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Last updated: May 4, 2021 • Real Estate Market

7 Home Architectural Styles that are American Favorites

Whether you’re looking into buying a home, to build a house of your own, or just want to increase your vocabulary of real estate terms when it comes to home design, architectural styles are important. Houses don’t just get listed with number of bedrooms and bathrooms, they almost always have a particular look and feel to them. These architectural styles can be cultural, regional, or just fashionable, depending on where you are and what your price range is.

The United States is a melting pot of culture, and the homes reflect that. No two houses are exactly the same, especially when you look at the individual decor, but many homes share influences from classic designs. Here are just a few architectural styles that have become real estate trends in the past couple decades, and still crop up in the listings nowadays.

  1. Mediterranean homes. Styled after the exotic houses of Spain and Italy, these homes are statement pieces in their own way. With lengthy driveways, large patios, and lavish courtyards, they focus on the outdoors, since they are the hearts of most family gatherings. They usually have plaster walls, outdoor stone work, and tiled roofs.
  2. Southern homes. This style is almost strictly regional, since it doesn’t quite fit anywhere except southern United States. Designed to handle the hot, humid atmosphere of places like Forsyth County, GA, New Orleans, Los Angeles, or Northern Florida, these homes put a focus on shade and usually include large shutters, porches, and overhangs.
  3. Ranch-style homes. While this architectural style began on ranches, it has recently spread throughout the Midwest and on through the rest of the country. Ranch-style doesn’t necessarily mean it is on an actual ranch, the term has come to mean any large, single-story home. With sprawling wings and long walkways, these homes are stylish and easily accessible for anyone.
  4. Modern homes. With clean lines, simple architecture, and a minimalist approach to detail, modern homes are always eye-catching and unique. No two modern homes are the same, since the style depends on the property instead of the actual home. With a focus on landscaping and vehicles, these homes usually come with roomy garages and well-groomed lawns.
  5. Craftsman. Loft-like in nature, these houses look rustic and charming, and usually boast expert woodwork and stone masonry in the architecture. The style arose in the 20th century as a reaction to industrialization in America, and people wanted individuality in their homes to avoid the mass-produced look of the surrounding neighborhoods.
  6. Traditional homes. You may find these in charming, suburban neighborhoods, among many other houses that are alike in structure. With simple decorations and quaint details, these homes are picturesque and perfect in almost every way, especially from the front lawn. The basic construction makes them easy to repair, and completely timeless.
  7. Cottage-style. Like the ranch-style homes, this doesn’t necessarily mean the house is a cottage. Some of these houses are large, and just utilize the charming box look of cottages. With attic rooms, window-seats, and large front porches, these homes are reminiscent of the early 1920’s.

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