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Last updated: September 11, 2021 • Holidays

Great Labor Day Backyard Party Planning Ideas

Summer holidays are always a good time to gather friends and family by the poolside and around the grill. Labor Day weekend Holiday is one of the last opportunities to throw your great big summer bash, so going all out should be on the agenda! If you’re looking for creative ways to make your party stand out on people’s planners, calendars, and memories, here are five great tips that can make your party just as memorable as the rest of the summer.

  1. Pick a theme. While many great parties are just summer-fun themed, giving your party a fresh look can be the key to making it the best of the year. Whether you’re ‘whiting out’ the competition with an all-white dress code, or encouraging your guests to wear red, white, and blue, there are a lot of ways you can make the most of your party theme. Buy streamers, decorative plates and silverware, or even candy and favors to make sure your party is just as colorful as your imagination.
  2. Send invitations. Getting in early can ensure that your guests won’t choose someone else’s party over yours. The more guests you attract, the more likely your party will be a smash hit. Spread word early, and try making decorative invitations instead of just sending a text message. While not everyone might be able to make it, making sure that they have a physical reminder of your party might keep your invitation from getting buried under a collection of emails or text messages, or just plainly forgotten.
  3. Plan activities. If there will be kids present, try making sure that they will be preoccupied so the adults can have fun of their own. Party games, pools, toys like soccer balls or nerf guns, and even craft tables can be great sources of entertainment for children. You may want to have a designated babysitter (paid, not someone from the party) to watch very young children, especially if there’s a pool. As for the adults, you can hire musicians to play at the event or just buy a nice bottle of wine for the occasion. Good conversation is said to be the best entertainment, after all!
  4. Build your menu. While summer cookouts are usually chock-full of meat, make sure to give your side dishes special attention too. If you have friends with special dietary needs, make sure that there are options for them too. Salads, baked goods, fruit dishes, pasta, and things like chips and salsa are always party pleasers. Grilled chicken, hamburgers, and kabobs are also good ideas, and having a carton of ice cream ready for dessert can be a great way to cool off. Don’t forget a watermelon for that seed spitting contest!
  5. Decorate. Atmosphere is important, so don’t skip on your surroundings. If the party takes place outside, make sure to place lights like candles, solar-powered lamps, or tiki torches to make sure that the area stays well-lit. Balloons, streamers, and fairy lights can help make your seating areas pop, while flowers and table-pieces can be a good way to impress guests. You can even try color-coordinating your food to make sure that everything matches the party theme.

Planning a party doesn’t have to be stressful, especially if you start in advance. Make sure to give yourself a week or two to prepare for the event, and don’t be afraid to ask friends and family for help. Even setting up and preparing for a party can be fun if you do it with others, so get the whole neighborhood involved.

Have plans for a Labor Day bash? Let us know what your ideal party will be like, and follow the Official Real Estate Agent Directory® for more lifestyle tips.


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