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Last updated: June 16, 2022 • Home Improvement

Hidden Rooms that Provide Ultimate Privacy

There is a high probability that you grew up wishing you had access to a room that was all your own and that nobody could reach. Well, that’s the definition of a hidden room. Now that we’re all grown up, the idea comes back to us even if the purpose of the room changes with age. While we may no longer dream of a passage in our wardrobe that takes us to the fantasy realms of Narnia, one that takes us to a hidden home theater might spark our interest.

Whichever the purpose for this hidden room might be, and wherever you plan on incorporating it in your next renovation project, some planning is required. This may not be the simplest of projects, and you might need professional assistance, but by the time your hidden room leaves the fantasy world and enters reality, you wouldn’t be bothered by the process required to make it happen. With some carefully considered camouflage and some architectural trickery, your hidden dream room where you can lock yourself away from the world and indulge in any passion that keeps your excitement levels high can come true. So, while you let your mind wander towards the activities you’ll enjoy within your hidden room, let us go over some basics of the planning process you’ll have to go through.

Article Summary:

When is a Door, not a Door?

Living room with vintage wallpaper

While the answer to that is “when it’s ajar”, our answer will vary depending on the type of hidden door that best fits your home’s style. Concealing this hidden room is imperative, so you will have to consider your home’s architectural style. This process will be a lot easier if you work with custom home builders for the project, but your only limit is your imagination.

Stone Walls

If you have stone walls or stone veneer in your home, this might be the best place to stow away a hidden room. The logic behind this is that stone is considered the most solid material, lowering any suspicions of potential hidden rooms throughout your house. However, the weight of a stone door might be enough to deter most people, but some systems can automatically open the door. You could open the door by knocking on it, or on one particular stone, or even have it open from the press of a button on your phone. Innovative technologies are really stepping up their game when it comes to home automatizations that can be implemented wherever you want.

Concealed Wall Panels

Invisible door hidden handle walnut

One of the reasons why panels are an excellent disguise for secret doors is that they naturally have seams around the edges. Because of this, your door’s frame won’t stand out at all, making this a great method to disguise your hidden room. Again, it depends on your home’s style and overall design, but panel doors are easy to install and, because of the aforementioned seams, they face right into their background.


Keeping anything behind a fireplace, real or fake, may not seem like the safest option. Still, with careful planning and organizing, you can transform your fireplace into a sliding entryway for your hidden room. The added benefit of this contraption is that most people wouldn’t imagine having a hidden room behind a fireplace, so it will be as inconspicuous as possible. The only requirement is that your fireplace is big enough to allow for a hidden door to be installed in it.


This is the simplest and most used option because it is so easy to implement. Hiding a room behind a bookcase is as basic as it comes to secret doorways, but that does not mean it isn’t an effective option. While the first thing people think when it comes to hidden rooms is a bookcase entrance, unless they know that there is a hidden room, they wouldn’t think of looking for one. Your bookcase may hold stacks of books that allow you to go into imaginary worlds, but it can also be a doorway to a little bit of fantasy in your own home.

Cabinets & Wardrobes

Pretty little girl hiding behind a large wooden door

Going back to Narnia, this would be an ideal option for your children’s room, especially if they are well versed in the fantasy world of C.S.Lewis. The best way to implement this is to make a door from the back of the wardrobe instead of moving the wardrobe as that might prove difficult, especially for small children. The wardrobe itself will be straight out of the Narnia Chronicles making it so much more suitable for children’s rooms but instead of monsters in the closet, they’ll be able to let their imagination run wild. Having their own hidden room will make it that much easier when adolescence takes charge, and they’ll need privacy from you and everyone else around.


The best option for implementing a hidden door in a mirror is to have a full-length mirror. Mirrors come up in children’s stories as well as gateways to supernatural characters that can tell you whether or not you are the fairest of them all, but in the real world, they can give access to a room that only you will have access to. Make it a faux-mirror and judge everyone checking their reflection on the other side. While it might not make you the fairest of them all, your use of the mirror will transcend its most narcissistic purposes.

What is Hidden behind a Hidden Door?

Movie night home theater lounge

Now that we established how to best camouflage your hidden door let’s see what you can do with your newly acquired hidden room. While its purpose can be a secret that only you know, a place where you can let go of inhibitions or keep your deepest and darkest secrets, we’ll try to give you some PG-13 options that your whole family can benefit from.

Personal Cinema

A personal home theater might be a fantasy for every adult I know, myself included, so, naturally, it’s at the top of the list. Having a room with a TV the size of a wall, comfy seating that can transform into lounging chairs or beds, and where nobody can disturb you is a dream. Throw in a refreshments and snacks area, and you’re good to go. This also works as a date night spot where you can truly let yourself immerse in the movie and atmosphere without having to worry about anyone eating too loud or creating a ruckus in the cinema.

Reading Nook

This might be the most affordable option on the table as all you need for a hidden room reading nook is comfortable seating, a bookcase or shelves, and ideal lighting. This snug escape is the ideal hidden room for any avid reader that just wants to completely disconnect from the real world and immerse themselves into the world provided by the words written on a page in a book by someone else. Living one life is a great opportunity, but living multiple lives and experiences is a gift that seems too powerful even for Gods.

Fantasy Escape

Little boy launches a ballon

And we’re back to Narnia. Your children’s hidden room should take them to a safe place all on their own where all their fantasies come alive. Their imagination will provide everything the real world is limited from, so make sure you pay attention to their dreams and play-pretend fantasies. Whether they might want to go to Narnia, Hogwarts, or the Fairyland, give them the outlet to do just that. Give them the space to let their imagination run wild, and the result will be a creative and resourceful young adult in a few years.

Safe Room

This is a best seller in many places around the country because everyone wants to ensure that their family is safe in case of a home invasion. If you’ve seen the movie Panic Room with Jodie Foster, you’ll know exactly what we mean. Just make sure to install a heavy door, the latest technology security system, and a landline that can be accessed from inside the safe room, and you’re good to go. Only having a safe room to lock yourself in in case of an emergency isn’t enough because your belongings are still exposed. Get in, lock the door, call the police and monitor the intruders.

Recreation Cave

Interior living room snooker table

Whether it’s a man cave or she-shed, we all need a place where we can let go, relax, and unwind through whatever experience has a therapeutic effect on our mental health. While man caves can include games, sports, workshops, and many other things, she-sheds can consist of reading nooks, relaxing activities for women, an art studio, or a small spa room, but they shouldn’t be limited based on gender roles. Women can have game caves while men can have spa rooms. Just think of anything that makes you comfortable and relaxed and do that.

Age Restricted Room

Now, without getting into too many details, every couple that has children might find themselves in need of some privacy that even the bedroom can not supply. Especially if you have smaller children, you might be aware that your bedroom is not off limits and certain activities can often be interrupted. While this is a normal occurrence in family life, if you find yourselves in need of a private area where interruptions are not an issue, create a hidden room that can be easily accessed from your bedroom for exactly that purpose. There you can let your imagination run freely, let go of your inhibitions and bring all your fantasies to life. Romance does not have to end when you have children. It’s not healthy for the family, for the couple, or for the children in the family. So have fun in a room where you can not be unintentionally interrupted.

Private Spa

Beautiful bath in the attic night

As we couldn’t end on that horrifying note, let’s imagine you have three children and a spouse to split one, two, or three bathrooms with. That is a horrific sight on its own, but it doesn’t have to be. While they are busy hogging the few available bathrooms, you can take your time in your private spa. Live like a king or queen and enjoy your private throne whenever you need to for as long as you need to. Install a free-standing bathtub and take long luxurious baths for your well-deserved comfort to relieve the stress of daily life. This secret spa will be the best home improvement for your home in return when you decide to sell and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


Fixing up your home in such a way that it also encompasses a hidden room for both PG-13 and X-rated activities is something that most consider unattainable. While the size of space available does matter, it isn’t always something that can stop someone from making their hidden room a reality. There are many options to implement such a room in your home, and even a staircase can give way to a reading nook if you’re inventive enough – look at Harry Potter’s sleeping arrangements. The point being, you shouldn’t feel limited by any physical boundaries to create your fantasy hidden room. Let your imagination run wild and have something that will definitely set your home apart from those around the block.

Let us know in the comments below whether this is something you are planning on implementing in your home. We are particularly interested in finding out how you think it will work best with your home’s design and architecture. Like & Share this article with other dreamers out there as dreams can become a reality with some imagination and creative work.


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