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Last updated: May 20, 2021 • Holidays

Employee Appreciation

Valentine’s Day is historically known as a day for lovers to show their appreciation for one another. Now, people have changed their thinking about Valentine’s Day to include showing love and appreciation to any person in general. This Valentine’s Day, show your co-workers and employees that they are appreciated, by the way this will also …

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Last updated: May 20, 2021 • Holidays

Give a Loved One a Valentine’s Day Room Remodel

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, many people still have no idea what to do for their loved ones. Every year, people go out and buy the usual jewelry, chocolate, and flowers for their sweetheart. Sometimes, this can make Valentine’s Day feel a little more cliche and less personalized. This year, give that special someone a …

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Last updated: May 21, 2021 • Holidays

The Attitude of Gratitude: Giving Thanks This Holiday Season

The Attitude of Gratitude: Ways You Can Be More Grateful This Thanksgiving Often life is lived in the hustle and bustle of the chaos that surrounds us. Work, soccer and basketball practice, grocery shopping, dinner time, family time, back to work… Life can be one big, repetitive, and routine circle. We go through the year …

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Last updated: May 26, 2021 • Holidays

Fifty Shades of Cleanup – Tips for Cleaning Up Your Valentine’s Day Mess

If you celebrated Valentine’s Day the way it was meant to, your house should look like a rose-petal-covered, candle wax, chocolate, and wine paradise, or a set of Valentine’s Day, depending on how thorough you were. Now that Valentine’s Day is over, and all the red, heart-shaped candy boxes and stuffed animals with cupid arrows …

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