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Last updated: May 20, 2020 • Home Improvement

Making your home safe: The 5 most reliable home security systems

Whether you’re single, or you have a family—it doesn’t matter: home security is always an important factor for every homeowner. Thanks to technology, nowadays we have elaborate security cameras and security services, but in some cases, you’re better off going old school and using guard dogs to make your home safe. Or even combining all of them! Whatever makes you feel safe!

With that in mind, we have gathered 5 of the most reliable home security systems for you to consider what is the best one for your real estate needs.

Guard Dogs

a pug acts as a guard dog wearing a black hat with "security" written inDogs have been guarding real estate properties for centuries. It is a super reliable home security system. The dog is trained to be aware of trespassers, bark at the sight of them to alarm the homeowner and eventually attack if the trespasser doesn’t do it by himself/herself, scared of all the barking and perils the dog might cause.

However, there are many factors involving the evaluation of the use of a guard dog as your home security system. First, different from other home security systems, a guard dog, will be a recurrent source of expenses for homeowners. Homeowners should prefer guard dog breeds, which might prove it as expensive as some high-end electronic alarm systems. And then, month after month you have to pay for the dog’s alimentation. And veterinarian expenses. And grooming. Since most guard dogs are big in size, the costs might be elevated. Plus, looking at it as a real estate asset, the dog’s Depreciation is fast and you just can’t sell the house with the dog in it as a featured home security system. But, hey! We’re just acknowledging that aspect. What you should really think about is that, differently from other home security systems, guard dogs do “overtime” serving as your family’s best friend, giving lots of love and teaching lots of lessons to your children (and yourself!).

Private Security Service

a private security guard patrols the neighborhoodThis solution is also a common one but will probably require you to reach out to the neighbors to get their approval and also help with the monthly costs. It can be nice to have familiar faces looking out for you, helping make your home safe. However, some homeowners don’t like it so much. They are afraid of human error, and the truth is that sometimes personalities don’t match and that can become a touchy situation. However, security-wise, private security service is proven to be a reliable system that, on a real estate standpoint, brings value to your property.

In the case you and your neighbors choose this as your go-to home security system, it’s important to have a long discussion – within yourselves first and with the company itself later – about the limits of action for the private security company. Are you comfortable with them being armed? What will be their safety protocol for each situation? What about privacy? How will their presence affect everyday living in your community? Those are important aspects to consider when you choose a private security service as your home security system.

Neighborhood Watch

A neighborhood watch sign hangs on a pole in an empty street at daylightDon’t frown upon neighborhood watch! Reality is that all home security systems are much more efficient at preventing danger rather than actually stopping it. Neighborhood watch can bring together the community, thus reducing the risk of burglary and vandalism. Sometimes, unfortunately, the individual responsible for the wrongdoings is a member of the community, and any kind of activity – including neighborhood watch – can bring a sense of belonging and caring that will make any person think twice before doing it.

What is important to reiterate isf that a neighborhood watch is not a vigilante association. Any immediate danger must be reported to the authorities. A neighborhood watch is just a good way to make your home safe through the power of inclusion and socialization activities within your neighbors. A harmonious community is most likely to have more security as people take care of each other. Are you a good neighbor? It starts with you…

With the advent of the internet and the quick development of technology, and Home Automation, security systems have been pushed to a new level. You can have a motion sensor outside of your house that turns the lights on (or sound an alarm and even call the cops!) to scare off the trespasser. With the use of security cameras, you can remotely track all of that through your smartphone and instantly put the whole house on lockdown!

Smart House Security System

Close-up of a hand scrolling an iPad filled with smart house security systemsThe beauty of a smart house security system is how much you can customize to your own needs. However, when you start adding several devices – sometimes connected with private security services – it can become quite a costly project. Not to mention that it requires you to be just a little bit technologically savvy to handle all the device installations and maintenance. But back to the real estate standpoint: those are definitely the ones homeowners should look for to add value to their property. Having a good up to date smart house security system will undoubtedly raise the fair market value of the home when time comes to put it on the market.

Internal Security Systems

A giant goldchain locks a house with a giant gold lockThose are a little bit controversial. However, unfortunately, sometimes we have to consider installing bullet-proof windows or even building a bunker, a safe room or safe house.

Although the upkeep is minimal, the initial investment is probably the highest when you’re considering an internal security system. And the sturdiness of those systems might play it against you in the case of fire, for instance: how will you breakthrough a bullet-proof window?! Plus, even though it might help build value to your house in the future when you try to sell it, you should consider that, now, in the present, friends and family might feel a little bit uncomfortable with it. The whole idea of any home security system is to bring a sense of protection. You wouldn’t want to do the exact opposite and make everybody feel scared and stressed, right?

With this and every other kind of security system: talk, discuss with people close to you and your home. People sense danger and protection differently. But their action must be harmonious, because, in the end, one of the only feelings all human beings have in common – and the only feeling humankind crave for more than love – is freedom. In the end, communication and knowledge – both only obtained through freedom – are by far the most reliable security systems.

A good real estate agent will guide you through all the best options to make your home safe! Find one close to you in The OFFICIAL Real Estate Agent Directory®!


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