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Last updated: May 6, 2021 • Real Estate Agent Reviews

Announcing’s “Share The Love” Campaign!

It’s February – the month of Love. It’s not all about romance – there are lots of different kinds of love, and we show our love in many different ways. This year, we at The Official Real Estate Agent Directory ® wanted to kick-start a share the love chain reaction!

We’ve selected two major coffee chains, Starbucks and Dunkin, and purchased gift cards for both. Everyone loves a nice cup of coffee, and with our February campaign, you can be part of the love that makes the world go round!

First, watch our Facebook Page. We’re going to be posting the gift card information as well as live videos about sharing the love. That’s when the real fun starts! We’ve got a whole month of reminders and messages geared to keep the sharing going from person to person.

We’ve primed each card with some funds so you can enjoy a free cup of joe on us. All we ask is that you pay it forward! When you get a chance, you can use the same gift card number and pass along or add a few bucks to the Dunkin Donuts gift card for the next guy or gal to enjoy their turn.

Keep updated on our Facebook and REA Twitter accounts, and don’t forget to take a selfie of yourself at your favorite chain location; with your steaming cup of Java, or your icy cup of caffeinated joy. We’d also love to know what your choice was – so tell us if you prefer it hot or iced, black or milky, sugared or straight, flavored or plain Jane.

You can tag your photos with #GetItWhileItsHot when you snag a cup of hot or cold coffee, or use the hashtag #ShareTheLove when you pay it forward by recharging the card. Remember, the card is good as long as people keep participating, so let’s do our best to share the love with as many people as possible over the next 2-4 weeks and beyond.

Share the love with a coworker, an employee, a boss, a friend, a family member, or a teacher. Show your real estate agent how much you appreciate them, or maybe grab a hot cup for that guy who is always hanging out by the bus stop. There’s a million ways to share the love when you are part of our campaign.

Remember, you’re never alone on Valentine’s Day if you buy someone a cup of coffee. Make February your month to reconnect after a hectic start to the New Year. You can be an awesome friend, a great co-worker, a loving son or daughter, a doting mom or dad, or even just the coolest stranger in the world. All it takes is some love in your heart and a cup of coffee in your hand!

Let’s get started and see how long we can keep the love chain going. Like our REA Facebook Page or follow our Twitter account today, and we’ll keep the love (and coffee!) flowing all the way until February 14th – maybe even beyond!

Here’s How to Share the Love!

Use one of the gift cards below to buy a friend, colleague, loved one or complete stranger a cup of coffee.

Feeling extra generous? Replenish the Dunkin Donuts card and pass it along! 

Sharing The Love Campaign Starbucks Gift Card         Sharing The Love Campaign DD Gift Card


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