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Last updated: March 28, 2024 • Eco-Friendly and Sustainability

Everything You Need to Know About Trash Pickup

Are you one of those people who pile up trash for days and transport it to landfills yourself weekly or monthly? Instead of handling all the trash yourself, we recommend reaping the many benefits of working with experts from trash pickup companies to manage all kinds of waste! 

Investing in a regular trash pickup schedule reduces the hassle of managing large volumes of waste and increases hygiene by preventing pest infestation. Here, we offer substantial insight into the standard type of waste and the factors you need to consider.

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Discover the Six Common Types of Waste!

Our lifestyle, home renovation projects, and daily activities produce a lot of waste daily, so you must dispose of it regularly. But before you plan your trash pickup schedules, understand the variety of trash generated from residential and commercial areas. Thus, you can eliminate it effectively in your defined pickup schedule.

1. Solid waste

Solid waste can originate from anywhere. Whether you live in a commercial or residential area, solid wastes like plastic bags and containers, ceramics, metal objects, glass, plastic bottles, electronic items, and unwanted newspapers or cardboard are produced regularly. 

2. Organic waste

You are more likely to generate organic waste, which is natural and mostly not hazardous. Even if these wastes are in landfills, they still release greenhouse gases. Instead, you can compost wastes like garden weeds and plants, food waste, rotten meat, and eggs to reduce greenhouse gases. If you cannot compost, ask a trash pickup company to schedule organic waste removal separately!

3. Recyclable waste

You can implement the 3 R’s (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) to manage waste coming from your home or business. Reduce single-use plastic and reuse things as much as possible. Implement the last step of the 3 R’s (recycle) if you generate waste such as paper, tin, metals, glass, wood, ceramics, plastic, and agricultural waste. As a result, you can produce functional products again! Energy-saving practices rule!

4. Hazardous waste

Hazardous wastes are highly flammable and toxic, potentially damaging humans and the environment. Due to their dangerous nature, they must be handled carefully during disposal. Hazardous wastes include fluorescent lamps, used engine oils, pesticides, petrol and gas cylinders, old tires, sharps, power tools, and old batteries from cars, mobile phones, and other battery-operated appliances.

5. Liquid waste

Liquid waste is often dirty water that goes down your home’s drainage system. It includes wash water, chemical water, rainwater, detergents, and organic liquids, potentially contaminating your water supplies. Therefore, contact a local trash pickup service to manage your liquid waste effectively. 

6. Industrial waste

Industries generate inorganic wastes such as gas, oil-contaminated refuse, hazardous waste, ashes, paint residuals, industry-specific chemicals, and packaging materials. They can include organic matter like wood, confidential documents, food waste, and animal remains.

Industrial waste is one of the leading sources of air, water, and soil pollutants, which harm human health in many ways. Therefore, you can hire trash pickup service providers to effectively manage all kinds of toxic and non-toxic waste generated from industries. 

Things To Consider While Choosing a Trash Pickup Service

While it’s easy for us to pack and dump garbage bags outside, proper garbage disposal from residential and commercial places is challenging. Whether searching for a trash pickup service for your home or your commercial units, you must hire a reliable one to avoid irresponsible waste disposal. 

While searching for a reliable trash pickup service, consider the following factors before settling for the final one.

Services offered

Your trash pickup company must be able to handle all the waste you generate. When choosing a service provider, you must ensure they have enough trucks and waste management experts to manage your waste on your defined schedule. Companies may schedule trash pickup dates differently depending on the waste types.


When choosing your waste management company, one crucial factor is its price. Consider the price factor if you are taking on a massive home improvement project. Take your time, and don’t settle with the first company you encounter! Instead, ask for price quotations from multiple companies. Then, compare their services at their defined price range. 

Some companies may initially offer cheap quotations and trap you with hidden costs after they finish picking up your trash. Beware of such scams and understand all the service structures provided in the given price range beforehand. 

Customer service

You know that a trash pickup provides excellent customer service when you receive timely information and flexible schedules. Moreover, if you have pickup issues, the company must be available to answer your phone calls and address your problems immediately. A customer-focused company will communicate detailed information effectively when dealing with trash.

Recycling facilities

You can recycle items like plastic, glass, paper, metals, and ceramics effortlessly and use them again. A trash pickup company can help you minimize waste in the dumping sites by using their recycling services. Ask your trash pickup companies about materials excluded and waste recycling methods. Also, ask if they provide separate containers for segregating recyclable and non-recyclable trash. 

If you try to recycle, less trash will end up in landfills. As a result, fewer greenhouse gasses will be emitted, and you will significantly contribute to carbon footprint reduction. We must strive to implement sustainable environmental planning!

License and Certifications

Your trash pickup company must have a valid license and the credentials to operate legally. A certified and well-trained waste management expert can guide you about disposing of hazardous waste according to local and state guidelines. Yet, some non-compliant trash pickup companies may need to be made aware of this fact. Consequently, you can also be fined when they do not follow policies and regulations. 

Therefore, check whether your service provider has compliance certifications such as an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) certificate, an International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certification, credentials to handle electronic waste, and other required local licenses.

Sustainable practices 

You must understand sustainable practices before choosing your trash pickup company. Any procedure followed by waste disposal companies affects your community’s environment. So, you must know how to sort and process waste after collection. Also, ask them about the measures taken to decrease the amount of garbage disposed of at landfills to improve environmental conditions

Why Did Your Trash Pickup Company Skip Your Garbage?

Your trash pickup company may leave the rubbish in your garbage bins for multiple reasons, as mentioned below. 

  • Your garbage bin was overflowing. 

If your garbage bin exceeds its weight-holding capacity, garbage collectors may not pick it up. Check with your trash pickup company to understand the limitations and guidelines you must follow. 

  • You should have put out your trash on time.

The trash pickup schedule may vary during holiday seasons and other special occasions. If you miss the garbage trucks, you’ll have to wait for the next regular pickup time to have your trash removed. 

  • Your garbage truck is not accessible to the trash pickup company.

At times, the garbage trucks may be unable to access your trash as it could be hidden behind a tree or placed in a different location. So, ensure your waste cart is easily accessible to garbage collectors with no hindrances in between. 

  • It contains hazardous materials. 

Sometimes, the trash pickup company may leave your trash behind if you do not comply with local regulations and mix hazardous waste with ordinary ones. So, sort dangerous substances and elements, like paint, tires, batteries, electronic items, toxic building materials, and sharps, by following their proper disposal regulations! 

You can also inquire about a missed trash pickup by contacting your local waste management service provider and discovering why you skipped your trash. 

What Can You Do to Ensure Effective Trash Pickup?

  • Create a trash pickup schedule with the help of a waste management company. Depending on your waste volume, you can define pickup frequency as daily, bi-weekly, weekly, or monthly. 
  • Ensure adequate trash collection bins to prevent odor and reduce overflowing waste. 
  • If you have bulky waste, schedule a date and time for its collection. 
  • Sort the wastes properly into recyclable, non-recyclable, and hazardous categories per the guidelines.  
  • Please place your garbage at the collection center as soon as possible so that you get all garbage trucks’ regular pickup cycles.
  • During the holiday season, ask your waste management company to communicate about their pickup schedule so that you can place your garbage in the designated space beforehand.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring Regular Trash Pickup Services? 

One of the most influential benefits of regular trash pickup is environmental protection. However, apart from environmental conservation, there are also many personal benefits. 

  • You don’t have to worry about running multiple trips in your rental trucks to landfill sites. 
  • A trained professional will suggest ways to dispose of hazardous waste by following local and state guidelines.
  • Regular cleanup cycles will reduce clutter in your home and pest infestation. 
  • Trash pickup services offer multiple dumpster options for disposing of heavy debris and waste. You can easily rent additional dumpsters if you have large volumes of garbage. 
  • If you have recyclable trash items, trash pickup companies will make the process easier and less expensive than dumping all your trash in landfills. 


No one wants flies hovering around their garbage for an extended period. With the volume of waste increasing daily, it’s essential to manage your waste consciously with regular pickup schedules. So, hire companies that routinely take your trash and serve you the best with cost-effective and reliable pickup services.


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