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Andy Schramek and Five Star Properties see your Real Estate experience as a journey.    Consider this: If you were to take a long hike in the woods, say along the Appalacian Trail, wouldn't you want to plan thouroughly, prepare accordingly, and rely on the best possible advice.  Even better, wouldn't it be great to have a Professional Guide along who already knows the way and has the skills to manage everything including the unexpected?   Andy Schramek and Five Star Properties are your Professional Guides specializing in Tampa Bay Area Residential Real Estate.  We do this every day.  We help guide every inch of your journey, from planning your first step to celebrating moving day.  And, when the unexpected happens, because sometimes it does, we have the skills to make sure you finish your journey safe,  sound, and happy.    Count on Andy and Five Star Properties to manage your Real Estate transaction with exceptional sensitivity and attention to every detail.     Enough about us...isn't it time we talk about you and your Real Estate journey?  Please call t us now at (727) 619-4329.  Or, email [email protected] 

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Andy Schramek

Andy Schramek


Real Estate Glossary Terms

  • Mistake

    Unintentional error. An example is a house that the seller wants $1,000,000 for but it is mistyped as $100,000. An error may be unilateral or mutual. Some types of errors are the basis to rescind a contract. ...

  • Retail Lender

    A lender who offers mortgage loans directly to the public. ...

  • Accidental Death And Dismemberment Insurance

    Form of accident insurance that indemnifies or pays a stated benefit to insured or his/her beneficiary in the event of bodily injury or death due to accidental means (other than natural causes). For example, an insured's arm is severed in an accident. A predetermined schedule of payments is used to ...

  • Loss Trends

    Projections of future accidental losses based on analyses of historical loss patterns. A projected loss picture is used to determine the pure cost of protection and the resultant basic premium, contingency reserves, and whether or not the company should continue selling a given line of business, or ...

  • Survivor's Right To Sue

    Legal recourse available to survivors of a person who suffers a wrongful death. Under common law, only an injured person had the right to sue for damages. If a wrongfully injured person died of those injuries, there was no one with a legal right to sue to recover damages for the death. State laws no ...

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