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Last updated: September 13, 2021 • Real Estate Market

Winter Wedding? Here are the Top Ten Cities for Newlyweds to Buy a Home

Planning a winter wedding? You’re in luck. Wintertime can be one of the most gorgeous times to set and plan a wedding, and finding a home afterward can be easier. By the time winter rolls around, many existing families are already finished with the hustle-and-bustle of moving before the school year, and you can take your time finding a new home on the real estate market.

Many real estate agents agree that winter is the best time to begin house-hunting, and the studies say the same. Where the spring and summer are filled with frenzied buyers and sellers, many of these sales and the resulting paperwork have been processed by the time winter rolls around.

You can see what the cities and neighborhoods truly look like, and start planning your new life early. If your dream house has been on the market since August, winter can be the perfect time to swoop in and make an offer, find out more about the best time to buy a house.

Now you may be asking, what are the best cities for newlyweds to buy a home in? Whether you’re just settling into your new life or planning ahead, you should look for a few things.

  • Do you or your spouse commute to work? If so, looking for public transportation options before buying a home may be a necessity, or traffic could be a factor.
  • Job potential. Do you have a steady income in these places? Can you pursue your chosen career? Do either of you have to give up dreams or goals to live in this location?
  • Are children in your future? If so, how soon? If you already have kids, are planning for children in the near future, or plan on remaining in one area for a while, make sure to look at the best school districts and education options for your kids.
  • Forever home, or a temporary location? Is this going to be your starter house, or are you looking for a more permanent investment? Make sure to scout out the area thoroughly, and don’t cut corners if you plan on living there for a long time.
  • Fun locations. Fun is a necessity, even if you don’t have children. Where can you go for date nights? Are there fun activities for you and your spouse? If you have children or plan to have kids, what are the parks and neighbors like? Is there a solid population of children in the town?

Still debating on location? Here are the top five cities for newlyweds, whether you have children or not.

  1. Houston, Texas. This city has seen enormous growth when it comes to job potential, young population, and the kid-friendly areas. The cost of living is reasonable, and with their real estate market, there’s a lot to choose from!
  2. San Jose, California. Popular among newlyweds and young couples and smack in the middle of Silicon Valley, the city of San Jose is ideal for any young couple looking to buy a home with ties to the tech industry. Fun Fact: Did you know that San Jose and San Francisco real estate listings (MLS) are the highest in the country. More and more citizens are forced to rent a home vs buying a home.
  3. Boston, Massachusetts. This city is versatile and rather affordable, according to the latest census data. Also great for a young couple who likes to get out!
  4. Arlington, Virginia. Historical and affordable, this city is perfect for any couple that wants to stay close to D.C.
  5. Raleigh, North Carolina. Do either or both of you work in tech? This may be the ideal location for you. Raleigh has seen an enormous boost when it comes to jobs, which is drawing young people and their families to the area.

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