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Homebuyer tips

Buying Off Plan: Pro’s and Con’s and Helpful Advice

Buying off the plan is viewed by many, including home owners and investors, as a smart way to get a new property. But, like any investment, there are advantages and disadvantages to think about. In this article, we take a look at some of these as well as some of the action’s buyers can take to minimize the risks of any potential pitfalls.   What does it mean to buy off the ...

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Latest tips for homesellers, homebuyers and agents

Signs a House Showing Went Well

Organizing and attending a house showing can be an intimate and unique experience for both parties. After all, homeowners show a piece of their former personal life to strangers. At the same time, home buyers are offered a glimpse into someone else’s private life together with their personal effects. Also, they should imagine how their lives would look and feel in that home. So, yes, there ...

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Signs your house will sell fast - Hunt for these hints

When it’s time to say goodbye to an old home and move on with a clean slate, no one wants the transit period to last forever. Getting on track with your new plans can be delayed by a home that’s hard to sell. And who wants that goey feeling of being stuck, unable to move on? A house sitting on the market for too long can make it difficult to plan for the future, and therefore it can ...

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Best Improvement Ideas to Sell Your House Faster in 2023

Selling a house has always been a tough nut to crack. You’ll have to crunch lots of numbers to expertly estimate your budget. How much should you invest in a home before selling it and what are the best improvements to help you sell your house? What are those costs you can do without? Renovation, revamping, and external and internal refurbishments are pricey yet necessary to improve your ...

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More Tips

Best places to live in Washington

Washington boasts a diverse landscape, captivating residents and visitors alike. The state is known for its stunning natural beauty, vibrant urban centers, and many outdoor recreational ...

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Choosing the Right Savings Account: A Comprehensive Guide for Savvy Investors

Everybody has to start somewhere. Even if you don’t have plans for large-scale investments, making the most of your money as a nest egg is always a good idea. Save money now, and use it later ...

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Deal or No Deal: The Realtor Edition

Everybody is excited to own their own home, but only some have the chance of actually getting there. Real estate has always been an exciting and lucrative industry, attracting individuals with a keen ...

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Pros and cons of housing market correction

Ah, the elusive beast known as the housing market correction. A term that sends shivers down the spines of homeowners and investors alike. We live in this swirling vortex of economic forces. We find ...

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Discover creative ways to sell a home during inflation!

Selling a house during inflation can be as daunting as finding a needle in a haystack during a hurricane. With prices soaring and uncertainty looming, homeowners are left scratching their heads. They ...

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Navigating the Money Market: Understanding Interest Rates and Investment Opportunities

Everybody is chasing money these days. However, the emerging investment opportunities might fail to meet our expectations. The goal is to get a profitable interest rate that will bring us a high ...

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The top snowbird destinations in the U.S.

Are you tired of winter’s icy grip and dreaming of a sun-soaked escape? Well, my friend, look no further! Today, we embark on a whimsical journey to discover the best snowbird locations in the ...

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The city of Marietta, Georgia

Welcome to the vibrant city of Marietta, GA, where history, culture, and Southern charm converge to create a truly remarkable living experience. Nestled in the heart of Cobb County, just northwest of ...

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The city of Waldorf MD

Nestled in the heart of Charles County, Maryland, lies the city of Waldorf. Beyond its charming facade, Waldorf holds a rich experience of history, exploding growth, and lasting community spirit. ...

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aerial view of marco island tourists
City of Marco Island, Florida

Welcome to the sultry shores of the Sunshine State's sparkling gem, the enchanting city of Marco Island, Florida! This beautiful gem is nestled amidst the pristine beauty of the Gulf of Mexico. This ...

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Can You Do Both Commercial and Residential Real Estate?

The real estate world is often seen as a dichotomy, divided into two realms. There are residential and commercial properties, and many agents choose to specialize in one area. However, this is not ...

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A Mission (not so) Impossible: How To Close A Housing Deal During Inflation?

Times are tough for everyone involved in real estate. Key players are concerned about the US economy’s downward spiral. 2023 headlines are full of depressing buzzwords, such as rising interest ...

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Real estate video marketing

Attention all real estate enthusiasts! Are you tired of the same old marketing tactics that don't quite capture the true essence of your properties? Do you want to take your marketing game to the ...

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Best real estate TV shows for realtors
Best real estate TV shows for realtors

Are you addicted to real estate TV shows? You're not alone! From Million Dollar Beach House to Selling Sunset, there's something about the drama and excitement of these real estate TV shows that ...

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How to sell a house with an outdated kitchen?

It’s moving time, and the heart of the home you’re trying to sell looks like a torn-out page from a 50s magazine. Or worse: it’s not even retro, it just looks unacceptably worn down ...

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Home renovation trends in 2023

Are you ready to spruce up your living space? Look no further than the latest home renovation trends in 2023! From sleek and modern to rustic and cozy. There are endless home renovation ideas to make ...

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Recession Through The Magnifying Glass: A Journey Into The Past

The history of our economy is cyclical. For this reason, we must focus on past instances of recession explained to understand the current dire straits the US economy is facing. The present article ...

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How to use color trends to make your home decor stand out in 2023

Your home is a reflection of your personality, and the colors you choose to decorate it will play a crucial role in creating the ambiance and the mood of your living space. As we enter spring, the ...

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richmond virginia skyline view in the evening
Best places to live in Virginia

When looking for the best places to live in Virginia, you will not be disappointed. Located on the southeastern coast of the United States, Virginia is filled with rich history, natural beauty, and ...

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Content for real estate agents: the top strategy for success in 2023

 As a real estate professional, you probably wonder why creating content for real estate agents has anything to do with the job, itself. But companies and agents picking up the routine made it ...

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Pros & Cons of Being a Real Estate Agent

Before starting a real estate agent career, learn about the pros and cons of being a real estate agent. Weighing the benefits and drawbacks allows you to make smarter decisions about your future ...

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highest paying jobs, occupations & careers
Best paying jobs in real estate

Have you ever dreamed about a career with a 6 figure salary? Most people certainly have. What most people haven’t dreamed about, though, is how to get that amount of money. The reason for that ...

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A Guide To First Time Home Buyer Program

A first-time home buyer can run into problems. Since there are so many standards, activities, and stages, you might be concerned about making an expensive mistake. First-time home buyers do, however, ...

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Everything to know about buying Digital Real Estate

To experience a comfortable future, making wise investment decisions is crucial. As we face unsteady economic uncertainties, it’s getting harder to know what path to take in terms of ...

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How Does Owner Financing Work?

Would you subscribe to the idea that the US real estate market is getting more complex and perplexing by the day? And the current economic situation with looming inflation, recession, and ...

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houston texas usa downtown park
Houston Real Estate Market Overview of 2022

Houston is the fourth-largest city in the United States. It has shown steady growth and development, as well as a diverse economy and relatively low unemployment rates. It is one of the best ...

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Black Friday Bucketlist for Realtors

The real estate industry has changed a lot over the past few years. Looking at what real estate was and meant over 30 years ago and what it means now, we will see visible changes. The era of ...

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What Sells a House

Do you remember the first impression you had when you bought your house? Maybe the wall color in the bedroom stood out or some weird tiling choices. When it comes to home buyers, interior design ...

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10 things that could turn off homebuyers

Selling your house is a challenging decision to make. Giving up the place you’ve made life-long memories is emotionally consuming. But you might need a bigger home or want to relocate to a ...

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What Not to Fix When Selling a House

Living in a society based on consumerism, we are used to everything we buy being in perfect shape. We send back articles of clothing that don’t fit instead of altering them at a sewist; We ...

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Up Your Realtor Game with Latest Real Estate Technology

Saying that today's world is vastly different from the world most of us grew up in is an understatement. Still, even if we look back 5 or 10 years from now, our daily lives were vastly different ...

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Word of Mouth: the Best Advertising Tool a Realtor Can Use

As a real estate agent, there are a lot of ways to get your name out there. From business cards to billboards and advertisements on search engines, there’s no shortage of marketing tools that ...

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How Much Do Real Estate Agents Spend on Marketing?

If you’re just starting out in the real estate business, you might currently be a bit overwhelmed by everything at your disposal in your new role. There’s so much you need to learn, so ...

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How to Retain Your Real Estate Clients Effectively?

The professional practice of the real estate business as a genuine magician is like being in a relationship. In the beginning, you may be lucky and dazzle your soulmate with your looks and ...

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Risks and Rewards of Selling Your Home Without a Realtor

From the perspective of a home buyer, the position of a real estate agent can seem unjustified in its existence. Why in the world would you pay someone 6% commission on the total sale price of your ...

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The Do’s and Don’ts of the Real Estate Code of Ethics

In the real estate business, it’s no secret that flexible morals have had a presence in the field since the very beginning. Whether it’s real estate agents that conceal vital ...

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How a Good Bio Can Kickstart Your Real Estate Career

As a real estate agent, it’s no secret that marketing is the key to good sales numbers. You’re not just selling real estate; you’re selling yourself. How you are perceived as a ...

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Real Estate Niche: Green Homes

Life in the 21st century is coming with some very welcome changes. Nowadays, it’s becoming more approachable to have a lifestyle that allows you to live more harmoniously with your ...

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How Your Appearance Affects Your Sales

As a real estate professional, you’ve probably heard one person or another talk about “dressing for success” while they show you their new watch or tailored suit. This expression ...

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black foreclosure home sale real estate
Restoring a Repossessed Home: Dealing With Damage

For a person who’s got an enterprising spirit, the world is full of money-making opportunities. From investment to entrepreneurship and good old-fashioned hard work, there is almost no set of ...

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powerful confident woman flexing her muscles
How to Build Confidence as a Realtor

If you’re just starting out in the world of real estate, you’ll quickly find out just how important it is to be confident. As is the case in many other business sectors, what ...

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house sitting empty nest isolated
Downsizers and Empty Nesters: A Real Estate Niche

Up until a certain point in their lives, most homebuyers cite size as a primary priority when purchasing property. Many start with a small, modest house that comes with small, modest mortgage ...

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Essential Equipment for the Modern Real Estate Agent

No matter what field you work in, chances are you’ve got a set of tools that you rely on to perform your duties and be effective in your role. Contractors have hammers and saws, programmers ...

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male hand flipping abstract paper house
Flipping Without Biffing: How to Flip Your First Home

For savvy investors, real estate is a surefire way to make a solid return on your investment. With investment opportunities ranging from monolithic purchases like apartment buildings and shopping ...

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The Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Purchasing a Smartphone in 2022

When you look back on the long history of invention and innovation that’s taken place alongside the development of the modern world, few things if any can rival the sheer impact that the ...

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The Hard Truth about the Real Estate Market

When we talk about the real estate market, we need to understand the amplitude of the subject. For most people, the real estate market is only relevant when relocating, downsizing, or when you ...

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Property Management Tips & Trends For 2022

45% of property managers have expressed the desire to improve efficiency. To make efficiency a reality in your property management role, you will need to keep up with the latest tools to make your ...

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leasehold vs freehold write on paper
The Difference Between Freehold And Leasehold

In the USA, buying a property usually means entering into a freehold. This means that you have bought your own home and the land it sits on. Once you have paid off the mortgage, it will be yours ...

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Size doesnt matter - but does it with homes?

Did you know that American homes are in the top tier globally when it comes to size? Well, it shouldn’t come as a surprise, seeing as America is defined by bigness. Whether we are talking ...

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Housing Market Predictions for 2022

We are almost done with 2021 and the incredibly chaotic housing market that came with it. It’s natural that we look forward and try to understand what next year will look like. Many home ...

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How Will the Hybrid Work Week Shape Homebuyer’s Preferences?

People take a lot of time thinking about what they want in a new home and rightly so! We want to make sure we’re buying a home that meets all of our wants and needs. We want to find an ...

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How to Host an Open House and Generate Leads While Doing It

As a well-established convention in the sphere of real estate, the sight of an open home being hosted by a local real estate agent is not at all uncommon. If you were to drive through an average ...

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How to Improve the Privacy of Your Home

If you live in a residential neighborhood, there’s a good chance that you’ve had to deal with neighbors who don’t respect your privacy. Whether they’re peering through a ...

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In the miscellaneous labyrinth of real estate finance

To those of us who’ve gone through the process of moving, it’s no secret that moving can be a hassle and a half, between the stress and substantial financial investments.   We ...

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Eco-friendly vs. harmful building materials

More than ever, the past dictates our future. The twenty-first century must face the dramatic repercussions of our past heritage concerning environmental issues. We foolishly exposed our planet to ...

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Home Automation that can be Implemented

Phrases like “Alexa, turn on the AC!”, “Alexa, dim lights!”, “Alexa, open the front door!” or “Alexa, cook mac&cheese!” are becoming a regular in ...

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man using modern tablet
Digital Trends That Revolutionized the Real Estate Industry

Of all the inventions that changed the real estate game, none have changed it as profoundly and irreversibly as the internet. This technology opened up a world of new possibilities and ...

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property agent in suit and protective medical maks showing blueprints
Homebuyer - Realtor Relationship in a Period Defined by COVID

At the beginning of 2020, a pandemic swept across the globe. The coronavirus or SARS CoV-2 became public enemy number one due to its unpredictability in spreading and affecting human health. ...

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house search and house hungint
House hunting goes digital in 2021

As you are already aware, the global pandemic kicked in 2020 inconsiderately switching up the rules of the game. An unwelcome guest, SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), proved to be a tough opponent. As a ...

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rural vs urban lifestyle discussion
The idyllic suburbs vs. vibrant downtowns

Where is it better to live? Where is living more cost-effective? Where will I have to say hello to everyone I meet? Should I remain in New York City or better move to Jericho 29 miles away? Let our ...

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3d cryptocoins pile stash
Cryptocurrency-Friendly Realtors

For decades, the world of finance was an oblique, inaccessible sphere that only those with the proper education and preparation could hope to break into. Hedge funds and investment firms reigned ...

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diverse people office party
Creative Ways to Get Leads as a Real Estate Agent

When you work in real estate, there are times when you’ve got to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. With a good marketing strategy and some clever advertising you can get work by ...

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online advertising concept on a laptop
Is Online Advertising Worth It for realtors?

For real estate agents working in the sphere today, there’s no denying that marketing is a key part of becoming successful. In order to sell real estate, you’re going to need to get ...

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online advertising concept
How to advertise online as a real estate agent

The online environment is growing, and with so many people surfing the internet, many businesses seize the opportunity to market themselves on the internet. It’s not just big companies that ...

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businessperson hand holding a key
Dollars and sense: Invest in your 401k or pay off your home

Job security for many people is an important aspect, but it might be overlooked if you don’t consider the unexpected, which often leads to unemployment. Take, for example, the pandemic that ...

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work life balance concept
Between family and real estate: finding balance as an agent

It’s hard to understand the struggles and the demands of the real estate industry when you are outside of it. When was the last time you’ve been told that you are so lucky to have such ...

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traditional main street of quaint usa
Best Small Towns to Live in, North Carolina Edition

There’s a lot to be said for living in a small town. While they may not have the glitz and glamour of metropolitan megacities, small towns have a lot of perks that may not be immediately ...

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couple with keys
The Closing Day

This is it. For the past weeks or months, every day has been at least partially spent thinking of, preparing for or planning this fateful day. You’ve laboured long and hard to make sure it ...

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sawmill lake clermont florida
Buying a Home in Clermont FL

So, you’re thinking of making the city of Clermont your new home. We get it; there are a lot of reasons why you might want to live here! With its beautiful weather, long list of attractions, ...

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beautiful home exterior
Buying a home in High Point NC

Homeownership is a big step forward from living as a tenant and moving from one place to another. At some point, we all get tired of renting, and we decide it is time to become our own boss and ...

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financial concept first time hombuyer
Best Tips For First Time Home Buyers

Are you interested in entering the world of homeownership? If you are a first home buyer, options for what you can buy right now might be somewhat limited. In major cities, prices are still rising, ...

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This is What homebuyers are looking for in 2021

The pandemic’s impact on the economy has affected plenty of real estate markets through the US. At the time, many home sellers might’ve reconsidered selling their homes for safety ...

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Most Profitable Real Estate Niches for Agents

Given the opportunity, most real estate agents, and certainly all the hungriest ones, will work with you to buy or sell any property. A real estate agent who is best known for selling single-family ...

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group of workers
Best real estate companies for new agents

If you are just getting started on your journey as a real estate agent, you probably have plenty of motivation and excitement for this new beginning. Going through those licensing courses and ...

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futuristic augmented realty
Most Promising Real Estate Markets in the U.S.

While 2020 has been a challenging year for many of us and the global economy in general, it was a pretty intriguing period for the real estate industry in the United States. The pandemic and all ...

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couple visiting a house for sale
How to Become a Better Real Estate Professional

If you’re in the real estate game, you know that staying at 100% is crucial if you want to achieve success. If you slack off for as much as a minute, you might lose your edge and fall behind ...

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green city of the future
Cleanest Cities in Florida

Choosing a new city to call home is a challenging task. You’ve got to consider a myriad of factors such as public safety, cost of living and job availability. You have to ask yourself whether ...

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south beach florida usa
Living in Miami FL, America

Immaculate beaches stretching as far as the eye can see, bordered by the cerulean blue Atlantic ocean. Thousands of energetic spring breakers and partygoers moving together in time to the ...

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large long balcony home exterior with chairs
Pros and Cons of Living in Land O’Lakes Florida

If you love the coastline vibes and gorgeous orange sunsets, then Florida is the State for you! In the Sunshine State, there is no shortage of such places, and one of the most popular coastal areas ...

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expensive waterfront house
Living in Port Charlotte, Florida

For decades, Florida has been a popular destination for well-to-do home buyers seeking a decadent, luxurious lifestyle, a temperate climate and a long list of activities that can be enjoyed year ...

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beautiful american house in raleigh us
Pros and Cons of Living in Huntersville NC

Before you move to a new city, you’re going to want to feel like you know the city. You’ll want to know every little detail, from what the best restaurants are to how much a home ...

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panoramic view of residential real estate
Life in one of Charlotte

Living in a big city is great in many ways. You have unlimited access to different business and job opportunities, and it can never get too monotonous or boring. Big cities never sleep. There is ...

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alphareta avalon atlanga ga
Pros And Cons Of Living In Alpharetta GA

When you begin to toy with the idea of relocating to a new city, no matter how many cities are initially on your list of potential new homes, there is always one that comes out triumphantly in the ...

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a side walk passes old world homes
Buying a home in Bluffton SC

Buying a home has always been one of the most important financial decisions we had to make as we worked our way up on the social ladder. It is a decision that is not taken lightly and for some ...

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couple walking on the beach at romantic sunset
Living in Estero FL

There are a lot of cities on Florida’s Gulf Coast. In the panhandle, the city of Pensacola is known for its historic air base, as well as being a surprisingly affordable place to live. ...

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sealing deal two people shaking hands in front of a women
Tips for Realtors: Getting More Clients

As a realtor, there are a lot of different areas of your job that you need to focus on to put food on the table. You need to know how to gauge a buyer’s interest, in order to ascertain how ...

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business man or politician cross fingers
The trust shared between a real estate agent and their client

Buying or selling real estate is something most of us experience at some point in our lives. The process can be long and difficult sometimes but in the end a successful transaction is profoundly ...

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multicultural young people
Millennials: Good or Bad for the Real Estate Market?

Over the years, the landscape of the housing market has changed dramatically. As the older generation grows even older, a new group is coming into their own as the face of the housing market: ...

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people sitting on desk handshaking
Retirement: A Real Estate Agent Niche

Everyone has a different idea regarding what they want to do when they lay down their burdens and walk into the golden light of retirement. Maybe you’ll buy an RV, and tour the country, ...

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sketch man carrying a house
How to keep up with your mortgage payment

The day when you are looking to buy your first home has arrived and you are excited beyond belief. The American Dream of homeownership is finally becoming a reality, after all the sacrifices ...

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the historic moore house
Living In Chesterfield VA

In the middle of Virginia is where you’ll find the unincorporated area of Chesterfield, the county seat of Chesterfield County. While the census-designated area shares the same name with the ...

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tired business woman sleeping over a laptop
How I managed my sleep hours as a real estate agent?

 Sleep management is something that many people need to learn during their lifetime. A normal sleep schedule and a good sleep management are important in every line of work. University ...

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Friendly realtor shacking hand of happy couple
Real Estate Niche: Rent

If you are just starting out as a real estate agent or if you want to revitalize your business, there are plenty of opportunities in real estate that allow you to do just that. Going into rental ...

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graphic image of different things around the house
Top 5 home improvements with the biggest impact on your house

I guess you got to that point when for whichever reason, you need to say goodbye to the old and a big, bright and glamorous hello to the new. These moments come at certain points in ...

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GUlf Breeze, FL view of the bridge
Living in Gulf Breeze FL

Located close to the westernmost edge of Florida in Santa Rosa County, the city of Gulf Breeze, FL is a waterfront dream for high income earners and retired military personnel. Currently at around ...

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scenic road where ocean meets city
Real Estate Trends In St. Petersburg Florida

The real estate trends are constantly changing throughout the market as the market itself is influenced by outside factors. These factors can be anything from the presidential elections to a global ...

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retro modern houses on beach
Living in Satellite Beach FL

Have you ever imagined yourself living on the coastline of Florida? Living in a gorgeous waterfront home, and waking up to the morning breeze of the Ocean. What would it be like if you can witness ...

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newton ma map
Living in Newton MA

Think about the last exciting trip you had to a city you’ve never seen before. The experience you had there was so amazing that you might’ve considered coming back, but this time for ...

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bowie maryland usa map
Living In Bowie MD - Pros And Cons

Have you ever had the opportunity to witness the wonders of Maryland? A state that finds the perfect balance between the exquisite lifestyle along the coastline, along with the impressive urban ...

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clermont fl pros and cons
Pros and cons of living in Clermont Florida

Up to this day many people consider Florida to be one of the best places to live. With an average of 237 days of sunshine per year and great year-round weather there is no wonder why many people ...

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pensacola florida usa
The Pros and Cons of Living in Pensacola

The process of choosing a new place to live is often a bit daunting. When your head is spinning from trying to make sense of all the different relevant factors such as crime rates, climate, job ...

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florida skyline aerial view
Pros and Cons of Living in Melbourne, FL

If you’re starting to think about moving to Melbourne, FL get ready to launch yourself into a new lifestyle surrounded by technology advancements within Florida’s Space Coast. While it ...

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fort washington md in december
Homes for sale in Fort Washington

Just south of Washington D.C. is the small unincorporated census-designated area of Fort Washington, MD. As the capital, its location is on the right side of the Potomac River and there are around ...

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lakewood ranh florida
Living In Lakewood Ranch FL

If you never experienced the beautiful weather of Florida and never had the chance to watch a beautiful sunset on one of Florida’s breathtaking coastlines then you are missing out on a unique ...

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ucson usa arizona downtown
Living in Tucson Pros and Cons

If you want to experience the authentic feel of the Southwest then Tucson, AZ is the city for you. Located a mere hour away from the Mexican border, this metropolis has ranches and cattle drives to ...

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inscription time share on sand
Timeshare units - owning a property part-time or full time

Timeshares have been a huge success in the US for a few decades, starting in 1965, when the first hotel-condominium was built in Hawaii. How did timeshares come into being? Well, real estate ...

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annapolis maryland waterfront luxury houses
Waterfront Properties for Sale in Pasadena, MD

There are many places where you can find the most amazing waterfront properties in the U.S. but let’s take a look at the options available in Maryland. Between the Patapsco and Magothy ...

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road board welcome to cape coral sign
Living In Cape Coral Florida

When people start talking about Florida they mostly focus on Orlando, Miami, maybe Naples or The Villages if they are focused on places to retire, but most overlook Cape Coral, FL. There are many ...

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charlotte nc skyline marshall park
Living in Charlotte, NC Pros and Cons

The most populous city of North Carolina, Charlotte is also the county seat for the county of Mecklenburg. The city is considered to be a relatively new city that is still developing as many of the ...

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man stands near a house with post for sale
When A Friend Lists For Sale By Owner

Being a real estate agent kinda makes you the go-to person for friends and family who are looking into buying or selling a house. When you find out that a friend of yours is going about selling ...

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signing a contract to buy
Negotiating Tips For Lowering Your Closing Costs

We all have pictured the perfect home where we would love to spend the rest of our lives. Owning a home is one of the biggest achievements someone can get during their lifetime. Aiming for the ...

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piano texas card
Reasons You Should Move to Plano Texas

Nestled on the outskirts of Dallas, the city of Plano is one of the top destinations for those seeking to move to Texas. A beautiful city with dozens of things to see and do, Plano has a long list ...

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social distance keep the distance
Social distancing during the home buying/Selling process

Being a homeowner after many years of moving from one rental to another is probably one of greatest accomplishments a person can feel. Also, during our lifetime we will be faced with the decision ...

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businessman with hand in his head
Agents: How to sell a house during a pandemic

The coronavirus outbreak dealt a massive blow to the economy. Many industries find themselves struggling during the pandemic because of the restrictions imposed by the government and authorities in ...

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personal loan application concept
Minimum Credit Score In the USA For Home Loans

 We all dream about the glorious day we move into our own home. After all the years, moving from one rental to another, the day has come when you can finally think about your own place. You ...

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orlando florida downtown us
How to sell a house in Orlando, Florida

The state of Florida also known as the “Sunshine State” is renowned worldwide for its touristic attractions. World-class beach experience, dining, and amusement parks are just some of ...

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eco green earth vecton illustration
Sustainably refurnishing your home

  Sustainability is a concept for the future and it is highly important that we understand it. If we are thinking of the future we have to think of both something that can be used for the ...

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male real estate agent in grey background
How to become a real estate agent in Texas?

Being the second-largest state in the United States following Alaska, Texas prides in its prosperous economy and with a gross state product of $1.8 trillion, Texas is amongst the top largest ...

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new years goals 2022
The Most Resourceful Real Estate Marketing Ideas for 2022

  The new year is finally here, and with it, a bevy of new opportunities to explore in the real estate business. The world of real estate is constantly changing and evolving. For this reason, ...

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Boca Raton Skyview
Pros and Cons of Living in Boca Raton

  There is a lot to be said for living in Boca Raton FL. Beautiful weather, beautiful beaches and beautiful houses are just a few of the many, many pros of living in this gorgeous city. But, ...

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Loan Approved Stamp
Home Loans With 0 Down Payment

Mary V. has always adored the fairytales her mother used to read before going to bed. Since then, she had been dreaming of her own place to call home, which gradually became smaller and smaller. ...

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Person holding up a fix your credit sign
How can you improve your credit score?

The almighty Credit Score: The banking industry revolves around it. Landlords demand it. And everybody is concerned about their three digits that reveal how well they are doing financially. The ...

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usda loans key chain placed on top of USA money
All about the USDA loans

What does any real estate agent listed on appreciate more at homebuyers? Their flexibility and their openness when it comes to exploring the many different types of loans that are ...

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fancy man drive a luxury car
What car should a real estate agent drive?

Okay, we know this question is quite strange. So, is there a link between real estate and cars? Really? What do cars have to do with an agent’s ability to sell a house? Well, you may fall ...

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real estate agent in front of a house
How to Become a Real Estate Agent in Nashville?

  Millions of people move every year either within the same city or from one state to another. And as you might guess, real estate agents are as busy as a bee in the states with most ...

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Foreclosure concept
Steps to avoid foreclosure

   As soon as you sign the final document on the closing day, you enter the fight to avoid foreclosure - just like any other mortgagor. Every time you make a payment towards your home ...

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real estate leads billboard
How to get more leads as a real estate agent

Customers are the heart of any entrepreneurial endeavor. They keep the cash coming in, nurturing all the vital organs of a business. While in some markets it is quite easy to build a loyal base of ...

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Selection of flooring materials
What flooring is right for you and your house?

At home, we are all kings and queens. Our homes, no matter how big or small, are our kingdoms. But does that mean that we should only walk on red carpets? Well, not necessarily. The sound of the ...

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for rent sign
How Do Real Estate Agents Market Rentals?

When in the rental market one must wonder about the value of using a real estate agent. If you’re a landlord you may ask yourself if it’s worth the commission? You may try to save money ...

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luxury home theater room
Designing the Ultimate Home Theater Room

Don’t you feel that the days keep getting shorter with every birthday? Time seems to fly so fast, especially when we do what we love or are involved in a pleasurable activity.  Humans ...

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build your own house in Scottsdale
Buying a Home in Scottsdale vs Building Your Own Home

So, you’ve found the best place to live in. The city of Scottsdale, AZ is incredibly appealing for its great weather, the growing economy, safety as well as for its available listings. Maybe ...

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receiving a premium gift
Client Gifts: Creative Closing Gifts for Home Buyers

  Who doesn’t like to receive gifts? Gift giving is so rewarding and such a great experience not only for the giver but for the receiver, too. When we were little kids, we used to be so ...

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real estate agent cover photo
How to Take Advantage of the REA Directory Listing

Online directories have been around since the early 90s when the father of the Internet, Tim Berners-Lee, compiled a simple list of web servers. Soon after that, Yahoo and Google took off. Yahoo ...

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rebuild your life after foreclosure
How to Rebuild Your Life After a Foreclosure?

When one chapter ends, another one begins. Foreclosures are simply that: fresh new beginnings. Of course, it can bring you down for a while, it may have a negative impact on your credit score for ...

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credit score
Passive Income Strategies to Avoid Paying Interest on Your Home Loan

To pay interest means to work twice for the same money. In other words, it reduces your productivity. When you are paying interest, you are simply treading water, that is you’re not making any ...

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land surveyors
6 Types of Land Surveys You Should Be Aware Of

Land is a precious resource because it is very limited and nobody’s going to make any more of it.  As you already know, about 70% of the Earth is covered by water and the rising sea level ...

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real estate agent with friends
Should Friends and Family Hire You as Their Real Estate Agent?

Haven’t you ever been told to keep friendship and business apart? Real estate could be the ultimate test for friendships because money and greed bring out the true character of a human being. ...

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house with pool
9 Unusual Ways in Which Water Increases the Value of Your House

What really increases the price of the house is its location. So, if your house is not on an exotic beach, we will tell you how to bring the sea to your house. Stay with us as we look at the ...

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what makes a good real estate agent
What makes a good real estate agent?

Do you remember what you wanted to become when you were just a child? Boys would say they wanted to become police officers, firefighters or pilots, while the girls would become nurses, teachers or ...

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haunted house
Home Types Home Buyers Often Overlook

There’s a long distance between “common” sense and “good” sense, and most of the times, when it comes to real estate, “common sense” is just ...

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managing a vacation rental
6 Tips to Better Manage Your Vacation Rental

Do you have a vacation rental? Or do you want to invest in one? Read the following tips to improve your business skills. Wise real estate investments have changed lives for generations. Actually, 45% ...

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innovative ways to sell a house
Innovative Ways to Sell and Buy a House

What do you do when your listed house sits on the market way longer than you anticipated? It’s time to get creative and try some alternative ways to sell your house! According to major listing ...

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different types of loans advice for home buyers
Why Are There so Many Different Types of Loans?

Ever since childhood, I have seen the many faces of debt. A big statement, you might think, but my parents’ debt greatly impacted my life. When I look around, however, not everybody talks about ...

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homeowners insurance claim form
Most Common Homeowners Insurance Claims

Are you in the midst of closing your homeowner’s insurance? Trying to save every little penny figuring all the insurance questions we always ask ourselves? Do I need Flood Insurance? What ...

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owning vs renting
Benefits of owning a home vs. renting

Do you want to make a conversation with your friends more interesting? Start talking about the benefits of owning a home vs. renting one and you will see how many different opinions there are. ...

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questions to ask when buying a condo
Questions to Ask When Buying a Condo for the First Time

When my mother bought her first condo, she didn’t listen to anyone, not even to me, her own son. She was all by herself. Three years later, unable to keep up with the payments, she was forced ...

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real estate terms contract
Real Estate Terms Every Home Buyer HAS to Know!

Real Estate can be tricky sometimes. Real Estate Agents use a lot of particular words and jargons that almost make a dialect of its own. And you, the home buyer, who just wants to find the perfect ...

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realtor thinking on real estate terms
Real Estate Terms Every Home Seller HAS to Know

People fear the unknown; there is no shame in admitting it. Legal language, banking terms, real estate jargon: each of these domains revel in juggling with far-fetched terms and notions. All are ...

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real estate agent salary vs commission
Real Estate Agent Salary vs Commission

From time to time we come up with forecast articles about new disruptive technologies like Self-Driving Cars, Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain and overall trends like the fact that the US Life ...

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real estate books
Best real estate books for agents 2019

One question we always get from our readers that are starting to dabble with real estate is “Which are the best real estate books for agents?”. With that in mind, we decided to make a ...

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QR codes for real estate signs
QR Codes for Real Estate Signs

There has been a revolution going on when it comes to those traditional for sale real estate signs. Instead of the boring static old for sale real estate signs, savvy real estate agents and ...

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Senior Citizen Housing: Accompanied or By Yourself?
Senior Citizen Housing: Accompanied or By Yourself?

For some people, this issue is a bit taboo but, hopefully, it will happen with all of us: we’ll get to live so long that certain cares around the house will need to be taken in order to ...

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tips to raise your real estate commission
Tips to Raise Your Real Estate Commission

If one is to answer how much does a real estate agent really make, it will become very clear that the place where you make a difference on your earnings as a real estate agent is the real estate ...

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business people fail parperwork
Why Real Estate Agents Fail and Get Out of Business

A good business person should always have a well-thought-of backup plan and an exit strategy for every eventuality. Let’s leave the carpe diem mentality to romantics. Though quite frankly, to ...

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Living near an airport: the good and the bad
Living near an airport: the good and the bad

If you’ve been following the content production of you’ve probably noticed how we love to write about strange and/or unusual real estate scenarios. We’ve ...

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Essential home items your place might be missing
Essential Home Items Your Place Might be Missing

The mind is always playing tricks on us. Sometimes there are some things that are very obvious, and we come across them all of the time – they are a big part of our lives – and yet; we ...

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Working Couples on Real Estate
Working Couples in Real Estate

Beyonce and Jay-Z, Melinda and Bill Gates, Sonny and Cher, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, Hart to Hart, even Ant-Man and the Wasp… There are a lot of stories – some successful, some not ...

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Things Home Sellers Should NOT Do
Things Home Sellers Should NOT Do

We’ve made several articles in the past regarding things that home sellers should do to sell their house. We gave home staging tips and tricks, advice on how to optimize your next open ...

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Best cities for families
Best Cities for Families

Whenever we do a “best ____ for _____”  type of article, we always discuss the metrics pertaining to that subject and come up with a ranking of sorts. But today, because the ...

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How to make cold calls
How to Make Cold Calls

There’s an argument to be made that cold calls are not the most current way of getting that sweet lead generation going for you and that SMS, social media, and cold email marketing have a much ...

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5 signs you should sell your house
5 Signs You Should Sell Your House

From time to time, homeowners wonder if it’s the right time to sell their house. They look to the sky and say “God, if this is the right time to sell my house… just give me a ...

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Old-School Marketing vs. Modern Marketing
Old-School Marketing vs. Modern Marketing: Which Works Best for You?

Huntington Beach real estate agent Jerry Del Mauro made the news the other day not for closing a deal and scoring a sweet commission, but because he was ordered to pay a $2,750 fine to the city for ...

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Buying a second home airbnb, vacation rentals or log cabin
Buying a Second Home: airbnb, Vacation Rentals or Log Cabin

 After we’ve debated the short-term lease pros and cons as an overall investment, we were wondering: but what if the real estate investor in question actually wants that to be a ...

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Building a Real Estate Team
Building a Real Estate Team

  We don’t know about you, but one of our favorite parts of those heist movies is right at the beginning of the second act when the leader makes his/her team selection. You get to see a ...

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Property Tax in the US a homebuyers guide
Property tax in the US: a homebuyer guide

Do you know how they say that the only two certainties in life are death and taxes? So, of course, there had to be real estate taxes, right? Yes. Property tax is a way for the government to collect ...

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Buying a house with cash vs. mortgage
Buying a House with Cash vs. Mortgage

Whenever someone decides to buy a house, there’s always that question: what if I pay it off with cash, all in one shot? Enticing as it may seem (for both the home seller and the home buyer) ...

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Short-term lease pros and cons
Short-term Lease Pros and Cons

Although the biggest chunk of home buyers are thinking about long-term commitment – buying a home where they’ll grow old and raise their children or buying a home where, hopefully, ...

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a perfect neighborhood house
Spring Landscaping Ideas to Improve Curb Appeal and Sell Your House

They say April showers bring May flowers, but in many parts of the USA the month of May in general has a lot of rain, so we guess June is the month bringing them. Regardless, most of us know that ...

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DIY Home improvement to increase your home value
DIY Home Improvement to Increase Your Home Value

We’ve talked about how to increase your home value with some home improvement ideas, but the truth is that they can be quite costly. Sometimes we just don’t have the money to change ...

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a drawing of a house carried by a truck with moving tips written at the bottom
Moving Tips: House Relocation Stress Free

Spring and the beginning of the Summer are widely regarded as The Best Times to Buy a House and we did write an article on How to buy a house quickly so people could benefit from that exciting ...

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Increase your home value with these home improvement ideas
Increase Your Home Value With These Home Improvement Ideas

It’s a given. Whenever we decided the time to sell a house is getting closer, we think about all the home upgrades we could make in order to spike up our asking price. It’s also a given ...

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A house on top of a pile of money representing Down Payment
Down Payment: Everything You Wanted to Know

Down payments, or “front money”, seem like a pretty straightforward thing, right? You want to buy something pricey without damaging your cash flow, so you ask the seller to pay in monthly ...

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A couple on the front of a Luxury Real Estate
Luxury Real Estate Forecast

Although June is shaping up to be the fastest month to sell a house from listing to closing – and we have even written tips on how to buy a house quickly and make the most of it – ...

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Furnished rental
Furnished Rental Tips for Real Estate Investors

There are a few reasons why real estate investors choose furnished homes instead of “naked” properties when playing the landlord role. Sometimes its because they intend to attract ...

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How to buy a house quickly race with a monopoly car on a real estate board
How to Buy a House Quickly

  It is fair to say that once a new house hits the real estate market – especially good ones -  it’s always a race to see who gets it first, but considering the still shrinking ...

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What is a credit score and how does it impact real estate
What is a Credit Score and How Does it Impact Real Estate?

Although our Dollar bills bring the phrase “In God we trust”, it is fair to say that our financial system is actually based on trusting of another thing: credit. Yes, credit is the creed ...

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a megaphone blurps in written the words open house
The Ugly Truth About Open Houses

This one is not for the faint-hearted; walk away if you don’t want to hear the truth: the reason a real estate agent throws an open house event is not selling the home. Well, at least not only ...

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A house destroyed by act of god a tree that fell to the roof
Acts of God House Flipper Investing: Is This a Thing?

The mind of the real estate investor works with one goal in mind: making a profit. So, with the Atlantic Hurricane Season Coming, the bold real estate investor sees not only a dangerous scenario, ...

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first time home buyers guide to home insurance
The First-time Home Buyers Guide to Home Insurance

  We’ve seen this film several times: the first-time home buyer is thrilled with the chase of finding his dream home and puts all his strength and focus on this challenging and ...

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bitcoin cryptocurrency virtual
Cryptocurrency: a Real Estate Niche

In December of 2015, the first-ever Bitcoin-to-Bitcoin real estate transaction in America took place: a condominium sold in South Florida for 17.741 Bitcoins (equivalent, at the time, to 275,000 ...

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Real estate agents specialized in homes for the disabled
Working With The Disabled: A Real Estate Niche

We’ve recently written an article for Autism Awareness Day on how Children on the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) need safer homes and, while researching the subject, we noticed how limited ...

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Solar panel trap and renewable energy
The Solar Panel Trap: When Renewable Energy Messes up Real Estate

One of the many advertised reasons to get solar panels to a home is the fact that it increases the market value of the property. Although in a broader sense not only solar energy but all type of ...

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Couple holds a sold sign in front of the store
3 Reasons Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Sell Your Home

Last year, sellers sold 5.45 million existing homes in the United States. This year, projections suggest that number will rise to 5.78 million. With a promising outlook for real estate in 2018, ...

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Spring Real Estate Marketing Strategies
Spring Real Estate Marketing Strategies: Are You Ready to Bloom?

Spring is a beautiful season where temperature starts to warm and flowers bloom. And to the real estate market, this feeling of new life isn't just a metaphor. For a bunch of reasons, it is widely ...

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Tips and advice for home equity loan
Is a Home Equity Loan Right For Me?

A question homeowners often contemplate is whether a home equity loan is right for them. While there are both benefits and pitfalls to opening loans, home equity loans don’t differ. The only ...

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Seller's agent vs Buyer's agent
Seller’s Agent vs. Buyer’s Agent: the age-old question

Where do their duties collide? Who’s got the most power? Can one agent act as both? Pick your side and place your bets; the real estate fight of the century starts now! Ok, now that we got ...

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Understanding The Housing Market On Your Own
Understanding the Housing Market on Your Own: How to Predict Local Real Estate Market Trends With no Help from an Agent

Agents have all the tools to predict local real estate market trends. They have that fantastic Multiple Listing Service (MLS) not only to put houses on the market but to do a good Market ...

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wlecome to our paradise on beach table
Find Your Real Estate Agent Niche: Vacation Homes

Specializing in a domain entails an impressive experience and knowledge. One can accumulate these over long years of work. It doesn’t mean that they no longer practice in other areas of ...

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real estate listings 101
LISTINGS 101: What You Need To Know When You Hire a Real Estate Agent or a Broker

Open Listings, Net listings, Exclusive Right to Sell Listings, Exclusive Agency Listings, Dual Listings… feeling you’re getting drowned by so many different types of Listing ...

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real estate agent in suit
Large Real Estate Companies vs Individual Agents or Small Companies

When buying or selling a home, finding a real estate agent is a good way to get the job done quickly, efficiently, and responsibly. Real estate agents are trained to market, sell, and close deals ...

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sharing social media image
A Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Using Social Media Effectively

Many real estate agents could tell you, using social media correctly helps you build an impressive following quickly and effectively. While many people don't have the patience to keep up with ...

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for sale by owner sign on the front of the house
Finding Your Real Estate Niche: For Sale By Owner

FSBO listings, or For Sale By Owner listings, are becoming increasingly popular among people who want to save money and reduce the amount of strings they have to cut once the deal is over. Don't be ...

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happy friends cultures races taking
4 Effective Ways to Market Real Estate to Millennials

Millennials have begun to enter the housing market in a big way, and now is the time to cater to them. Many agents still use outdated methods that may alienate their younger, tech-savvy customer ...

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open house image
An Agent’s Guide on How to Plan the Perfect Open House

An open house can be the perfect way to attract visitors to your home and make a lasting impression. Some of these people may even return or place a call afterwards to offer on the house, which is ...

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woman holding a sign with house
5 Things Home Sellers Always Forget

  When selling a house, homeowners often follow a ‘checklist’ of sorts to make sure that everything is spic-span to help in wooing potential home buyers. Landscaping, repainting, ...

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renovation of a house
Top Things to Budget for When Rehabbing a Flip House

Rehabbing a house for sale purposes is an entirely different ball game than renovating a home for living purposes. Where you might have no problem dropping twenty grand to personalize a home how you ...

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hidden costs of home ownership
How to Defray the Hidden Costs of Home Ownership

While homeownership is a good way to save money and keep you from getting caught in the rent cycle, it comes with an entirely new set of problems and expenses that you may not expect. Home ...

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real estate appraisal document
When to Dispute Your Home Appraisal

When refinancing or selling your home, the lender will want an appraisal to determine the home’s value. Usually it must appraise for at least the amount of the loan. The lender will send an ...

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couple using tablet
Why Right Now is a Good Time for Millennials to Buy a Home

Many young people are beginning to enter the next stages of their lives, and those stages can include more permanent jobs, children, marriage, and even home ownership. While many millennials are ...

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buy or do it yourself sign
Build or Buy? That’s the Big Question

Buying or building a house can be one of the biggest investments of your life, especially if you are making the decision with a loved one or family and plan on it being a “forever home”. ...

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US city public transportation street
5 U.S. Cities with the Best Public Transportation

Not everyone can own a car, and in some parts of the country it’s actually cheaper (and sometimes easier) to use public transport instead of a personal vehicle. Many cities are offering better ...

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couplse searching for apartment
7 Things to Consider Before Moving to a New City

Moving to a new city brings about big decisions, lifestyle changes, and new experiences. Not all of these things may be good, but life is constantly shifting, so you should be too. Before you begin ...

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house and money
Should you Buy a Home with Cash?

While paying cash for a home makes sense in some ways, it's not ideal in all situations. Here are the pros and cons of buying a home with cash.   Pros A cash home buyer is an attractive ...

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just put your signature image
Why Use a Real Estate Agent?

Wondering why use a real estate agent when you can do it all by yourself? Surely going the For Sale by Owner (FSBO) route can save you a lot of time and money, right? You can maximize profits by ...

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clock and house
What is the Best Time of Year to Buy a Home?

Deciding to buy a home often comes with caveats - the location, availability, job requirements, and commute may come far ahead of scheduling a move to a new location. However, many people seek to buy ...

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diy graphic concept
Getting Ready to Sell? DIY improvement tips

From Dallas to Dubuque, homesellers DIY their way to speedy, satisfactory sales - but what should you focus on and what should you leave to the pros?   If you are preparing to sell your home ...

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holding stop hand
Top Five Reasons Your Home Offer was Rejected

If you made an offer on a home and it was rejected, here are the most common reasons why. Wrong Market You are looking in the wrong market. If you have a home loan approved for $400,000, look in ...

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magnifying glass covering words
Tax Breaks for the First Time Home Buyer

Are you planning on buying your first home? Why wouldn’t you? After all, it’s part of the American dream. However, first-time homebuyers may find it hard to purchase a home if they ...

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ruler and pencil
How is Square Footage Determined?

If you are buying a home, you may be wondering about square footage. Is the home you are looking at really that big – or that small? The answer to why square footage assessments can vary wildly ...

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model house your deposit money
What Must I Disclose When Selling My Home?

For decades, buying a home was a home buyer beware business - sellers didn't have to tell the purchaser a thing. Termite damage? Hush-hush. Leaky roof? Make sure to show the home when it's dry ...

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escrow hand written on page by maker
What is Escrow and how does it Work?

You may not have heard the word “escrow” before you stepped into the world of home buying, but you’ve heard it now. “Escrow” is part of what makes buying and selling ...

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home loan image concept
How Does The Home Loan Underwriting Process Work?

Most homebuyers know it’s a lot easier to go house hunting with an approved loan in hand. However, the initial visit to the lending institution is just the first step; while looking at ...

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signing paper
What Costs Do Buyers and Sellers Pay On Big Day When Escrow Closes?

Many wannabe first-time home buyers and sellers alike wonder who should pay what costs for on the wonderful day that both parties seal the biggest deal of a lifetime. As virtually every item is ...

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Real estate agent selling house to young couple
How to become a real estate agent

One of the best careers available today is that of real estate agent. Flexible hours, attractive salary and a demanding but rewarding list of responsibilities, this is a dream job for ambitious ...

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sell and buy arrows
Is it better to buy or sell a home first

If you are looking to buy a home and already own one, the age-old question is whether you should sell your home first before you buy a home. There are pros and cons to selling first just as there are ...

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first time home buyers couple
7 Tips for a First Time Homebuyer

The most expensive purchase you'll ever make will be a home. Buying property allows you to build wealth through equity accumulation and tax write-offs. However, the process of buying your first home ...

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house and coinstack
Home Prices-The Extra Costs

Gone are the days when buying a home was a priceless feat. Most banks want down-payments even for those who have perfect credit or who are first-time home-buyers. While you may be thinking about the ...

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fundation of new house
5 signs of house foundation problems

Unless there is a known problem with a home’s foundation, most homeowners don’t give it a second thought. That could be dangerous and costly. Ignoring the signs of foundation problems ...

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sign with open house
Real Estate Open House - The Do

Homeowners in the market to sell their property will likely engage in hosting an open house. The leading reason is to secure contracts. The next is the opportunity to showcase it to serious home ...

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agent having problem with selling a house
6 Reasons you are not selling properties

Selling properties is a daunting task particularly in the beginning. Consider reviewing your skill sets to help mitigate the challenges. Below we present six possibilities that may be hindering the ...

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sold home sale real estate sign
Tips to ensure your sale goes through

New home buyers to the housing market do not always realize that to buy a home means competing with other interested parties. Placing a contract on a property is one phase in the process. Taking ...

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taking the keys from seller
How To Sell Your Home

When it is time for homeowners to sell their property, there are a variety of tactics and strategies to employ. These ideas should secure the most lucrative asking price as well as move the home ...

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notebook written with house buying tips
10 Real Estate Tips for Homebuyers

Purchasing a home especially the first one is a rite of passage. It comes with responsibilities from the moment the decision is made. Due diligence is a requisite to ensure an exciting experience. ...

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rent or buy on a paper
Rent or Buy - the pros and cons

There are times when it is advantageous to rent a house instead of making a purchase. The reasons vary based on several factors. In contrast, certain conditions point to best time to buy a home. It ...

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house keys and a judge hammer on a floor
What do Real Estate Attorneys do?

Buying and selling a home requires the professional services of a real estate attorney to ensure due diligence is used throughout the transaction. This includes filing the appropriate paperwork, ...

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loan mortgage payment concept
Mortgage Loan Types

There are a variety of options available to buy a home. Depending on the home buyer’s financial picture, possibilities exist to save money over the short-term, while long-term options provide ...

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taking keys fom their new house
When to buy a house

  Purchasing a home is the biggest investment that anyone can make. Did you know there's actually the best and worst times to buy a home? To get the best ROI, there are several variables to ...

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professional young realtor looking happy
How To Choose A Realtor

If buying a home was just a distant dream that was unlikely to happen, now the time has finally arrived and you are in search of a place you can call home. Like many others, if you are a first time ...

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hazard insurance home concept
What is Hazard Insurance?

The home buying process can be a long and daunting process that involves quite a few steps. Things such as estimating your principal, taxes, interest, and insurance, along with the type of insurance ...

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front of foreclosure cubic
Foreclosure - The Pros and Cons of Buying

You may have heard that pursuing foreclosure sales is the best way to get a good deal in real estate. While it is true that foreclosure sales can be sold below value, it is important to be aware of ...

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earnest money text on a white paper
What is Earnest Money

So, you are ready to take the big step of purchasing a new home. You've met the home seller, examined the property and neighborhood, and decided that you've found the one. You come to an agreement ...

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credit score
How To Get A Loan with Bad Credit

Who said that low credit scores are actually bad for your finances? It might shock you, but bad credit scores are in fact good. They prove that you’ve been through a lot. You’ve faced ...

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short sale home sign
Short Sales Homes

There are negative connotations to a short sale transaction in real estate. One is owners fail to meet the original mortgage obligation. This could be due to several reasons such as job loss and ...

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