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holiday home decor ideas


Last updated: June 4, 2020 • Home Improvement

Holiday Home Decor Ideas for This Fall and Winter

Whether you live in sunny California, cold North Dakota, busy New York City, or sweet down home Alabama, the holidays are the perfect opportunity for some new home decorations. With fall in full swing, it’s definitely the season of “pumpkin everything”. Adding some fall décor to the home you are staging can make it even more …

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Luxury Real Estate Market


Last updated: November 2, 2020 • Real Estate Market

Will Having Donald Trump in the White House Help the Luxury Real Estate Market?

While Donald J. Trump’s victory in the U.S. presidential election initially led to some stock market unrest, it quickly smoothed out and UK real estate experts say they believe the luxury real estate market will benefit from having the real estate mogul installed at 1600 Penn Ave. Donald Trump has been lauded from Britain, and …

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The Winter White House


Last updated: June 5, 2020 • Real Estate Market

The Winter White House

While the debate is hot and heavy over who will be moving into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue when the Obamas’ lease on the White House is up, one Presidential candidate already lives in what was originally meant to be the Winter White House – a retreat from the cold and snow of New England winter months …

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The Cubs are in the World Series


Last updated: October 14, 2020 • Lifestyle

The Cubs are in the World Series – What that Means for Chicago Homeowners

The Cubs are in the World Series, and Chicago has lost its collective mind. In a good way, of course! They can hardly be blamed. The Cubs haven’t won a World Series since 1908, the longest drought between championships in Major League Baseball. The battle between Cleveland Indians and the Chicago Cubs is in full …

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A Real Estate Walk-Through Roundup


Last updated: January 21, 2019 • Lifestyle

This or That? A Real Estate Walk-Through Roundup

Our weekly “This or That?” posts over on RealEstateAgent Facebook every Wednesday get a lot of attention – so we’ve decided to create an entire blog post with a roundup of “This or That?” choices from the front of the house to the back. First up: As you approach a property, do you prefer a …

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