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Last updated: September 13, 2021 • Home Improvement

Snow, Mud, and Slush: Don’t Sling Dirt, Keep It Clean with These Winter Tips

The winter months are known for their holiday cheer, chilly weather, and most importantly: snow, mud and slush. While movies and television shows make snow out to be something aesthetically pleasing and scenic, many people who live in snowy areas know how troublesome it can be. Slush, muddy snow, and massive amounts of shoveling are just a few of the downsides.

It can be difficult to keep your house clean during the snowy season, especially if you have children or pets. Kids and dogs are both notoriously bad about forgetting to wipe their feet, and snowy slush picks up dirt like a magnet. This mess can spread to your tile floors, hardwood, carpet, and rugs … these cleaning tips will come in handy: spring cleaning tips.

Prepping for snow season can be a good way to reduce the mess. Lay down some ground rules for the other residents of the house when it comes to how they enter the home on a particularly dirty day. Buy rubber place-mats for your entryways, and invest in a shoe rack that is located right by the door. Requiring people to take off their shoes on the entryway mat will help reduce the amount of mud and snow that gets tracked in, and you can stop worrying about the footprints on your carpet and tile. Rubber mats are easy to clean, can be rinsed off anytime and will lock the majority of the mud and slush when people come in and wipe their shoes off.

If you have a mudroom or garage, prep that too (don’t have a mudroom? Your real estate agent in Chevy Chase, MD, might tell you should add one for home value!) Many people just use the garage door to get into the house, so don’t hesitate to put down a rubber mat and shoe rack there too. Seal your garage floors to prevent stains and water damage, especially if you park your car within your garage during the winter months.

Got pets? They can track in an unbelievable amount of mud and slush. If you have a doggy door, set up a baby-gate around it. Put down some towels, and only let your dog run free once they’ve wiped their feet. Dogs can be easily trained to wipe their feet before entering the home. Keep a hand-towel nearby if you need to clean their paws after a walk or potty break, and wipe down long-haired dogs to get rid of excess snow and water.

Make sure to stock up on spot-cleaner, especially if you have light colored carpet. Spot-checking your carpets can save them from stains and unsightly messes. If you clean as you go and vacuum regularly, you will reduce how often you have to professionally clean your carpets. Keep an eye on your furniture too, and keep your spray-bottle on hand for emergencies.

Your city might get more snowfall than another, so be prepared if you live in an area notorious for snow. While someone in Texas might laugh at the idea of heavy snowfall, a New Yorker may feel completely different about the idea. According to the most recent surveys, these are to top five cities with the most snowfall , also make sure that you get in contact with a local real estate agent if your home is in one of this cities … he will give you ideas about owning a home during winter season.

  1. Rochester, New York
  2. Erie, Pennsylvania real estate agents
  3. Syracuse, New York real estate agents
  4. Utica, New York
  5. Grand Rapids, Michigan real estate agents

If you live in any of these cities or know that your area is likely to see a heavy winter, prepare accordingly before the big snows fall. Winterizing your home can go a long way in saving you stress during the snowy months. Once the weather warms up, get your carpet cleaned immediately to prevent long-term staining. Just be sure that winter is actually over first!

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