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Cities with the Best Farmers Markets in the US

Moving to a new city will involve a lot of changes. You’re probably moving because of work, proximity to family members, or simply because you want a change in scenery. Whichever your reason might be, you’ll have to get accustomed to the new city.

Among the things that are indispensable to American residents are the amenities present in their hometown. Finding the best employment opportunities in the area, the best schools, activities, and so on are always considered when a family moves to a new state, county, city, or small town. Many things will change, but we are here to shed light on some things that don’t necessarily have to add to the stress of the move.


Unless you are growing your own vegetables at home, knowing that the food on your table comes from one of the best farmers markets in the country will surely smooth the transition for the whole family. At least you won’t have to worry about the quality of the products you enjoy during every meal, and their quality might even improve if you have easy access to some of the best farmers markets in the US. 

What is a Farmers Market?

Lady carrying some fruits

Across America, residents can find farmers markets in most heavily populated areas. Through farmers markets, the end consumer and the producers have a direct relationship for their mutual benefits. The middle man is taken out of the equation, and transactions are simplified for the financial benefit of both buyer and producer with no additional costs from the various entities that market raw produce.

In each farmers market, consumers can have easy access to locally grown and produced goods that are only limited by the agricultural and farming abilities of the region. Rules are implemented and adhered to in order to ensure that the main sellers in farmers markets are farms that sell directly to the consumers. According to, there are approximately 8,600 farmers markets in the United States registered in the USDA Farmers Market Directory.

Let’s see where you can find the best farmers market in the US and what they can offer to improve your daily meals.

Chicago, Illinois

Finding yourself in Chicago, Illinois, in search of a farmers market that will ensure your home-cooked meals are scrumptious is easy. Realtors in Chicago IL can help you find a home and point you in the right direction. Just go to the Green City Market, and you’ll find everything you could possibly need. While providing a space for local producers and end consumers to mingle, the Green City Market has a wide selection of dairy products, fresh vegetables and fruits, baked goods, animal products, and gourmet popcorn. Its popularity makes it an ideal destination even for over-state vendors, and they even organized an indoor space for the cold months where the market can prolong its activity.

Portland, Oregon

Silver spoons in jam jars or something idk

The farm-to-table movement in Portland, Oregon, is highlighted by Portland’s Farmers Market by bridging the gap between consumers and producers. Going beyond the simplest definition of a farmers market, Portland’s Farmers Market doesn’t only impact the local restaurant scene but also home entertainment. With small-batch food manufacturers, the city’s Farmers Market quickly became one of the best in the country. For the best-selling items at farmers markets, stop by the state university, which hosts this fantastic combination of regional delights like boar and bison and eclectic specialties like Italian chestnuts.

New York City, New York

While you can not expect New York City to have only one farmers market, Union Square houses the city’s most surprising farmers market. Take your pick from critically acclaimed wine selections from different regions and orchards while your significant other takes some time to indulge in some exquisite dairy products to underline the drink’s flavor. If you’re only visiting, you’ll start browsing real estate agents in New York NY, soon because the selection available here is too good only to enjoy once. Since 1976, this farmers market has expanded to now host over 140 vendors. Just don’t get lost between artisan soaps and fresh fish. If you do, you’ll have artisan soap on hand to get rid of the fishy smell.

Seattle, Washington

A farmers market in Seattle

You can not make up a list of the best farmers markets across the US without mentioning Pike Place Market from Seattle, Washington. Ever since 1907, Pike Place Market has been in the background of every home cooked meal in the city. If a homemade food from your back garden is the best, so is one with ingredients from this farmers market. As one of the country’s most authentic farmers markets, you can find the products that you need every day here for the large majority of the year, except for Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you’re looking for handmade trinkets, juicy fruits, fresh vegetables, any type of animal products, lovely flowers or unique crafts, Pike Place Market is the place to find it in Seattle. You can even stop for a delicious meal at the restaurants available or try out some products from the market’s food vendors.

Charleston, South Carolina

A must-shop destination for locals in Charleston, South Carolina, is the market at Marion Square. Founded in 1989, the market is famous for its non-food products that mesmerize the shoppers like Scarlet poppy’s jewelry and Charleston Soap Chef’s magnolia products. Furniture receives a new life from Carpers Cauthen’s Landrum Tables and pushes the sustainable agenda around the city. Even realtors in Charleston SC find accent pieces to enhance their interior design there. For a quick snack, you can stop by Charleston Crepe Company and really treat your sweet tooth. But why stop there? There is so much to try out that the only thing you’ll worry about is time management.

San Francisco, California

People walking around in SF

Right by San Francisco’s waterfront, you will find the relatively new Ferry Plaza Farmers Market. Don’t be fooled by its age because in this indoor and outdoor marketplace, you will find the most esteemed and respected farmers and food crafters gathering on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday all year long. To make the experience even more interesting, on Saturdays, the days with the biggest turnout, there are free cooking demos provided by local chefs where you can discover some tips for delicious meals and steal some inspiration, especially vegan inspiration as one of the friendliest vegan cities in the US. When the sun shares its light the most during the year, in Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, you can get lost among the 100 plus vendors, but you will have plenty of sustenance to choose from at each table nearby.

Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. farmers market

The capital’s residents can enjoy the Dupont Circle Freshfarm Market on every single Sunday of the year. For those looking to relocate to one of the city’s most vibrant neighborhoods, real estate agents in Washington D.C. will get you set up in no time. The summer months naturally increase the level of traffic inside the market, with over 50 local and regional farmers setting up tables to showcase their farming abilities and, of course, their fresh products. Finding time during the weekend and supporting local farmers as anything you could need for a delicious meal can be found at Dupont Circle Freshfarm Market. From fruits to fish, fruit pies to fresh pasta, potted plants, herbal products and natural soaps can all be found in this amazingly located farmers market.

Atlanta, Georgia

Open between April and December, the Community Farmers Market in Atlanta, Georgia,  encompasses not one, not two, but three farmers markets. This non-profit organization ensures that Atlanta’s citizens have easy access to fresh products and nutritious food for their special family meals. Complete with truly organic, non-GMO products that are naturally grown not further than 10 miles from the city’s limits, these farmers markets are spread throughout the city so that anyone can purchase their products. At Decatur Farmers Market, Grant Park Farmers Market and East Atlanta Village Farmers Market you can find anything from bath and pet products to free-range products to satisfy your every meal.

Nashville, Tennessee

Will there come a time when the Music city will be best known as the Food city? Probably not, but Nashville’s farmers market can still try its best. Open on Wednesdays and Saturdays from January 1st to December 31st, the Nashville Farmers Market welcomes you outside during the warmer months and inside during the cold season. Nothing stops the farmers from coming with their best products at the farmers market so make sure you don’t miss them. Finding and exploring the authentic taste of Nashville is an adventure, but it’s the best one you’ll have. While you’re there tasting sustainably attained and organically grown products, contact realtors in Nashville TN to go over your dream home because you’ll be moving there in no time after one trip to the city’s farmers market.

Aspen, Colorado

With only 15 years of age, the farmers market from Aspen, Colorado, brings the best of Colorado’s made, grown and produced goods and foods to Aspen’s residents. While young in age there is no doubt that Aspen’s Saturday Market is not one to be overlooked or to go by unnoticed in any farmers market list. With a highly selective application process, the Aspen Farmers Market ensures that only the best and most delicious products are promoted. Besides this main goal of any farmers market, kids get a chance to learn more about sustainable living, sustainable food, and how meat is produced in an open, direct and knowledgeable format at the education booth. Once you filled your bags, grab some prepared foods and enjoy it in the park nearby with a breathtaking view of the Ajax Mountain.


Farmers markets across the US provide some of the best, healthiest and tastiest products for homeowners across the country. Whether you are an avid chef or are just starting to discover the art of food making, buying fresh produce from the closest farmers market will ignite your taste buds and make your food the topic of conversation at any party, event or dinner. Your friends will be begging you for your recipes in no time. Your food will be the conversational piece of your home so why not get the best products available from local farmers? Peak freshness and nutrient content is exactly what you’ll get from your local farmers market so if you move to one the above mentioned cities, test out the products made available there and see for yourself. We’re certain you won’t be disappointed. Just to be sure, buy broccoli from a store and one from a farmers market, boil them for 3 minutes and test their taste. Decide for yourself and you’ll see that difference.

For more information about the cities mentioned above or details about the best farmers markets in the US, write a comment and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We here at try to make sure food tastes as good as it can, so why not point you in the right direction so you can also enjoy the best. Like & Share this article if you have friends and family that might be interested in the information presented here. We all love food, so finding interested parties should be a struggle.


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