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Last updated: May 4, 2021 • Home Improvement

Window Tinting Your Home: Do or Don’t?

Chances are, whoever you talk to will have an opinion on window tinting. Some people are very pro-tint, while others have sworn it off entirely in favor of the clear, paned glass they’re used to. While it certainly isn’t for everyone, it’s always a good idea for home renovation to consider when you’re assessing your windows. It can have several benefits for both you, your real estate property, and your wallet, as any real estate agent can tell you.

Here are just a few ways that window tinting can benefit you in the long run, and protect you against the negative side effects of sunlight, by the way this is a DIY project for every homeowner.

  • Energy efficiency. Whether you’re living in Florida, Texas, California or pretty much anywhere in the United States it’s good to know that sunlight can directly heat a home through the windows, so tinting them can reduce the amount of air conditioning it takes to cool your home down. This can translate into hundreds of dollars, or even thousands, depending on where you live and how much you use your air conditioning.
  • UV protection. Both you and your upholstery can be harmed by direct sunlight, and windows don’t always protect against that on their own. UV rays can pass through glass, and cause your furniture, carpet, and curtains to lose color and fade. Window tint can protect against that, while protecting you and your family from the harmful rays at the same time.
  • Aesthetics. Window tints can come in a variety of patterns and designs, making them an aesthetic decision as well as a cost-efficient one. From patterns like stained glass, frosted glass, and decorative colors and designs, they can go a long way in adding a bit of personality and home value to your real estate.
  • Privacy. Windows, especially ones that face the street or other houses, can be a huge breach of privacy. Curtains are a good way to avoid people looking in, but they can be expensive, and get in the way of furniture. Window tints are a good way to avoid outsiders looking in, while still protecting your home against the elements.
  • Cost. Tints are cheaper than replacing windows. While it may seem like time to upgrade your windows, it can be a costly expense. If there’s just no room in the budget to replace all the windows, tinting can be an easy shortcut. They offer protection and aesthetic, while still giving your house a new look.
  • ROI. Tint pays for itself. When you install window tint, you prevent 20-60% of heat loss in the wintertime. If you have large windows or a large house, this can be invaluable. Typically, window tinting pays for itself within 3 years and adds more home value to your real estate. Compared to replacing windows, tinting is a cheaper and more reasonable decision, especially for people looking for a short-term solution.

Chances are, if you’re stuck on deciding what home renovations might help you most this coming winter, window tinting is the best option on the list. It’s cheaper, faster, and much more cost efficient than ripping out your windows and starting over, so it’s no surprise that many homeowners are installing tints and films to their windows.


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  1. Mark Davis says:

    This is what I thought when I decided to upgrade my windows. We hired a company since we cannot do DIY. I am very satisfied because they did a great job! They can custom designs with quality materials. They were able to work with our budget too. I suggest seeking Pros’ help and advice for home improvement projects -they can significantly help! But thanks for sharing so great news!

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