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Is Tacoma a Good Place to Live?

Tacoma, Washington, fires on all cylinders. Find “The City of Destiny” on the picturesque shores of Puget Sound beneath the majestic gaze of Mount Rainier! Based on its natural beauty alone, Tacoma presents a compelling case for those pondering the question, “Is Tacoma a good place to live?” Spoiler alert! It is, and living here will surpass your wildest expectations! 

Let’s delve deeper into the aspects that define Tacoma today! We’ll cover its economic vitality, sense of community, and natural beauty, among other things. So, should you consider moving to Tacoma? The answer invites a nuanced exploration of what it means to call this dynamic city home.

Countless reasons highlight why you should move to Tacoma, Washington!

Is Tacoma one of Washington state’s best places to live? Let’s find out! Right off the bat, this vibrant city is known for its rich cultural tapestry and mesmerizing natural landscapes. Secondly, it offers a unique blend of urban sophistication and outdoor appeal. With a growing economy, diverse communities, and many recreational activities, Tacoma attracts a wide range of residents. Young professionals, families, and retirees, you name it, are all drawn to the city’s unique charms and opportunities for a fulfilling lifestyle.

However, like any city, Tacoma has its complexities. The cost of living, crime rate, and educational opportunities vary across neighborhoods. Thus, urban living receives a multifaceted picture. Despite these considerations, many find Tacoma’s allure irresistible. The “Grit City’s” commitment to arts and culture is also renowned (visit the Museum of Glass, and you’ll experience one of the best American museums!) 

In addition, the vibrant local music scene also thrives with countless concerts throughout the year. Do you need more reasons to move to Tacoma, WA? How about its dedication to maintaining and enhancing its green spaces and parks? All these aspects underscore a quality of life that is hard to match. 

Explore Tacoma’s Geographical Location and Natural Beauty

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Without a doubt, Tacoma’s geographical location is one of its most appealing features. The breathtaking setting offers residents stunning views of Puget Sound and the surrounding mountainous terrain. Washington’s natural splendor can’t get any better than this! No wonder the city’s natural beauty is a powerful pull for outdoor enthusiasts. Anyone who appreciates scenic vistas will also find something to sink their teeth into. 

With numerous parks, trails, and waterfront areas, Tacoma offers countless outdoor activities. Point Defiance Park comes to mind first, one of the most recognizable Washington state landmarks. The excellent recreation grounds, expansive green spaces, and water access best illustrate the city’s commitment to preserving natural beauty.

However, the impact of Tacoma’s natural environment goes beyond mere recreation. Above all, it enhances Tacoma’s overall quality of life. The proximity to nature supports a balanced lifestyle between urban conveniences and the tranquility of the great outdoors near Washington. This distinctive mix of features makes life in Tacoma particularly appealing to those who value city life and nature.

How is the Climate and Weather in Tacoma, WA?

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Mild, wet winters and dry, warm summers, typical of the Pacific Northwest, best describe Tacoma’s climate. This weather supports diverse flora and fauna, adding an extra layer to the city’s natural magnetism. Despite the region’s reputation for rain, Tacoma receives an average of 144 sunny days yearly. Thus, Tacoma’s weather creates ample opportunity for outdoor activities and events. The moderate climate also ensures that extreme weather conditions are rare. As a result, Tacoma has turned into a comfortable place to live year-round.

Speaking of another factor that immensely enhances the quality of life in Tacoma. Residents of Tacoma enjoy planning outdoor activities without worrying about extreme temperatures. Are you into hiking, kayaking, or simply enjoying a picnic in one of the city’s many parks? Then, temperatures rarely get in the way of relishing what the city offers. In other words, Tacoma is ideal to fend off climate change’s effect on our health.

Is the Cost of Living in Tacoma, WA, high?

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The cost of living in Tacoma, WA, is a topic of considerable interest for anyone considering moving to or currently living there. According to BestPlaces, Tacoma’s cost of living index is 135, approximately 35% higher than the national average as of 2024. Simultaneously, it’s slightly lower than the average for Washington state. On average, Tacoma residents face higher expenses for housing, food, childcare, transportation, healthcare, taxes, and other necessities compared to other American cities. Let’s face it: Tacoma doesn’t qualify as one of the cheapest American cities.

What Budget and Income Should You Have in Tacoma?

The median home sale price was $460,000 in January 2024, significantly higher than the national median. Still, it was lower than the Washington average. For renters, a two-bedroom unit costs about $1,800 per month. Everybody wants effective money management and to live comfortably in Tacoma, WA. It’s recommended that a family should have a minimum annual income of about $90,000, and a single person should earn at least $51,000.

Groceries and Transportation Expenses in Tacoma

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Dining out, groceries, and transportation expenses provide a deeper insight into the daily cost of living. For instance, a meal for two people at a mid-range restaurant can cost around $72.50. Then, essential grocery items like a gallon of milk and a loaf of white bread can cost approximately $4.27 and $3.51, respectively. 

Regarding transportation, gasoline costs about $4.59 per gallon, and a monthly public transport pass is around $62.00. These figures from Numbeo and Expatistan offer a glimpse into the variable expenses that residents might encounter, which are essential to consider when budgeting for life in Tacoma.

Crime Rate and Safety

As you’ll see, the crime rate in Tacoma, WA, presents a complex picture. Unfortunately, it reveals a city grappling with significant safety challenges. With a crime rate of 100.24 per 1,000 residents in 2023, Tacoma’s crime statistics underscore its struggle with both property and violent crimes. The northeast part of the city is generally considered safer. Here, fewer incidents were reported compared to the more central neighborhoods where crime rates surge. Indeed, a stark contrast persists in the town itself. The chance of becoming a victim in Tacoma varies widely depending on where you reside. For instance, it’s 1 in 10 in central areas and 1 – 42 in the northeast.

Violent crimes in Tacoma, including assault, robbery, rape, and murder, have a notably high rate, contributing significantly to the city’s overall crime statistics. The rate of violent crime is one of the highest in the nation for cities of all sizes. Therefore, more targeted interventions and community policing efforts are required. 

On the other hand, property crimes, including theft, vehicle theft, and burglary, also exceed national averages. Tacoma is far from becoming an American city with low property crimes. These pose additional challenges for residents and law enforcement alike. Despite these daunting figures, it’s crucial to consider the broader context! 

We must examine broader economic factors like employment rates and housing affordability, which can influence crime rates. Tacoma’s unemployment rate, for instance, is lower than the national average, a factor that could impact crime levels in the area. If Tacoms’s high property crime rate concerns you, we advise taking preventive measures, such as installing cutting-edge home security systems!

Lifestyle and Culture

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Tacoma’s natural surroundings, unique in Washington, history, and diverse population influence its lifestyle and culture. We assure you you won’t find a more vibrant arts scene in the neighborhood! We already mentioned the Museum of Glass. The outstanding venue celebrates Tacoma’s rich history in glass art, pioneered by artists like Dale Chihuly. Tacoma’s cultural offerings also include a variety of other museums, galleries, theaters, and music venues. Consequently, residents can benefit from a vivid tapestry of cultural experiences.

The dining scene in Tacoma is equally diverse. Restaurants in The City of Destiny offer everything from local Pacific Northwest mouth-watering cuisine to international dishes. Furthermore, the city’s breweries and coffee shops reflect Tacoma’s thriving local food and drink scene. These fine establishments provide trendy community spots contributing to the city’s social fabric.

Community and Diversity

Tacoma, WA, is witnessing remarkable growth in its community and diversity. It’s an astonishing trend that Movers Tacoma, WA, has keenly observed with an increase in people moving to the area. 

Tacoma’s Demography

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The city’s population (approximately 226,000 in 2024) showcases a rich tapestry of racial and ethnic backgrounds. White residents make up 61% of the population, followed by Hispanics at 12.1%, Blacks at 10.64%, and Asians at 8.68%. 

This diverse demographic is more concentrated in certain areas. For instance, most white residents dwell in the northwest, and Hispanic populations are more likely to be found in Tacoma’s eastern parts. The city’s diversity score stands impressively at 99 out of 100. The chart indicates a much more diverse community than other US cities. Did you know the most diverse areas are located south of Tacoma?

Tacoma is a multi-colored and inclusive city.

Economic and educational initiatives strengthen Tacoma’s reputation as a welcoming and inclusive city. Nearly 40 percent of Tacoma’s population comprises Latino, African American, Asian and Pacific Islander, Multiracial, or Native American individuals. The city is committed to promoting equity and diversity. Let’s highlight two strategic plans! Tacoma 2025 and the Office of Equity and Human Rights are firm on implementing anti-racist practices within local

government and investing in BIPOC leadership. 

Regional educational institutions, including the University of Washington Tacoma, significantly add career-ready graduates to the local talent pool. Thus, some of the best nationally-recognized institutions enhance the community’s vibrancy and economic resilience. This dedication to fostering an inclusive environment is evident in the city’s diverse economic landscape. The local government supports all essential industries, like manufacturing, technology, and electronics, contributing to Tacoma’s and Washington’s dynamic market.

Tacoma’s growing diversity and community initiatives not only enrich the city’s cultural fabric. These commendable efforts also attract individuals, career-driven professionals, and families looking for a vibrant and inclusive place to call home. The increase in people moving to Tacoma stresses the welcoming community’s appeal and collective efforts to ensure equity and opportunity for all residents.


Is moving to Tacoma worth your while? The evidence suggests a resounding yes for those who value a blend of urban living, natural beauty, and community diversity. Grit City has numerous perks on its plate. Affordable cost of living, diverse job opportunities, quality educational institutions, and a lively cultural scene, to name a few. Tacoma offers a compelling lifestyle for a wide range of people. The city’s commitment to safety, inclusivity, and community engagement further enhances its appeal as a place to call home.
We can’t argue that challenges like soaring crime rates and housing market competitiveness exist. Still, Tacoma’s strengths far outweigh its drawbacks. The city continues to grow, develop, and evolve. Tacoma is an excellent choice for those considering a move to the Pacific Northwest. This stunning city offers cosmopolitan amenities while maintaining a small-town feel. In short, it’s the perfect place to build a life.


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