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Last updated: April 11, 2022 • Home Improvement

Five Indoor Bar Ideas That Will Impress Your Guests and Improve Your Home

Across the country and in virtually every home, free space is a commodity that many have all too much of. With dozens of new interior design trends beginning and ending each day, deciding how to fill this space can be an imposing challenge in and of itself. If you’re currently not sure what you can use to occupy the spare space in your home, we’ve got an idea! 

That’s right, you guessed it: today we’re taking a look at home bars! An indoor bar creates a cozy, fun atmosphere for any gathering, and it can take many different forms. Whether you enjoy the fleeting pleasures alcohol can bring or just want some non-alcoholic fun in your living room or kitchen, there’s a good chance you can achieve your goal by installing a home bar. 

Coffee Bar 

thailand coffee bar

Have some coffee enthusiasts in your house? Almost everyone can enjoy a good cup of coffee, and you can use this indoor bar whenever you’re craving caffeine. Gather around it in the mornings, host coffee-shop parties, and try a variety of gourmet brews and flavors in the process. Guests and family members alike will appreciate it immensely! 

For those working from home during the pandemic, a coffee bar is a perfect way to put some extra pep in your step for those long days spent slaving away in front of your computer. Whether you prefer bitter black cold brew or a creamy, sugary and deliciously decadent form of the drink, a coffee bar will enable you to enjoy your drink of preference in style. 

Wine Bar 

wine cellar two seating

This bar is a hit during dinner parties or friendly get-togethers. Decorate the area with wine racks and dark accents, and enjoy a french-style wine bar in your own home. Add a mini-fridge to store cheese and fruit, and enjoy the creative process associated with decorating! An ivy plant of fake grapevine can be a cute, creative addition to the natural feel of your indoor wine bar. (Ask your real estate agent about how much value a wine bar could add to your home!)

Wine bars are probably the classiest way to introduce an element of alcohol induced friskiness into your home without the stigma brought by harder or more inexpensive alcohols. Once the kids are in bed and the guests arrive, you can pour yourself a tall glass of wine, lay back on the couch and spend some quality me-time

Whiskey Bar

wiskey in rock wood background

If you’re the type of person that enjoys whiskey, this idea can sound better than a trip to the pub. This bar can be decked out with many different types of whiskey, and you can stock up on shot glasses, whiskey tumblers, and other drink mixers. Whether you’re enjoying a fine, aged drink or a casual whiskey & coke, this bar is a classic component of any midcentury home.

For the certified bachelor, a whiskey bar offers a certain sense of contemplation and introspection that simply cannot be matched by a public bar or lounge. What can we say? There’s nothing that can compare to the feeling of contentment that one can experience when they’re sitting in an oversized chair with a glass of good scotch in one hand and a Cuban cigar in the other. 

Beer Bar 

people toasting drinks

Superbowl party? Don’t settle for junk food and a couch; get a beer bar! There’s nothing like enjoying a cold one while watching the game, and a bar can be the perfect location for you and your friends to gather. Mount a television above the bar for easy viewing, and enjoy the private atmosphere of your very own personal bar.

If you hate the drunken shenanigans that you’re likely to have to deal with when you go out to your local sports bar to watch a match or if you are practicing social distance to keep Covid-19 out of your home, then this is the home bar for you. By yourself or with a few close friends, you can kick back and enjoy your sporting events in style. If anyone starts a drunken brawl at this bar, it will be you! (we’d recommend against this, all the same.) 

Cocktail Bar 

homemade cocktail ingredients

Whether your signature drink is a margarita or a strawberry daiquiri, a cocktail bar can be the perfect thing for parties. Stock up on drink mixes, get a rolodex of recipes, and don’t hesitate to buy that blender! There’s no need to spend money on fancy drinks at a bar if you can just as easily make them at home.

If you’ve been in a bar in the last couple of years you know how expensive cocktails have become. A home cocktail bar is a great way to cut back on cocktail costs, saving yourself a lot of money in the process. If you enjoy drinking these tasty beverages, a home cocktail bar is the way to go! 

5 fun, bar-friendly beverages

delicious coffee cream cocoa

Feeling inspired yet? Since winter is rolling around, here are four fun, warm drinks you can mix up at your in-home bar. These drinks can keep you warm in the colder months, whether that means putting some fire in your belly or just warming you up via its temperature. If you’re feeling a bit chilly, then these drinks can change that! 

  • Hot chocolate! Predictable, but who doesn’t like hot chocolate in the wintertime? Keep a few jars of hot cocoa mix, marshmallows, and peppermint sticks in your bar for easy access, and don’t hesitate to add a pinch of nutmeg or cinnamon for added flavor. 

This tasty beverage is perfect for the colder months, and has been an American folk favorite for decades on end. No matter how you slice it, this drink is an integral part of what makes winter cozy and charming for Americans across the country. It’s just delicious, what can we say? 

  • Irish coffee. Your coffee bar and your whiskey bar come together to offer a hearty, enjoyable winter drink. The perfect combination of strong flavors, A well-made Irish coffee is the perfect before-bed drink.

Even if you don’t typically drink alcohol, an Irish Coffee is a great way to relax and unwind while simultaneously warming your bones. On the coldest winter days, an Irish coffee will go a long way towards staving off the cold and giving you that warm, cozy feeling we all want so very much. 

  • Cider. The winter must-have for any in-home bar. A good, spiced apple cider can warm up any cold visitor, and this drink is perfect for Christmas or holiday parties. Serve it in mugs or fancy cups for an authentic winter feel.

With a long history as a winter beverage, cider is perfect for any occasion, and is even a great drink for kids. Since non-alcoholic cider is quite common, finding a bottle or two for the kids is an easy way to make them feel like they’re part of the fun. And, while they’re sipping on a benign bottle of Welch’s cider, you can enjoy a glass of it’s alcoholic cousin! 

  • Champagne. No New Year’s party is complete without popping a bottle of champagne. This bubble beverage is fun to drink, tastes good, and feels fancy without being outrageously expensive. Kick-off the new year with a pop and a fizz.

While this one won’t necessarily warm you up, there’s no doubt that a winter without it is a very different thing indeed. Whether you’re celebrating the last day of the year or the first day of something even more exciting, champagne will lift everyone’s spirits and make sure everyone is feeling fine as can be! 


A bar can be the perfect location for you, your friends, and your family to gather and spend time together. You can serve drinks, talk, and enjoy each other’s company without having to risk driving home or dealing with people who may not know their limit. If you’ve got the space, try putting an indoor bar into your list of home improvement projects!


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