Bill  Eacrett
Dipietro Group RE

Bill Eacrett

Dipietro Group RE

I speak: English

Bill Eacrett has three words in mind when he begins the process of helping new clients get
ready to buy or sell their home. Those words are commitment, determination and trust.
After 17 years of owning his own personal training business, he knows that these
attributes are the very foundation of a solid customer relationship. While he certainly will
share his expertise and provide guidance, he knows the most important part of the
process is understanding the client's needs and wants. Bill wants to know exactly what
makes them happy he will give it his all to make sure they find it!

He assures his clients he will not end the relationship with them once the paper is signed.
He has a genuine concern and care for his clients and will be ready to help them
whenever he is needed.




1B Wall St. , Windham - NH 03087

Office: 1-603-234-0347

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Personal property or real property that are passed on to heirs upon one's death....

Written form which has precisely the same terms as the other property insurance policies covering a particular property....

Coverage on real property written to have no time limit. A single deposit premium pays for insurance for the life of the risk. The insurer earns enough investment income on the deposit to cover losses and costs. Upon cancellation, the insured is entitled to return of the initial deposit premium. Per...

Process of calculating a premium so that it is adequate-sufficient to pay losses according to expected frequency and severity, thereby safeguarding against the insurance company becoming insolvent; reasonable-the insurance company should not be able to earn an excessive profit; and not unfairly di...