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Last updated: April 29, 2021 • Lifestyle, Safety at Home

Best US cities for healthcare

When we think about relocating to a new city most of the time we research the area in hope of finding a couple of things we are interested in. Most commonly people look around to see what is the cost of living, is the city safe, what kind of amenities does it have, and different ways you can spend your free time. On top of that, healthcare is just as important, and living in a city with great healthcare is an aspect that you should look up before making a decision.

But, since not all cities are created equal, there are cities with better healthcare than others. We created a list with some of the top US cities that have the best healthcare system. You can relocate there in no time, enjoying a great lifestyle knowing that your healthcare is in good hands, but first, don’t forget to find a real estate agent to help you settle in.

Without further ado, here are some of the best US cities for healthcare.

City of Boston, MA

general hospital in boston

You probably won’t be surprised to find out that most of the cities mentioned are very populous and large. The fact is that areas with a large population are able to support multiple specialists and subspecialists, whereas smaller cities cannot. There is excellent community care available in smaller towns but when the need for subspecialists and specialists arises then most of the people in smaller cities have to go to larger cities to find help.

That’s why a city such as Boston is more than capable to support all sorts of demands when it comes to healthcare in general. Boston MA actually ranks as No. 1 amongst larger cities in terms of access to healthcare and if you think about relocating here make sure you contact one of the top realtors in Boston MA. The availability of hospitals, care centers, and highly-rated specialists is exceptional in every way.

According to a study they have some of the top-ranking hospitals and universities in the US and Boston MA is rated with a score of 99.64 out of 100 in terms of healthcare. This makes it the top city for access to healthcare and one of the best places to be looking for a career in the industry.

San Jose, California

standford medicine sign

With a population of about 2 million people San Jose CA is amongst the top 10 cities with the healthiest population and is ranking up in terms of access to healthcare. They have top-rated hospitals and a strong number of specialists per capita. San Jose CA was named the “The capital of Silicon Valley” because it is a center of innovation and affluence with a booming high tech industry and high costs of living.

In such an area you would expect to have excellent healthcare services and top medical facilities. The quality of healthcare is rated at about 86 out of 100 and the infrastructure that supports an excellent healthcare system is rated at 80 out of 100. The city of San Jose CA is however one of the most expensive cities to live in the US because some of the leaders in the high tech industry are based here.

Don’t hesitate to contact one of our top real estate agents in San Jose CA if you want to relocate in one of the most innovative and booming cities in the US.

Orlando, Florida

advent health hospital in east orlando

You would be surprised to find out that one of the top cities in the world for entertainment also ranks up in terms of healthcare accessibility. Florida as a state has the second overall highest percentage of seniors and elderly people and it is a place where healthcare flourishes. Orlando FL is considered the best spot in FL for a vacation and for healthcare.

As we speak, the healthcare industry in Orlando is continuously improving and growing. In recent years Orlando has witnessed the opening of three great institutions, the Veterans Administration Hospital, Nemours Children’s Hospital as well as the new College of Medicine at University Central Florida.

Orlando FL has about 10 hospitals per capita, more than 150 medical centers per capita, and about 1,750 physicians and surgeons per capita. This makes it one of the best US cities for healthcare, and you should definitely consider reaching out to one of our local realtors in Orlando FL if you decide to relocate here.

Baltimore, MD

johns hopkins medicine center

Baltimore is certainly one of Maryland’s most desirable cities to live in and for that reason, their healthcare system is great and it qualifies to be on our list of top US cities for healthcare. With about 6 hospitals per capita, 70 medical centers per capita, and 1,000 surgeons per capita, Baltimore ranks up with a score of 86 out of 100 for healthcare.

Also, we can’t talk about Baltimore MD without mentioning the renowned John Hopkins Hospital which is one of the world’s greatest medical institutions. It is also the second-largest employer in the city and along with it they have top-level medical centers such as Mercy Medical Center, Sinai Hospital, and St. Agnes Hospital teaching hospital. 

Whether you are thinking about relocating to Baltimore for the great healthcare accessibility or in order to build a career in the industry, you are surely in the right place for it. Just make sure you get in touch with our best real estate agents in Baltimore MD for easy settling and no troubles.

Honolulu, Hawaii

The capital of Hawaii and a getaway to the U.S. island chain, Honolulu is also one of the leading cities in the country in terms of healthcare. With a population of about 250,000 people and an overall health index of 82 out of 100, Honolulu HI is a place you might want to consider if healthcare accessibility is your top priority. In spite of the high standards of living, the city of Honolulu HI has a high health care provider density.

Honolulu, HI is also considered to have one of the most accessible healthcare in the US. Hawaii is known for providing affordable care along with efficient treatment. One of the downsides to Honolulu’s healthcare system has to do with the transportation barrier. Given the high resident-to-vehicle ratio which is about 1.8, this makes it harder to access the area by car. 


Without a doubt, there are quite a few cities out there that provide top-quality healthcare for residents. Through this article, we managed to scratch the surface and showcase just a few cities that rank amongst the best when it comes to healthcare accessibility, affordability, and quality.

Do you agree with our list of top US cities for healthcare? Which other cities do you think are worth mentioning in this article? Let us know in the comments section!


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