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Last updated: May 20, 2021 • Holidays

Employee Appreciation

Valentine’s Day is historically known as a day for lovers to show their appreciation for one another. Now, people have changed their thinking about Valentine’s Day to include showing love and appreciation to any person in general. This Valentine’s Day, show your co-workers and employees that they are appreciated, by the way this will also work for your real estate agent .

Candy Grams: Candy grams are sweet anonymous ways to tell someone they are loved and appreciated. Getting the whole office involved on Valentine’s Day will make this even more exciting. For a small price, with the proceeds usually going to charity, employees can purchase a candy gram. The candy gram is a bag of candy attached to a small card that is used to write short and sweet messages. Once all of the candy grams are collected, they will be given out to the people they are intended for so they can enjoy the treat and read the message.

Secret Valentine: Secret Valentine’s are usually done similarly to Secret Santa. Employees can randomly choose the name of a co-worker to give a gift. Usually office participation games like Secret Valentine’s have a set price range. Then, employees will buy gifts for their fellow employees. All employees will then exchange gifts anonymously. Ultimately, each employee can try to figure out who bought the gift they received.

Sweet Treats: For a simple and easy idea for employee appreciation this Valentine’s Day, bring sweet treats to the office. During this time of year, it’s easy to find festive donuts and candy. So bring in some donuts, chocolates, or some candy. Either way, employees will appreciate it.

Office Potluck: A potluck is a simple and easy idea for any occasion. Since everyone is bringing their own dish to the office, no one will be burdened with providing everything for the whole office. Each person is responsible for bringing at least one entree so, together, there will be one complete meal.


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