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Last updated: March 27, 2023 • Holidays

DIY inexpensive gift ideas for Valentine’s day

With February 14th just around the corner, sweethearts worldwide enter Valentine’s day fever. They rush to buy gifts, plan an evening out, or for the lucky, a trip to a new destination. These things could put pressure on you because you most probably want to create a memorable experience that will make love and passion reignite. Finding the perfect gift for Valentine’s day to show your love and appreciation towards your significant other might be challenging if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary. By now, you most probably are fed up with the stuffed puppies spelling “I love you,” the heart-shaped pillows, and the V-day box of chocolate, which in high school seemed charming and sweet. Of course, it’s hard to go wrong with a pair of diamond earrings, a tennis bracelet, or a watch for him, but those things could be pretty pricey. And no one wants to spend all their savings on Valentine’s day gifts. But instead of waiting in lines to buy a store-bought gift at one of the local strip malls, you could try some DIY valentine’s gift ideas. It is a unique and thoughtful way of showing your feelings by taking the time and effort to create these one-of-a-kind gifts.

If you don’t feel creative enough to come up with something on your own and need some inspiration, we’ve rounded up some fantastic DIY valentine’s gift ideas.

Unique & inexpensive DIY valentine’s gift ideas

Valentine’s day is the perfect opportunity to shower your significant others with love. Whether it is your spouse, kids, teacher, or even a co-worker, our heartfelt inexpensive valentine’s gift ideas are the ultimate way of showing them how much you care. And the best part is that it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg to put a smile on someone’s face.

Giving someone something handmade is a unique and thoughtful way of showing love and appreciation. You show them how much you care by making the time and effort to put something together. And the best part is that with the DIY valentine’s gift ideas, you don’t have to build everything from scratch. With just a few items, you could create something unique and meaningful. Check out these inexpensive valentine’s gift ideas.

1. Photo box

red gift box hands

Pictures are the perfect way to keep the memory of a cherished moment we’ve shared with our loved ones. If you’re tired of your old scrapbook, give your significant other a charming little box filled with your favorite memories together. What better way to record the time spent together than through adorable images that will last in time? They can place the photo box on their nightstand and open it whenever they think of you. You will only need a square box, a satin ribbon, and the pictures you treasure the most. Place the photos inside the box, tie the box with the satin ribbon, and you’re good to go. It is one of the most excellent DIY valentine’s gift ideas.

2. Cookie-making kit

glazed heart shaped cookies

A great inexpensive valentine’s gift for those with a sweet tooth would be a cookie-making kit. This present is a “dinner and a date” all in one. Start baking some sugar cookies, then put them in a cute box with frosting, sprinkles, and toppings. You can have some fun decorating the cookies together and enjoy them while watching a cheesy movie. Yes, you heard it—a cheesy movie. If Valentine’s not the time to watch such a movie, when?

3. Valentine’s heart in a bottle

For this inexpensive valentine’s gift, you will only need an empty bottle, red and white Christmas wrapping paper, and a gift tag. Cut the wrapping paper in the shape of hearts with scissors, and put them inside the bottle. Write a lovely, heartfelt message on the gift tag and tie it to the bottle. It isn’t anything fancy, and the recipient might not keep it forever, but it’s an almost zero-cost gift that will show you care. And the good news is that you probably have all the items at home, so there’s no need to make a trip to the store to buy them.

4. Love lyrics

woman write secret letter female

Fill a mason jar with all the lyrics from your favorite songs. It is a lovely way of reminding your better half of the great moments you had together. They’ll love the romantic gesture, even if you don’t like the same type of music. If you have nice handwriting, you could write the lyrics yourself on a piece of paper to give the gift a more personal touch. Don’t forget to add the lyrics from your favorite song as a couple inside the jar. This gift will indeed walk your lover down memory lane to your first concert together, your wedding dance moment, or your first date. It is another great inexpensive valentine’s gift. 

5. Scrapbook

cropped shot women making things

If you’re looking for DIY valentine’s gift ideas, look no further. A scrapbook filled with your most beloved memories together could be a perfect token of your love and appreciation towards your significant other. The tickets from your first trip together, cute notes, concert stubs, and photos are perfect for filling a book. Even if you are not the most skilled fish in the sea, your lover will appreciate that you’ve kept so many of your memories. It is an inexpensive valentine’s gift that will truly make a difference. And the recipient will be able to use it whenever they want to rewind the most cherished moments you’ve had.

6. Be mine wall art

Decorate your valentine’s wall with this unique art craft that will surely be appreciated. You won’t need a lot of items to create this inexpensive valentine’s gift, just a slab of wood, white paint, and a bit of creativity. Draw some arrows on the piece of wood and write down “Be mine” to add the art craft that valentine’s feeling. Choose a slab of wood in a dark brown shade that will make the drawings and the writing pop. Whenever your lover sees the decoration, they will instantly think of you. You can even use it for popping the big question if you don’t want anything flashy or over the top. It is one of the DIY valentine’s gift ideas that will require your creative skills and imagination.

7. Memory tree

family tree photo frames

Create a beautiful display that incorporates all your favorite pictures. You will need some pink utility clips, dry willow branches, and a glass vase. Start by putting the branches inside the vase and hanging the clips. Then attach the pictures to the branches with the pins. It will look ideal in a living room or a hallway. The tree will be reminiscent of the times spent together and a symbol of your love. It is one of the DIY valentine’s gift ideas that you’re significant other will appreciate. The trees are also a symbol of life and growth and represent wisdom, power, and prosperity. It is a meaningful gift in so many ways, and it’s also inexpensive.

8. Bath bomb Valentine


If your sweetheart is into relaxation and pampering, some valentine-themed bath bombs will be a hit. Giving your significant other a bath bomb is a lovely gift, but giving extra attention to the packaging will make it even more appealing. Use a mason jar, pink crinkle-cut paper, and a pink rope to tie the jar. Add the bath bombs into the jar, sprinkle the crinkle-cut paper among them, then tie the rope to seal the jar. To spice things up, you can take a long, relaxing bath together while enjoying these bubbly little wonders. It is the perfect inexpensive valentine’s gift that will bring you closer. 

9. Customed Mixed Candy Box

No one can say no to some delicious chocolate candies. It is another inexpensive valentine’s day gift that your sweetheart will definitely enjoy. Instead of offering a pre-made combo, you could customize the candy box by adding your significant other favorite chocolates. To jazz up the packaging a little, you could stick some heart-shaped red paper on an empty box and sprinkle some glitter. It is as simple as making a thoughtful gift without overspending.

10. Valentine’s day Terrarium

green house plant arrangement

Love is in the air this season, and this Valentine’s day terrarium could be the perfect key to your lover’s heart. Fill a mason jar with pink air plants, small white rocks, and pink sand for Valentine’s day touch. This Terrarium will give a vivid air to any space and bring a small part of nature inside a house. The best part of this DIY gift idea for valentine’s day is that once you get all the supplies, it is easy to put together. Valentine’s day it’s about celebrating love in any form. Thus, the terrarium could be an excellent gift for a friend or a teacher. It is another inexpensive valentine’s gift that will cheer your significant others up, whoever they may be.

These are just a few ideas you could try this Valentine’s day. Don’t go overboard with your preps; it should be the thought that matters. If choosing one of these DIY valentine’s gift ideas, try to enjoy making them. It could be a fun activity that will enhance creativity and test imagination. When you give something handmade, it is hard not to grow fond of that specific object because you have in mind the person doing it. So, the chances of your gift gathering dust on a shelf are smaller. If that happens, at least you did your best to create something unique and thoughtful, keeping in mind the person receiving the gift.

Let us know in the comments if you prefer the DIY valentine’s gift ideas or the store-bought ones. We will be happy to hear your thoughts. Or if you have any other DIY valentine’s gift ideas, let us know.


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