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Last updated: May 27, 2022 • Home Improvement

Improving the Aesthetic Appeal of Your Property by Arboriculture

Wouldn’t you agree that exterior design is fundamental for visitors perceiving your home at first sight? If you’re an individual who pays attention to remarkable appearances, you shouldn’t settle with plain and tedious designs! Turn your garden and backyard into gorgeous surroundings while you also increase your property’s monetary value by using Arboriculture! For those hearing this word for the first time, Arboriculture covers the planting, management, and study of trees, shrubs, and perennial plants. 


Trees as a vital part of exterior design

Are you in search of new challenges and inventive ideas to refurbish your front and back yard? Arguably, trees are amongst the must-have yard essentials. Traditionally, homeowners’ prevailing attitude towards exterior design would be limited to planting flowers. They are liable to forget how trees can also brighten up one’s home and life

Would you like to take a walk in a miniature forest in your own yard? New concepts in exterior design to raise the appeal of your property aren’t hard to come by. Nevertheless, let’s focus now on relatively uncommon and extraordinary gardening in this article. 

The fundamental difference between horticulture and arboriculture

checking health tree

Let us highlight the major differences between horticulture and arboriculture since people tend to mix up these sciences. 

Horticulture revolves around plants and flowers

On the one hand, a horticulturist studies plants, flowers and manages plant cultivation for the sake of providing food, natural beauty (see ornaments), and recreation. Moreover, an expert in horticulture and landscaping tends greenery, gardens, parks, and even golf courses.

Arboriculture studies and cultivates trees

On the other hand, an arborist (tree surgeon) assumes tree-related tasks. Arboriculturists tend to their growth and care, select what type of trees to plant, and apply effective fertilizers. They spray to protect trees and garden lawns against pests, and manage the technical aspects, such as cabling and bracing. Furthermore, they diagnose tree disorders, remove them if necessary, and prune them. 

Arboriculture is a complex science involving even special equipment, such as chainsaws and chippers. Most of all, a landscaper isn’t recommended to assume an arborist’s responsibilities for safety reasons. Consequently, we don’t advise you to perform arboriculture on your own!  A tree care expert will comply with pruning standards, have liability insurance, and carry safety measures.

The benefits of arboriculture improvements

beautiful white color single family house

Cultivating trees and shrubs around a household has always been a principal professional activity and a pastime hobby. “Early Egyptians used a ball of dirt to transplant trees and invented the process of sculpting the soil around a freshly planted tree to make a saucer to retain water, both of which are still performed today.” (source Wikipedia)

Arboriculture can provide one with immense satisfaction when seeing something organic, a living thing grow. It sure requires a lot of time, hard work, and a sure knowledge invested. The advantages, however, outshine minor bumps along the way. It can bring family and friends together, not only tending to the trees but spending time in their company. 

Not to mention that arboriculture will provide a friendly habitat for the fauna in your yard! Speaking of friendly fauna, your dogs and cats will just adore your initiative to diversify their main playground with backyard decorating ideas. The reason behind this is that they will have plenty of leaves and small animals to sniff and bark or meow at!

From a financial aspect, a few seeds can result in a considerable increase in your property value. Furthermore, they are excellent complementary pieces to architectural design styles

Arboriculture in your home

spring rural landscape

Planting trees in your backyard seems like an absurd idea? Specialists would say otherwise. There is no such thing as too little space available or lousy quality soil. There are countless positive instances for creating a stunning natural environment virtually out of nothing. One that comes to mind is how Scottsdale landscape designers and arboriculturists set an outstanding example to follow. By planting shady trees, they improved the curb appeal close to the Sonoran desert.

You simply have to set out based on a conviction to create an oasis in your backyard! Planting and tending to trees can provide you with fresh air for your lungs and a much-needed healthy retreat. 

If you have fully-grown trees on your property, you should engage a Certified Arborist or a tree service firm. As we indicated before, allow a tree specialist to examine the state of the trees to determine the best course of action.

Arboriculturists must remove badly damaged trees beyond rescuing since they can pose a threat, especially if they are too close to your home. Once the trees are in pleasing shape, they may require some trimming and pruning and other tree care services to maintain their health.

Best trees to plant into your garden/backyard

Check out some of the most decorative and trendiest trees we also highly recommend to you! An astonishing view is granted!


Serviceberry, sometimes known as shadbush, is a tiny natural tree that looks wonderful in any season. One of its vital features is that it shows resilience in most climates. Serviceberry will be one of the first trees in your yard to bloom in the early spring, followed by berries in the summer. Once properly tended, you’ll be able to see vibrant red and orange foliage in the fall.


dogwood blossoms springtime

In spring, dogwood trees bloom in white, red, and pink blossoms, keeping a vivid and rich “umbrella” of leaves throughout the summer. During autumn, the dogwood retains red foliage. Winter bereaves the tree from its leaves; still, a glamorous branching remains. Therefore, it’s no miracle that this all-year-round beauty turned into one of the trendiest home trees in the US.

Thuja ‘Green Giant or Green Giant Arborvitae

Do you value privacy and intimacy in your yard without your neighbors’ peeks? Then, the Green Giant might just be the perfect solution for this issue! It’s a quick-growing evergreen (3-4 feet per year), solid, and majestic while tolerating almost any type of soil. With a lifespan of 50-60 years, its low-branching, thick columnar-pyramidal-shaped physique grows to a fully-developed height of 40-60 feet. Throughout the winter, dark green sprays of tiny and shiny needles maintain the Arborvitae’s green complexion.

Sugar Maple

sugar maple

America’s (and Canada’s) sweetheart tree, the sugar maple, can grow 60 to 75 feet. Since fall is its favorite season, the tree puts on a real show with a lush canopy at that time. In addition, it serves the purpose of keeping shade, ornamenting, and providing sap for making the famous syrup.

Silver Maple

The silver maple tree will convert your garden into a shaded refuge in as little as five years. The silver undersides of the maple’s leaves give the tree its name and provide it a shimmering silver look in the wind. Because of its extensive root system and massive trunk, you should plant it away from the drainage system and pavements.

Weeping Cherry

Cherry means love at first sight! The weeping cherry is genuinely the most charming and graceful tree in the world. The explanation for that lies in its cascading branches adorned with white or pink flowers. In addition, it’s tiny enough to fit practically anyplace, growing to a maximum height of 20 to 30 feet. This elegant tree will inescapably draw everyone’s attention and turn the absolute focal point of your garden or yard. 

The trendiest shrubs in America

When it comes to either front or back yard landscaping, evergreen shrubs will dazzle your family and visitors with their richness in color, shape, and heights. Let’s have a look at our top three picks!


detail yellow flowering suburbs mahonia

Mahonia is an excellent choice if you want a sturdy and edgy evergreen shrub with breathtaking aesthetics. This shrub may provide a great addition to your front yard with its lovely blooms and hues. Mahonia, on the other hand, cannot be planted simply anyplace. The leaves of this plant are spiky and sharp. For this reason, you shouldn’t plant it near walkways or driveways.

Cherry Laurel

Cherry Laurel is highly popular and thrives in hot, humid climates. You’ll recognize it by its distinctive red fruits. Furthermore, this shrub prefers to stand erect and courageously withstands most pests. The main issue is that colder temperatures can pose a severe threat to them. This bush’s lovely white blooms give rise to gorgeous crimson berries. Subsequently, Cherry Laurel’s bright foliage adds a lot of value to your other plants too.


park bushes stones landscape

Trust us; Boxwood will look great in your front yard! They’re indeed easy to cultivate and display a lovely, consistent growth pattern. This shrub maintains its hues and intensity throughout the year. Use individual plants as “splashes” of green in your garden or as a lengthy shrubbery. You can choose from Winter Gem Boxwood and Green Mountain Boxwood, two more intriguing and famous kinds.

Let there be a fresh and blooming new start!

We hope that you took a liking to landscape gardening and arboriculture just like we fell for them! Watching plants and trees grow is marvelous! Let’s suppose you have a crush for creating a lush setting either for your pleasure or for financial reasons. Why not go one step further in boosting the general impression of your house? 

Paint your house’s facade! It’s a common misconception that landscaping should be limited to springtime. If your purpose is bringing your home’s general appeal to perfection, you must not neglect unique winter gardening ideas either! Our top realtors will confirm that the exterior house color can improve the sale of your home. 

What kind of trees and shrubs do you have at home? How do you take care of them? We will read your opinion with great enthusiasm in the comment section below! 

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