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Selling a home

Proper preparation will help your home sell faster and for more. Get advice from professionals.

Why Use a Real Estate Agent?

Do you really need a real estate agent to sell your home? Surely going the For Sale by Owner route (FSBO) can save you big – right? You can maximize profits by not having to pay an agent, and ...

Mar 02, 2017

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Getting Ready to Sell? Don't make these DIY Mistakes!

From Dallas to Dubuque, homesellers DIY their way to speedy, satisfactory sales - but what should you focus on and what should you leave to the pros? If you are preparing to sell your home and are ...

Dec 29, 2016

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What Must I Disclose When Selling My Home?

For decades, buying a home was a buyer beware business - sellers didn't have to tell the purchaser a thing. Termite damage? Hush hush. Leaky roof? Make sure to show the home when it's dry outside. ...

Oct 04, 2016

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What Costs Do Buyers and Sellers Pay On Big Day When Escrow Closes?

Many wannabe first-time home buyers and sellers alike wonder who should pay what costs for on the wonderful day that both parties seal the biggest deal of a lifetime. As virtually every item is ...

Feb 24, 2016

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How to become a real estate agent

Becoming a real estate agent can be a great career move to make, and you may be eager to get started assisting clients with their buying, selling and leasing plans. However, before you can begin ...

Feb 17, 2016

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Is it better to buy or sell a home first

If you are looking to buy a home and already own one, the age-old question is whether you should sell your home first before you buy. There are pros and cons to selling first just as there are to ...

Feb 11, 2016

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Real Estate Open House - The Dos and Don'ts

Homeowners in the market to sell their property will likely engage in hosting an open house. The leading reason is to secure contracts. The next is the opportunity to showcase it to serious buyers. ...

Jan 25, 2016

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6 Reasons you are not selling properties

Selling properties is a daunting task particularly in the beginning. Consider reviewing your skill sets to help mitigate the challenges. Below we present six possibilities that may be hindering the ...

Jan 21, 2016

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3 tips to ensure your sale goes through

New buyers to the housing market do not always realize that to buy a home means competing with other interested parties. Placing a contract on a property is one phase in the process. Taking steps to ...

Jan 19, 2016

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How To Sell Your Home

When it is time for homeowners to sell their property, there are a variety of tactics and strategies to employ. These ideas should secure the most lucrative asking price as well as move the home ...

Jan 14, 2016

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What do Real Estate Attorneys do?

Buying and selling a home requires the professional services of a real estate attorney to ensure due diligence is used throughout the transaction. This includes filing appropriate paperwork, opening ...

Dec 16, 2015

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Mortgage Loan Types

There are a variety of options available to buy a home. Depending on the buyer’s financial picture, possibilities exist to save money over the short-term, while long-term options provide more ...

Dec 14, 2015

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What is Hazard Insurance?

If you own real estate, one thing you should absolutely invest in is hazard insurance. Hazard insurance is designed to protect a property owner from the damage that can be incurred by different kinds ...

Nov 30, 2015

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What is Earnest Money

So, you are ready to take the big step of purchasing a new home. You've met the buyer, examined the property and neighborhood and decided that you've found the one. You come to an agreement about ...

Nov 23, 2015

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Buying a home

Buying a home is challenging. Find articles below to help guide you and make the process easier.

Should you Buy a Home with Cash?

While paying cash for a home makes sense in some ways, it’s bot ideal in all situations. Here are the pros and cons of buying a home with cash. Pros A cash buyer is an attractive buyer. ...

Mar 02, 2017

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What is the Best Time of Year to Buy a Home?

Deciding to buy a home often comes with caveats - the location, availability, job requirements, and commute may come far ahead of scheduling a move to a new location. However, many people seek to buy ...

Jan 11, 2017

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Top Five Reasons Your Home Offer was Rejected

If you made an offer on a home and it was rejected, here are the most common reasons why. Wrong Market You are looking in the wrong market. If you have a home loan approved for $400,000, look in ...

Dec 29, 2016

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Tax Breaks for the First Time Home Buyer

Buying your first home? Where your down payment comes from can affect your taxes. First-time home buyers can take out up to $10,000 from traditional and Roth IRAs penalty-free to use as a down ...

Nov 14, 2016

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How is Square Footage Determined?

If you are buying a home, you may be wondering about square footage. Is the home you are looking at really that big – or that small? The answer to why square footage assessments can vary wildly ...

Oct 06, 2016

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What is Escrow and how does it Work?

  You may not have heard the word “escrow” before you stepped into the world of home buying, but you’ve heard it now. “Escrow” is part of what makes buying and ...

Sep 20, 2016

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How Does The Home Loan Underwriting Process Work?

Most homebuyers know it’s a lot easier to go house hunting with an approved loan in hand. However, the initial visit to the lending institution is just the first step; while you are looking at ...

Aug 30, 2016

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7 Tips for a First Time Homebuyer

The most expensive purchase you'll ever make will be a home. Buying property allows you to build wealth through equity accumulation and tax write-offs. However, the process of buying your first home ...

Feb 08, 2016

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Home Prices - The Extra Costs

Gone are the days when buying a home was a priceless feat. Most banks want down-payments even for those who have perfect credit or who are first-time home-buyers. While you may be thinking about the ...

Feb 02, 2016

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5 signs of house foundation problems

Unless there is a known problem with a home’s foundation, most homeowners don’t give it a second thought. That could be dangerous and costly. Ignoring the signs of foundation problems ...

Feb 01, 2016

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10 Tips for Homebuyers

Purchasing a home especially the first one is a rite of passage. It comes with responsibilities from the moment the decision is made. Due diligence is a requisite to ensure an exciting experience. ...

Jan 11, 2016

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Rent or Buy - the pros and cons

There are times when it is advantageous to rent a house instead of making a purchase. The reasons vary based on several factors. In contrast, certain conditions point to ideal times to buy a home. It ...

Dec 28, 2015

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When to buy a house

Purchasing a home is the biggest investment that anyone can make. To get the best ROI, there are several variables to consider. They include the housing market, interest rates, government programs, ...

Dec 13, 2015

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How To Choose A Realtor

Buying a house is a personal business transaction that requires signatures on legal documents such as a promissory note. Services of professional providers will also require a contract such as a ...

Dec 07, 2015

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Foreclosure - The Pros and Cons of Buying

You may have heard that pursuing foreclosure sales is the best way to get a good deal in real estate. While it is true that homes at foreclosure sales can be sold below value, it is important to be ...

Nov 25, 2015

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How To Get A Loan with Bad Credit

Bad credit does not preclude you from becoming a homeowner. In fact, there are several options available for those interested in home ownership that have bad credit. Being prepared with information ...

Nov 23, 2015

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Short Sale Homes

There are negative connotations to a short sale transaction in real estate. One is owners fail to meet the original mortgage obligation. This could be due to several reasons such as job loss and ...

Nov 23, 2015

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