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Last updated: December 24, 2021 • Home Improvement

Kitchen Trends – Current and Upcoming

Whenever we talk about kitchen designs, we get two different reactions; Excitement and awe over the new or reinvented features that will upgrade our kitchen’s look or anxiety over realizing that our kitchen is outdated and needs another renovation. What we want everyone to understand is that the ever-changing trends of kitchen interior designs are not mandatory. Nobody is required to update their kitchens and essentials as these are in no way intended to make anyone feel like their kitchen style is no longer suitable. 

Trends change annually, and keeping up with them would be a costly ordeal, especially in your kitchen. If your kitchen does not need a make-over, if the functionality factor is top-notch, if the cabinets are in good condition, and, most importantly, if you like your kitchen, then you can take this article for its informational value alone. 

However, if you’re browsing the web and interior design magazines for suggestions on renovating your kitchen, this article will let you know the current and upcoming trends for 2022. You can transform your kitchen to match your dream home with an interior designer. Still, we’ll cover the main design trends of 2021 and focus on how the two merge and move into each other.

The Trends that Took over 2021

When we look at what happened as we transitioned into 2021, mid-pandemic, we could already see the signs of what 2022 will bring. Colors have already started to change towards what will be prevalent in 2022 but let’s take a closer look at all these aspects that will become even more prominent in the following year.

Leaving White Behind

modern white kitchen interior

Whether it came from the fact that we spent more and more time indoors and wanted a more enjoyable aspect from our homes or the fact that we had enough of the all-white sterile look that reminds us all of the hospital rooms, colors found their way back into our kitchens. Some chose to combine colors in two-toned kitchen designs, using contrasting colors, bold hues, and neutrals, or simply by adding a vibrant splash of color through some carefully selected items. Whichever it was, we started to see pops of color in our kitchens again.

Dark Surfaces

The elegance that comes from dark hues of grey or even black is unparalleled and will prevail with the coming of the new year. However, it started as an alternative to two-tone kitchens. Switching up the kitchen by installing dark worktops and countertops to contrast the light-colored kitchen cabinets became a great way to make the lighter colors pop and understand how to use natural light. At the same time, it maintains a luxurious and sophisticated look. One of the most fantastic combinations for dark greys or blacks used on countertops and backsplash are textured wood cabinets that warm up any space and give it a homey feel.

Smart Storage

luxurious kitchen interior

Coming from the minimalist trend that will continue in 2022, kitchen cabinets that offer ultimate functionality with less work required to use them took kitchen designs and brought them into the 21st century. Finally, some would say, and they would be right. Ever since the sliding pull-out drawers, we barely saw any innovation when it came to kitchen cabinets, but this year came with so many. Marie Kondo is probably thrilled with this trend as it completely obliterates kitchen cabinet clutter. Gone are the days when you had to move 20 pots and pans out of the way so you could get that one pot. Now, all you have to do is open the cabinet door, pull out the pot’s shelf, and simply pick up the pot. Easy access is detrimental for today’s kitchen, and we can all celebrate this trend and the innovations coming from the high-tech kitchens of tomorrow. Along with this, we can include concealed appliances, and that trend will expand in 2022.

Visible or Invisible

modern kitchen interior 3d render

When it comes to hinges, knobs, and handles, the year 2021 created a divide. It was either bold, brass, iron, gold, silver, or other metals or nothing. With the first, we could see the boldness that contrasted the simplicity of the space by adding that pop of shock and awe that any monochrome kitchen needs. The second, however, created the problem and, thankfully, the solution for … how do we open our cabinets. The push-to-open feature started to make its way into the ultimate smart kitchen designs, and we’ll see more of that in 2022. A possible reason for these two options might be that harsh metal is a natural element that makes us feel closer to nature, especially when combined with wood. As for the other … it’s easy … no knobs or handles mean no transmission of germs. We became more aware of the areas in our homes where bacteria and viruses may thrive, and eliminating them became a great idea.

Moving into 2022

While covering what happened in 2021, we did mention a few things that will set up roots and thrive in 2022. These trends can be directly related to the amount of time we spend in our homes and the need for our homes to provide a more natural feel. Our homes already started to transition into personal oases, but with 2022, this will become even more widespread. The more time we spend indoors, the more we want to feel comfortable and close to nature. It’s expected that we feel the need to bring nature indoors, but at the same time, we aim for luxury. Again, more time indoors means that our homes need to be special for us; they need to make us feel fantastic and choosing elements that add a touch of elegance and splendor into our kitchen influenced the 2022 upcoming trends. The following are the ones that attract the most attention, but each of these is modern and simplistic with a touch of elegance and refinement.

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gray kitchen interior and gray walls

We all know what minimalism comes from, and many of us might already be applying it throughout our homes. The simplicity that comes from Scandinavian interior designs thrives in the Minimalist trend. Here, functionality is the essence, and anything that doesn’t have a purpose or meaning does not have a place. The minimalist trend is all about balance and symmetry. While that might seem like an oxymoron, think of it like this. If you have a black wall with black base kitchen cabinets and a white window on the right, you’ll achieve symmetry and balance by adding a white top cabinet on the left. Even if there is only one window, the top cabinet balances the color scheme. That’s what we can expect from the minimalist trend. However, the minimalist movement will stick to neutral base colors or go towards monochromatic color pallets when it comes to colors. The one and most important rule for the minimalist trend is clutter-free space. Concealed appliances will attain this, if not whole kitchens, storage that provides a space for every appliance, utensil, and glass, and streamline kitchens with no knobs, handles, or hinges visible. 


stylish modern kitchen

The Biophilic trend comes in with the splash of colors that we started to see in 2021, turning them into more natural shades. The bold pops of color don’t fit here, but darker greens, greys, and browns are accepted. This trend comes from humanity’s innate need to connect with nature and the natural world, especially given that we were limited to living indoors for an extended period of time. One of the basic principles of this design trend is the use of biomorphic shapes. These are shapes and patterns that can be found in the natural world but don’t think that the kitchen cabinets will have rounded edges. However, other elements in our kitchens will shy away from sharp angles and repeating geometric patterns. Whether it’s the bar stools, the dining table, the light fixtures, or other small tools we use around the kitchen, they will be softer and more comforting than what we were used to before. 

At the same time, this trend brings nature inside the kitchen, quite literally as plants will have a central point. Whether it’s a pot of lavender, rosemary, basil, or a hanging plant that cascades by the window, it’s about embracing the natural elements that provide a healthier and greener environment. We can not bring plants into our kitchens if we don’t have natural light, so window treatments are taking a backseat through this trend as we want as much natural light as possible. Wooden elements are also a big part; whether in your floors, kitchen cabinets, countertop, or backsplash, wood is nature’s best work of art.


scandinavian style kitchen

This trend, at first glance, seems to combine the previous two ones but it’s quite different from both and stands on its own. It does, however, combine two styles that we’re all familiar with and love. Both are minimalist in manner, and they are predominantly known for being used in two different parts of the globe. We are talking about Scandinavian interior design that promotes simplicity and functionality and Japanese interior design. Also known as Scandonese, Japandi’s two main characteristics are Hygge, the Danish art of happiness, and Wabi Sabi, the combination of nature and beauty from the imperfection of daily life. An infusion of natural elements like wood or rattan is used to allow increased functionality through their aesthetic simplicity. The color pallet used in this interior design focuses on neutral shades and hues that create contrast with the natural elements we mentioned earlier. Edges are clean and clear, with no room left for clutter. 


The environment’s importance and how we treat it will stand out throughout 2021 and even after 2022. We will see more and more sustainable materials used in everything from massive timber used to building skyscrapers to the materials used everywhere in our homes. The focus for the following years is on a cleaner future through environmental planning. This will lead the interior designs for the following years, and eco-friendly interior designs will become the norm. We’ve seen this gaining more and more momentum over the past years, and when it comes to interior design trends, this can be seen in everything that will happen in 2022. Even if some trends include more metal finishes and metallic aspects, or glass, all are coming from a sustainable perspective that changes how we see our homes.

Are you on board with these trends, or are trends just another form of consumerism for you? Give us your thoughts on the subject in the comments section below. As we mentioned already, as long as you’re happy with how your kitchen looks, there is no need to change anything. After all, renovating your kitchen every two years will only increase the amount of waste we produce. Like & Share this article with friends and family if they want to be up to date with the latest trends in kitchen designs.


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