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Last updated: May 26, 2021 • Marketing Tips — Like, Share, Follow, Connect… We Love Social Media!

To be an effective business nowadays, slapping a quarter-page ad in the local Newspaper is simply not enough to attract the business a company is looking for. For most businesses, having a top-notch business website is not enough either.

Today’s world is more transparent than ever. With the advent of Social Media, millions of people are communicating across various Social Media platforms, stating their preferences, keeping up with news, trends and their favorite businesses. This “business transparency” is achieved through on-going direct-to-consumer communication through Social Media by businesses. This is a new, revolutionary concept in Public Relations, and Customer Relations that allows any business from the corner bakery to a worldwide corporation to interact with fans, manage a brand image and engage new customers. took a head-on approach to this emerging world of Social Media for businesses by taking control of our presence across multiple platforms. Choosing to do so places us in a powerful position to drive new leads to the agents listed in our online real estate directory. Monthly we receive calls from homeowners who have found us on social media, asking for help finding an real estate agent. Just one more way The Official Real Estate Agent Directory® provides value for their clients.’s Commitment to Clients via Social Media:

Facebook: we manage a highly-successful business page with an interactive network of homeowners and an Ad budget that helps us reach homeowners nationwide. Periodically we run and promote contests and giveaways to engage our followers, and reward customers for their brand loyalty.’s Facebook community is made up of homeowners who want to stay up on the latest trends and receive advice on the market. We also utilize Facebook Ads advanced targeting engines, to engage new homeowners to “Like” our page as well as to visit our website and browse our directory of dedicated agents.

Twitter: we use this sharing-oriented platform to engage prospective homeowners with interactive content and tips on staging, decor and home improvement. We also engage existing homeowners who are looking to sell or trade up with relevant financial and real estate information. Ultimately our Twitter network is guided to the website where reputable real estate agents listed in our directory can be found.

Pinterest: the perfect tool to share beautiful photos of homes, decor and renovations. Pinterest is also the platform on which we ran a fun, zany contest called the “Ugly House Sweepstakes.” We asked participants to submit photos of the messiest, scariest and most dilapidated rooms and homes they had — the awarded winner got a chance to improve their surroundings with a $500 gift card. Our interactive Pinterest platform promotes a community of sharing ideas with each other, while positioning us as a credible resource for fun and engaging content among homeowners.

Google Plus: To engage both homeowners and real estate agents, we utilize Google’s own Social Media platform, Google+. By sharing videos, blogs and other content from that is highly optimized with specific keywords, we increase our search engine ranking on Google, making us visible to more people. When homeowners find the Google Plus page through search engines, they are more likely to click to our website, browsing the directory for the agent who is the right fit to find the home of their dreams.

LinkedIn: the platform for engaging business-to-business partnerships. We utilize LinkedIn to provide helpful information for our agents, while simultaneously attracting new agents and industry related topics through group conversations and articles on our company LinkedIn page. Utilizing LinkedIn’s new Pulse feature, you can find our blogs and helpful real estate advice there to guide you along your real estate journey. We welcome all of our agents to get involved on our company page and encourage everyone to share articles and information that is helpful to fellow agents.

Blogs: Last but not least in our engagement strategy is what you are currently reading: our blogs! Here we mix it up with topics for both homeowners and real estate agents. Homeowners can find helpful industry tips, mixed with fun , zany topics like Real Estate on Mars, and odd ways to sell your home like making doors purposefully squeaky or dressing in yoga outfits… If it’s fun, interactive and enjoyable to read, it’s up our alley! Agents find helpful Marketing information via our blogs to help them land more clients and understand how to improve their customer experience.

Through all of our Social Media efforts, one goal and result remains the same: increasing our network, widening our directory and exposing you, your Real Estate search and your listing to a perpetually growing network. This separates us from the competition that only focuses on search engines like Google, leaving a wide open “social space” to attract new buyers and sellers for our real estate agents.


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