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About Belinda Gamble DiCupe

Belinda DiCupé epitomizes integrity, hard work, energy and creative service in every detail of your real estate transaction. She has continued rising early and has since built a successful career in real estate for over 17 years. She has worked every aspect of the industry representing sellers, buyers, investors, and banks in both the residential and commercial market.

Belinda has an amazing, supportive husband and a scholar daughter on her path towards success. She values her family and always tries to find creative ways to incorporate the entire family on various adventures...

Belinda uses her vast experience and foresight to proactively address details before they become or cause a challenge. She and her team work with banks to initiate communication in every detail of the transaction, from the first phone call, all the way to the settlement table. Belinda will go above and beyond to ensure you receive top notch professional service. Five words you can count on from Belinda Gamble DiCupé is: integrity, knowledge, passion, commitment and love.

Senate Real Estate Services Llc

Belinda Gamble DiCupe Senate Real Estate Services Llc

Belinda Gamble DiCupe


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1140 3RD ST NE STE 200 , Washington - DC 20002

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Office: 1-301-675-1109

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Real Estate Glossary Terms

  • Obsolescence

    A major factor in depreciation resulting from wear and tear from use and natural deterioration through interaction of weather elements may cause depreciation to a structure. ...

  • Basic Premium

    Premium applied in workers compensation insurance and in life insurance. In the latter, it is the portion of a premium that is loaded to reflect an insured's expectation of loss, administrative expenses associated with putting the policy on the company's books, and the agent's commission. ...

  • Navigation Risk Insurance

    Coverage during the operation of a ship for: Property of Ship (ship's hull, tackle, passenger fittings, equipment, stores, boats), and ordnance; Property Damage Liability (ship's owner and/or operator is protected if the ship collides with another, causing damage and loss of use). Excluded is liab ...

  • Section 105 Of The Internal Revenue Code

    Federal statute that permits the self-employed a 100% tax deduction for the family health care expenses to include health insurance premiums, disability INCOME insurance premiums, and LONG-TERM CARE insurance premiums. Also deductible on a 100% basis are noninsured medical, dental, and vision care e ...

  • Voidable Contract

    Valid contract that can be canceled for cause by one or more parties to the contract. An insurance contract can be voided by the insurer if the insured has used fraudulent means to obtain it or has intentionally concealed information or misrepresented the risk. ...

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