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Last updated: May 4, 2021 • Home Improvement

6 Amazing Garage Renovation Ideas

Maybe you just can’t fit your car into the existing garage. Maybe you’ve switched over to bikes instead of having a car, and have no need for a cluttered, half-empty space attached to your house.

Weather you have real estate in Miami, Dallas, San Francisco or Nashville, an unused garage can feel like an empty enclosed lot, especially when it’s a large one, so why not turn it into something new? Any real estate agent will tell you a renovated garage can be a big selling point.

Here are six renovation ideas for any house with an unused garage, from man-cave to a personal study. Start brainstorming ideas for your next DIY home improvement projects !

  1. Art studio. Hobbies are an important part of staying positive in your daily life, and a decision to pursue them is always a good one. You can turn any empty room in your house into an art studio, but the garage might just be the most promising. The concrete floors make it perfect for painting, and the empty space gives you room to let your imagination run free.
  2. Man-cave. Game Day is more fun with friends, so why not let them hang out in your renovated garage? With a few additions like a couch, rugs, a television, and a foosball table, you can easily transform your garage into a bachelor pad fit for kings. Sit back, enjoy a few beers, eat some chips and burgers, and relax!  After all that redecorating, you definitely deserve the downtime.
  3. In-house gym. Who says you have to pay for a gym membership? With some gymnastics mats, a few punching bags, and maybe a treadmill or two, you can easily make a functional workout zone.  Save money in the long run by investing in your empty garage, and try adding some simple things to begin your journey towards wellness. When it’s in your house, you’re more likely to use it, after all!
  4. Home theater. This can be fun for anyone in the house, and well worth the while if you have children. Whether you’re streaming a horror movie or some animated movies for the kids, you’re bound to find some use in a home theater. A couch and a television are the most important parts, but from there you can go wild with rugs, gaming systems, pillows, tables, and even funky chairs for good measure.
  5. Personal study. Everyone needs to get away for a while, especially when your house is too loud to focus in. This room may be a necessity for any work-at-home parent, or a student who needs quiet to focus. With a desk, a good office chair, and some personal items, you can feel right at home and ready to work.
  6. Guest room. Having guests is stressful enough, and not having a room to put them in only makes it worse. If you’ve got some extra time and a little bit of patience, you can turn your garage into a fully functioning bedroom in no time. A bed, some carpeting or rugs, and a few furniture items can complete any bedroom, and you can always remodel with new paint or decorations later.

Improve home value with a DIY garage renovation that makes your neighbors green with envy.


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