washing machine that bit the dust a few years back but somehow never made it to the dump can create a perfect fire pit for your backyard. Just in time for the cool fall days approaching very quickly. This Pin shows you exactly how to extract the old drum, mount it on sturdy legs, and create a safe, gorgeous fire pit that will enhance your deck or back patio.

DIY desk to bench

Desk Bench

It was just taking up too much space, we get it! So since you’ve replaced that massive wooden desk with something a little sleeker, now you’ve got to decide whether to donate or throw away. Instead, how about you reuse! It can be readily repurposed into a beautiful work bench in the backyard, that will serve as a reading nook or toys storage. Discover how to deconstruct an old desk and turn it into a charming place for your kids to curl up on when weather is too hot or cold outside.

Door Corner Shelf

Door Corner Shelf

When one door closes, a new one opens! That old door you don’t need anymore now needs a new home. That old door can become a lovely corner shelf ideal for an entryway corner or bathroom. Simply cut the door in half, cut edges to a 45 degree angle, and use L-brackets to put them back together. Paint it, distress it, stain it, and add a few wooden shelves to keep plants, vases, books, keys, linens, toiletries, or more on. This is a simple, easy DIY project anyone can complete in just a few hours.

Shoe Rack Vegetable Bin

Shoe Rack Vegetable Bin

It’s what your kitchen always needed – a place for all those fresh vegetables to get the ventilation they need to stay fresh without crowding your countertops or fridge. A few wire baskets and a little creativity are all that is needed to turn that old shoe shelf into a rustic kitchen accessory.

These plans and plenty of other ideas are available for you to try on our REA Pinterest board! Follow The Official Real Estate Agent Directory ®for more lifestyle tips for homeowners.


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