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Last updated: September 14, 2021 • Holidays

4th of July Celebration: Best Places to Visit

If you’ve been reading, you’ve probably have noticed that here at we are crazy about holidays celebration. We’ve written about them all. From the minor ones, Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, to the big ones like Memorial Day Celebration, we are always honoring these important dates – and being thankful for the day off, to be honest. So, of course we wouldn’t miss on what’s arguably the most important holiday in our country: the 4th of July, our independence day!

We’ve compiled some patriotic landmarks for you to make your 4th of July celebration. But first, here are some interesting facts about the date:

Did you know that 3 presidents died on a July 4? And all of them were considered Founding Fathers: John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Monroe. In the case of the first two, it’s downright eerie: they both died on the same day, exactly 50 years after both have signed the declaration of independence! A curse? Well, considering only founding fathers died on July 4, we would say it’s more of a sign, a message for the American people to live and die by our country’s independence and freedom; which can only be obtained via democracy.

4th of July is so inspiring, that another country also achieved – with the help of American forces – its independence on this day, so, with them, we share the holiday. The Philippines were once an American territory, but when taken by the Japanese during World War II, the US troops fought with the Filipinos and, not only freed them from Japan but signed a declaration of independence on July 4, 1946, as a way to reflect and reiterate that freedom is America’s most significant value. The date is known in the Philippines as “Republic Day” and also “Filipino-American Friendship Day”.

Ok, on to some patriotic landmarks for you to visit and celebrate our independence; here are some cool destinations for your 4th of July celebration:

Washington, DC

4th of July Washington DC fireworks

Well, this one is pretty obvious, right? For being the capital of the country alone it should be enough, however DC has a great 4th of July parade and other 4th of July activities like visiting the National Archives and Records Administration to see the original Declaration of Independence and doing a picnic on the beautiful green stretch of lawn between the Washington Monument and the Capitol building, where you’ll be able to watch the Capitol Fourth symphony concert and their sweet closing fireworks popping over the Capitol building. Washington, DC Real Estate Agents will tell you that the tourism to the city is quite impressive throughout the year, but especially during patriotic holidays like this, memorial day and veterans day, so aside from you visiting, buying a home there as an investment to use it as airbnb might be something to think about it…

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

4th of July Philadelphia Independence Hall

While Washington, DC is America’s current address, Philadelphia is considered “The birthplace of America”. It was there that the Declaration of Independence was signed by our founding fathers. Visit the Independence Hall and take a tour to learn more about the building where the most important document of this country was signed. Also, you can visit the Germantown White House, a place where George Washington, a key figure on our independence – and our first president – lived for two important periods of his life. And hey, have an original Philly cheese steak while you’re at it; it’s all about celebrating America’s features, right? What’s that you say? Too greasy? Oh, come one… it’s independence day! Set yourself free from the shackles of diet; that will be your personal 4th of July celebration!

Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

4th of July Mount Rushmore

Unfortunately, a fireworks show won’t be part of your 4th of July activities if you visit Mount Rushmore; the National Park Service – responsible for the maintenance of this patriotic landmark – has, for some reason, decided not to have it anymore. However, Mount Rushmore is still a great place for your 4th of July celebration. While Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt were instrumental on “maintaining” the legacy of freedom and democracy, the first two from left to right – George Washington and Thomas Jefferson – are the original signators of our declaration of independence so this larger-than-life monument of the two of them is a great way to honor their lifework. It’s a fun event with army bands playing classic American tunes, actors reenacting the 4 presidents carved on the rocks – they make a press conference where you can ask anything from them! – food and, the best; it’s free – just like our country! (Well, but you pay parking… think of it like taxes; there’s a price to maintain freedom)


4th of July Virginia

Virginia has a tradition of freedom. It had a crucial part fighting for the independence of the country in the revolution and the independence of slaves in the civil wars. There are two cool spots for you to visit, so if you can get more than one day to visit, it’s best. In Richmond, the state’s capital, the best place to go is the St. John’s Church, where Patrick Henry delivered a speech that’s regarded as the spark for the revolution against Britain; the famous “Give me liberty or give me death” speech. On July 4 there’s even a reenactment of his inspiring words.

A few miles away, in St. John’s Church and Jamestown, you will be able to encounter enthusiastic re-enactors of the period and go back even more to find recreations of Susan Constant, Godspeed, and Discovery, ships that carried the original dreamers of this nation, emigrating from Britain to America.

Bristol, Rhode Island

4th of July Bristol Rhode Island

Rhode Island can call themselves trendsetters. They have declared independence 2 months before all 12 other colonies in 1776. So it’s only fitting that Bristol, Rhode Island carries the oldest continuous 4th of July Celebration in the United States. They hold a 4th of July Parade since 1785! It’s not the most visually remarkable thing, but hey; you can’t get more traditional than this one. Attending it is becoming part of history, and in this case, a beautiful uplifting history of freedom and democracy!

To those who won’t attend a 4th of July parade or will even refrain from celebrating the Holiday at all; great! You’re allowed to do so. That’s the beauty of this date and America’s greatest legacy: freedom! We still wish you a good one.

Happy 4th of July to everyone in the land of the free!


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