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Launching a new passion: How to find a new hobby you’ll love

There’s some sort of blurred consensus around how we pursue knowledge and new skills. Even if everyone knows deep down how versatile we humans actually are, most people seem to focus on only one main skill set which, chiseled to perfection, becomes our profession. However, as time goes by, we change, and there comes a moment when we need something new, something exciting and relaxing in our lives. Just for fun. 

Oftentimes, we choose a career path early in our young adulthood and stick with it for many years or even a lifetime. And that’s great because this is how we become really good at things. But every now and then, our thirst for novelty and broadening our horizons forces us to find a new hobby. Depending on what we wish to gain from embarking on this new journey of discovery, a new hobby can become a means of relieving stress or an activity that makes us smarter or richer in some way. It is proven that hobbies bring a sense of fulfillment to our lives. And as a result, we do better at our work and in our professional lives. 

However, it can be challenging to find a new hobby that sticks with you. Not because there aren’t enough options to choose from, but because it can be hard to figure out what we really want. So, how to find a new hobby you’ll love? In this article, we are going to explore the best ways to approach the search for a new hobby, so stick around!

Picking a new hobby 

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Deciding upon what to do is never easy. But you can narrow down the search by asking the right questions and answering them sincerely. 

What are you expecting from the new hobby to bring you?

Before picking a new hobby, don’t rush. Just stop for a second and ask yourself what you wish to get from practicing a new hobby. Is it relaxation? Or is it excitement? Is it a challenge? Or is it peace of mind? Also, whether you want to do something alone or engage in a social thing is an important question to ask before deciding what you want. A new hobby can bring personal growth, and they can be effective stress relievers. Hobbies can bring a sense of belonging and community or bring richness to our internal lives. When figuring out how to find a new hobby, It’s up to you to decide which novel dimensions of life you wish to explore. 

What are some old interests you never pursued?

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To find a new hobby can sometimes be challenging. You might need to dig deeper into forgotten parts of your being to discover what you used to really enjoy. Looking back at our childhood, everyone has had interests that faded later and got forgotten. But sometimes, these childhood interests can guide us in finding a new hobby in our adult lives. And as an extra perk, unearthing activities we used to like helps us to connect to our younger selves. We can once again feel the freedom and limitless potentiality only a child can.  

How much time do you have for the new hobby?

Scheduling plays an important part in the venture to find a new hobby. Different hobbies require more or less time – it’s up to your schedule what you can and are willing to squeeze in. Hobbies that need more practice, like online learning, playing an instrument, or horse riding require more time. Other hobbies like collecting or playing games might require less time, depending on personal preference of course. In any case, to find a new hobby you’ll love involves a little bit of scheduling. Balancing work, life and time in general, is hard. But a bit of sceduleing allows you to assess your free time and see what type of hobby you can fit into that specific timeframe. 

What’s something you’ve always wanted to try?

Adult life is full of obstacles that make it hard to pursue hobbies. This is why we often postpone what we desire, and sometimes we never return to them. Picking a new hobby is a great opportunity to remember those things. Even if you’ve already lost interest in those things, postponed interests can show the way to new ones you can explore in your present circumstances. 

Types of hobbies

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The list of potential hobbies is practically endless. How to find a new hobby in this vast haystack? Well, first look into your desires and then your schedule. What works for both criteria might become the new hobby you’ll love. Here are some hobbies, categorized to help you pick the one that’ll stick with you for years to come. 

Around the house

Oftentimes, we tend to expect novelty from our new hobby. Something that happens in a special place, in a special time. But to find a new hobby sometimes means looking in counter-intuitive places like one’s own home and surroundings. Plenty of activities around the house can bring fulfillment and productivity. Cooking or gardening can be an excellent place to start. If you’re into home improvement, there are several hobbies related to that, too. You might find pleasure in DIY home improvement projects, or if environmental awareness is important to you, you can find a way to make your home more sustainable as a hobby. 

Sports and outdoor activities

We tend to think about sports as something we must do for our health. But why can’t it be a hobby as well? To find a new hobby can mean looking into our physical activity preferences, and enhancing them. Do you like jogging? Why not do it while exploring amazing natural wonders? And vice versa: if you like spending time in nature, outdoor sports like climbing or highlining can be your thing. More of a social type? Join the yoga group in the park or start practicing a team sport like volleyball or basketball. 


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If you want to find a new hobby that can be practiced from the comfort of your home, video games are an option. If used correctly, video games can strengthen parent-child relationships and bring healthy competition to the members of a household. It’s great if you like to invite people over or if you just want to have some fun alone. To curb the possible negative impact of screen time and dependence, setting a time limit for these activities is advised.

Also, playing board games can become a hobby. It’s an engaging way of socializing and getting to know people.

Mind games

Puzzle games  – either played on the computer or in physical form – make an excellent hobby to expand one’s brain. Games like chess, sudoku, or some video games are designed to enhance logical thinking. These analytical skills can prove handy in other areas of life, too. By learning how to narrow down choices, they can even help us to find a new hobby easier in the future. 


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Art, with its many shapes and forms, can be an excellent hobby for those who want to explore their creative side. Painting, sculpting, or throwing ceramics can all be an awesome new path in exploring dexterity and a feel for aesthetics. And because making art involves making objects, you always have something to hang on the wall and observe progress. 

And let’s not forget to add music and writing to this section! Learning an instrument can bring great joy to one’s life. It can be practiced solo or in a group. Writing on the other hand requires introverted work. So, to find a new hobby you’ll love, you need to look into your personality.  


Ah, collections! It is one of the most classic paths on the journey to find a new hobby. Still, it can be the most innovative thing to do as well. You can collect stamps, but you can collect NFTs as well. The weirder the collection, the more unique and cool. You can practically start a collection of anything, from rocks to car air fresheners. 


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Traveling is a great way to discover new things, explore different cultures, and try new flavors. It allows us to break away from our usual lives and experience a different life in a different place. Also, the world is full of relics of the old times, offering a glimpse into other eras and food for thought. And, when you’re on the road, practicing sustainable traveling can open up a whole new dimension.

Wrapping up

The world is full of unexplored territory waiting for us to start discovering. There are so many different areas of life it can be overwhelming to choose only one. So, how to find a new hobby you’ll really love? Look deep into your desires, and think about what would work for you. Sometimes, it doesn’t have to be a time-consuming or costly new endeavor because – if it works for you – the simplest of activities can bring joy. Also, remember that there’s no hierarchy of hobbies. What you choose has to work for you and only you. Don’t stop exploring. Turn that interest into passion.



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