Awett Tedla

Awett Tedla

F.C. Tucker Company - Geist

Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity (FHEO) REALTOR® The Multiple Listing Service Mark

My success in real estate is due to my passion, experience, professionalism and commitment to serving your real estate needs. I am constantly educating myself on the latest trends in the marketplace so I can find the right home for you or price your home to sell accordingly. On my website, you will find all of the information you need to buy or sell a home. If you need more information about homes in your area, please contact me today so I can provide you with the latest information.


7038 Tamarind Court , Indianapolis - IN 46236

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Real Estate Glossary Terms

Local group of real estate brokers who are members of the State and National Board of REALTORS®. Meets regularly with their membership and helps determine licensing requirements as well as managing the multiple listing service of their service area. They may also provide additional services to thei...

The act or process of decreasing in size. The total amount of decrease....

Word, or group of words, that identifies a business or one of its products. The name is registered with U.S. Patent Office and provides legal protection for an indefinite number of renewals for periods of 20 years each. In effect, the name has an unlimited life....

Same as term Additional Insured: individual added to a life insurance policy other than the insured named in the policy. For example, an insured father can have a dependent son and daughter added to the policy as additional insureds. In many instances, adding an additional insured to an existing pol...