Arletta Cardinali Correia

Arletta Cardinali Correia

Keller Wiliams Park Veiws Realty

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My name is Arletta Cardinali Correia AKA " Polish Thunder ? " I'm a Local Real Estate Professional and I represent "Team Thunder" from Keller Williams "City Views Realty."   I am originally from Poland and am fluent in a variety of languages such as Polish, Russian, Portugese, Spanish and English. This of course helps to provide excellent services to a wide range of clientele and is very convenient when dealing with clients from all over the world. I have very enthusiastic and passionate nature, and have learned to combine all of my passions and talent to create exceptional customer service. I come from a family of builders, general contractors, electricians and interior designers, so I have extensive knowledge in this field which is another factor that drives me in this field. I started my career with Interior Design work, then got my Real Estate License, and shortly after that, I started my own construction company,  "Thunder Development, LLC." Besides getting my hands dirty designing and building, I have to admit that I'm a social media and technology devotee, and operate on the newest and most advanced marketing programs. In another words, I'm a Advertising Magician.   I would consider myself a people's person so I take the time to always make the most of my time to ensure I stay engaged in the community. I'm involve myself in a lot of charities such as the Wounded Warrior Project, Feeding America and the Children's Miracle Network. In my personal time, I'm a Daredevil that loves to travel and explore new places, cultures and of course people.  

My ambition is a driving force that compliments my dynamic nature and I am always striving for perfection. I happen to be pretty good negotiator and get things done very quickly, as I always say to my clients, "I'll stand on top of my eye lashes, but I'll get the deal done!" Dedication and Trust are very luxurious trades now a days so I make sure they are not only in my principles, but more importantly, in practice.  I find working with people fascinating and challenging, and throughout the years of my experience, in the business, I've learned that at the end of the day whether you're a buyer or a seller all clients are looking for a few things, and those are Customer Service, reliability, and trust. I am someone who will educate you in every area of Real Estate. I look forward to hearing from you. Cheers! 


301 Route 12 , Rutherford - NJ 07070

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