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Take a break from the freezing cold


Last updated: December 20, 2018 • Home Improvement

Take a Break from the Freezing Cold!

This February, most of the Eastern United States has been experiencing record lows, long freezes and epic snowstorms. Cold temperatures and snow can be fun occasionally (think snowball fights, days off school and work, snow angels, etc) However, prolonged cold temperatures can leave your body drained, your car battery drained and your wallet drained from …

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Last updated: June 11, 2020 • Holidays

Fifty Shades of Cleanup – Tips for Cleaning Up Your Valentine’s Day Mess

If you celebrated Valentine’s Day the way it was meant to, your house should look like a rose-petal-covered, candle wax, chocolate, and wine paradise, or a set of Valentine’s Day, depending on how thorough you were. Now that Valentine’s Day is over, and all the red, heart-shaped candy boxes and stuffed animals with cupid arrows …

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like follow share connect we love social media


Last updated: October 26, 2020 • Marketing Tips — Like, Share, Follow, Connect… We Love Social Media!

To be an effective business nowadays, slapping a quarter-page ad in the local Newspaper is simply not enough to attract the business a company is looking for. For most businesses, having a top-notch business website is not enough either. Today’s world is more transparent than ever. With the advent of Social Media, millions of people …

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Real Estate in Space


Last updated: June 11, 2020 • Real Estate Market

Real Estate IN SPACE!

Let’s face it… the future is here. Widespread space exploration and colonization, the stuff of science fiction, is slowly becoming reality. We’ve walked on the moon, landed on an asteroid, flew the whole length of our solar system, and are finding new planets in other solar systems almost daily. It wouldn’t be long before humanity …

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Crazy Home Selling tips you've never heard of


Last updated: June 11, 2020 • Marketing Tips

Crazy Home Selling Tips You’ve Never Heard Of

Home selling tips have come a long way from just making sure there was a roof overhead and an outhouse in the back. Although in years past, those may have been some of the bigger selling points when home buying, most homes now have a built-in bathroom and a roof with shingles that keeps the …

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