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Last updated: May 12, 2021 • Safety at Home

What to do in a Terrorist Attack within your Neighborhood

God forbid it ever really happens, but have you ever stopped to think about what would you do if there was a terrorist attack within your neighborhood? The threat of a terrorist attack isn’t anything we like to think too closely about – but in a post-9/11 world, unfortunately, it’s become something the post-Millennials have grown up with as part of life. Unlike the Baby Boomer and the Generation X, who were told to duck and cover under the desk, there are more reasonable and effective safety tips on what to do in a terrorist attack within your neighborhood, and that’s what this article is all about. A guide for you to know how to act and protect yourself and your property in the case of a terrorist attack in your neighborhood.

Choose your neighborhood wisely

Choose your neighborhood wisely

A great safety tip to avoid finding yourself in the line of fire is buying a house in a neighborhood where a terrorist attack is less likely to happen. But, of course, you can’t expect your real estate agent to cover “terrorist’s local targets of interest” in their sales pitch. However, if you think about terrorists’ intentions with their acts toward the USA, you will realize that a good safety tip is to stay away from packed sections of major cities like Boston, New York City, Washington DC and Los Angeles, and, especially, near major landmarks that are iconic to our country’s capitalist way-of-living like the World Trade Center was. A quiet-farming based town in Nebraska or even a big town like Boise, Idaho seems much less of a target for terrorists; wouldn’t you agree? (Unless they have something against kool-aid and potatoes…)

Be aware of the good evacuation routes near the home your real estate agent shows you too. When weighing the pros and cons of living near a highway, this is one great pro: in the event of a chemical attack, you don’t want to be stuck in traffic; you need to be able to escape the fastest and safest you can.

Be prepared

Sadly, the times we live in requires us to come up with preparedness kits just like we do it with Earthquakes and Hurricanes. Having a Family Emergency Plan, an Emergency Pack, and an Emergency Contacts List are the three most important things you can do to stay prepared. Don’t worry so much about props like gas masks etc. What we mean with being prepared is collectively knowing what to do in the case of a terrorist attack that severs regular communication lines like the internet. Talk to your family and assign a place where you will all meet up in case someone gets separated. Have different plans according to the nature of the attack; safety tips against a lethal gas attack will be very different from the safety tips against multiple bombs going off around the town.

Listen to Authorities

In case of a terrorist attack in your neighborhood, a battery-powered radio will be your best friend. That’s because local authorities will broadcast updates and instructions that will let you know if you should stay inside your home, evacuate to the nearest shelter, or flee the area completely. The great thing about following the two first safety tips we’ve given is that, if something happens, all you need to do is listen to the authorities on the radio, and – differently from most people – you will know already exactly where to go, and how to get there the fastest because of the homework you did beforehand.

Get to know your neighbors

Get to know your neighbors

Are you a good neighbor? Not only because of this safety tip but for a number of reasons, you should start working on becoming one in case you’re not. Neighborhoods where people have a commitment to each other are always the safest! Imagine something happens, your kids return home from school and you can’t come back home. A good neighbor can shelter them in a more secure place or just serve as a companion, which is really important during a traumatic moment like this.

Get to know as many of your neighbors as you can – organizing a nice block party is a great way to do this – and ask your local police department to help you set up a neighborhood watch program. Keep an eye out for suspicious activity, and know how, when and what you should report. Always wait for professionals to show up if you collectively suspect there is a problem.

Get a nice video home security system

Even the most high-end reliable home security systems won’t avoid a terrorist attack, but there are some things that they can do that can be of great help. First, a video security system connected to your phone would give you the ability to know if it’s safe to go inside or outside the home whether you are present or not. Second, a system that allows you to remotely lock down the entire house can also be of great help. And, finally, those that directly contact the authorities, can help pinpoint and contain/diminish the reach of the terrorist attack.

Don’t live in fear

Relax a little. If you get too crazy about terrorist attacks, making everyone live in constant fear… guess what? You became the terrorist!

Truth is that, in most cases, terrorist attacks are perpetrated by small cell operations and have multiple breakdowns in their plans. In fact, wanna hear something that will calm your nerves a bit? Hundreds of terrorist attacks are thwarted every year and you never even hear about them! The odds of being hurt or killed in a terrorist attack are roughly the same as being crushed to death by a falling piece of furniture. So don’t miss our article about safety tips for you to fight falling furniture. We’re kidding; there’s no article about this; we don’t know how to fight that… maybe wear a helmet to protect your head?

But, really: don’t give them this win. Live your life to the fullest, shower the people you love with more love. Go outside, enjoy the freedom everyone in the world is entitled to and God Bless America!


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