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Last updated: May 15, 2021 • Home Improvement

Organization on a Budget

Clutter can make a home appear much smaller and cramped. Even after all of the non-essentials have been thrown away or donated, it still may seem like there is not enough space at home. Organization can make a significant difference in the presentation of a home. It is the difference between a home looking messy or a home looking tidy and presentable. There are plenty of stores that sell items to organize a home, but this can get expensive. Organizing doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Here are some tips to keep your home organized on a budget:

DIY Projects: Organization can be done relatively inexpensively by organizing a do-it-yourself project. DIY projects can be as complicated or as simple as you make them. For those that are beginners with DIY projects, creating something simple, like bookends, will make a significant difference. For those willing to do an advanced DIY project, building shelves or a bookcase with wood can also save plenty of space.

Dollar Store Buys: Organizing a home on a budget means to look for a bargain. The dollar store is the best store to find items for organization at a low price. With one trip to the dollar store, you can find everything needed to organize an entire house for under $40. The dollar store has vases that can be used for bathroom storage with items like cotton balls and q-tips. There are also office supplies, like file holders,  that can help to arrange a home office. With any room of the house, there is an inexpensive dollar store buy that can be used to declutter your space.

Recycling Items: Recycling items around the house is a resourceful way to organize. Everyday items laying around the house can actually be a helpful tool for organization. Hangers can be used as a jewelry organizer with the addition of a few hooks. Believe it or not, egg cartons are a great desk organizer. Old glass jars and containers can act as storage for loose items that need to be organized.

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