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Last updated: June 30, 2021 • Home Improvement

Home office must haves

Home offices are gaining a lot of traction in 2021, and it’s no surprise that more people are looking for ways to optimize their workspace environment. As we are moving into the post-pandemic era, it would make sense that businesses would reopen their doors to accommodate workers within their work environment. However, the work-from-home trend won’t disappear with the pandemic, as more employees find it a lot more convenient to work from the comfort of their homes, and companies find it more profitable to do so.

Therefore, as people don’t have to worry anymore about keeping Covid-19 out of their homes, they could start focusing on creating a proper work environment to sustain their efforts. Setting up the perfect office space at home begins with deciding where you want the office to be located in the house. After that, you need to properly gear up your office space in order to create an environment where you can sustain long hours of work, be efficient, productive, and stay focused.

Getting things right in the first place might be tricky if you never designed and equipped a home office before. We are here to make things easier for you by breaking down some of the home office essentials that need to be present in every office space. Here are some of the home office must-haves that will help you create the perfect work environment within the comfort of your home.


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Probably one of the most apparent home office essentials is your computer. Few if any business owners who have the ability to work from home can work without a computer. Whether you are used to working on a laptop or a desktop computer, they are the money-makers, and you should consider having a reliable one. For a work environment that allows for more mobility, such as jobs that require you to visit clients or go to customer locations, your best option is a laptop. If you are not particularly interested in having a mobile office, consider purchasing a good Desktop computer.

As far as performance goes, it really depends on the work you are doing. Maybe you are relying more on internet performance and not so much on computer performance. Perhaps you are running some of the newest applications and programs that require many resources, and performance is paramount in this instance. Consider these aspects before shopping for a home office computer to get the most out of your investment.

High-speed internet access

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Working from home without an internet connection is very unlikely, if not impossible, for most people. Aside from having a computer, the next most important thing for your home office is internet access, and preferably a good one. A broadband connection is essential if you want to work efficiently from home and complete your work tasks.

Having a high-speed internet connection is crucial if you are setting up a work-from-home environment. You will soon realize that your work tasks require greater levels of speed compared to your everyday browsing and online shopping. Things such as video conferences with colleagues and clients and heavy-duty tasks such as designing, coding, or exchanging large files will require a fast internet connection. Reach out to your internet provider and make sure you get a plan that offers you the required internet speed to accomplish your work tasks.

Surge Power Strip

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A work from home setup can snowball, and as it becomes more comfortable, you will continue to tinker with the layout by adding new tools. Naturally, more tech means more power; therefore, suitable power strips are a must-have addition to your home office. With the addition of new gadgets and tools, the last thing you want is for them to get damaged during a power surge. For added peace of mind, make sure you purchase power strips with surge protection that will help keep power at a safe level when you have several devices plugged in.

Nowadays, producers make power strips with USB, so you don’t have to worry about multiple devices running out of juice. Power strips can be secured to the walls, baseboards, or furniture to keep it out of sight while still doing its job. Play it safe and invest in a quality power strip that will power all your equipment and keep it secure if the unexpected happens.

Have a good chair

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Office work requires minimal if any physical effort, but since you are spending so much time on your chair, this might cause some back pain in the long run. That is why one of the most crucial office components is a good and comfortable chair; therefore, take your time to select and invest in a good one. Ergonomics and comfort count, so you should make sure that you either test your chair before the purchase or get some feedback from other people who use it. 

The internet can be of great help when making such a purchase because you can search for reviews or search for things like “top 10 chairs for your home office” if you want to get a good idea about what a good chair should have and what to look for. Also, good chairs can be pricey and if you can afford to invest in one, consider buying a memory foam seat cushion. This simple addition can provide you with tons of extra comfort while sitting at your desk all day.

Stand Up Adjustable Desk

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There are quite a few things you should consider when choosing an office space; however, when you are setting up a home office space, you might not have that freedom. Sometimes you have to work with what you have. The space you have at home might limit you in creating a separate room specially designed for your office, so people get away with setting up a desk where there is some free space and less activity throughout the day.

That is why having a good chair and desk are two of the essential items you need to create a decent workspace environment. At the very center of an efficient work-from-home setup is a good desk. But why would you need a stand-up desk? There are many risks associated with sitting idle for extended periods of time, and to avoid them; you can purchase a stand-adjustable desk. With this type of desk, you can alternate between standing and sitting to develop healthy habits and avoid the risks associated with standing idle for too long.


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If you spend a reasonable amount of time staring at your screen, you might want to consider buying a monitor. Many are probably wondering why they should buy a monitor if they already have a screen on their laptop? If you have a PC, chances are you already have a monitor to accompany it. Having a second monitor or a larger one to accompany your laptop can be a very efficient way of working, especially if your work requires you to have multiple programs and software running at once or navigate through multiple documents or browser tabs.

Monitors can drastically improve your productivity and save time. With a dual monitor setup, you avoid the frustration of switching between multiple programs and screens, which can often become tiresome and lead to mistakes. With a dual-screen layout, you can organize your tabs and programs better, and with it, you can save time while avoiding frustration by simply having two screens open. Today’s tech market offers a wide variety of screens with different shapes and sizes, so make sure you check your computer or laptop’s compatibility before purchasing.

Plants, decorative elements, and lighting

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When it comes to decorative elements, these are optional, and including them in our list of must-haves might confuse some people. Even though these elements are not as essential as the ones we mentioned above, they can play a crucial role for both your physical and mental health. It is already a known fact that color has a significant impact on your mental state and mood, which can be pretty helpful when you have to get some work done.

Plants in the home office can do far more than just making the place look pretty. They can improve the air quality, reduce stress and create a more pleasant office environment. A couple of plants in the office can go a long way. Decorative elements can be just as helpful in making the office space look more elegant and keep you focused on the tasks ahead. Lighting your desk can be both a practical feature that helps you take notes if you’re working late nights, or it can help set the right mood for work if you use it with a colored LED for indirect lighting.


Nowadays, work from home is so common, and more importantly, it is a skill. It can be frustrating and difficult at first, but in time with forward-thinking and practice, you can create a highly productive work environment that is enjoyable as well. Creating such an environment within the comfort of your own home is a dream come true for many people, but it requires some investment at first.

Having the correct tools and equipment for the job is essential in setting boundaries and drawing lines between focus and comfort. Building a work-from-home office is something that can be done and improved upon over time. Once you tweak everything and add new features, you will be pleased to find out that you have created the perfect work environment for yourself within the comfort of your own home.

Nowadays, a home might come with a room that is already destined to hold a home office, and if you want to find a house with such features, you need to find real estate agents near you who can help you scout the housing market for this particular feature.

Do you agree with our list of home office must-haves? What are the most indispensable tools in your home office? Let us know in the comment section below. If you enjoy our content, help us by sharing it on all your social media accounts.


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  1. Irish Flores says:

    Now that we are all working from home these ideas are really valuable. Thanks.

  2. Maria Josephine Ventigan says:

    Hi Ovidiu! Thanks for sharing this. I think we also need a printer + scanner machine if we need something to print and sign or send to clients. Good lighting too so our eyes will not be strain fo working long hours. 🙂

  3. BocaExecuSpace says:

    Great topic! Good desktop computers and high-speed internet access are the most important. We may set up our home office little by little, but computer and internet connection will be the priority.

  4. RentBocaOffices says:

    Work from home are now on trend today so this is a great topic. Nice post!

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