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Last updated: May 24, 2021 • Personal Finance

Time Management and Real Estate

As a real estate agent you are pulled in many different directions. There are clients to please, an office to answer to, tracking and reports to complete, update the MLS and the list continues. Oh and don’t forget the activities required to bring new clients in the door – which in many cases is a job all within itself. So how do you keep track of ir all and maintain a personal life?

In this blog it is our goal to help simplify you schedule by offering advice that will help you keep all of the balls in the air, so to say.

Scheduling Blocks of Time

Step one, we all from time to time use the phrase “there’s not enough time in the day” – when in reality we have the same 24 hours every other very successful person has in the day. The difference is they schedule their time more efficiently. A great way to “fit everything in” os to make blocks of time in your calendar for literally everything and stick to it! If Mondays are your office days then schedule tasks that can only be done in the office, items such as reports, social media scheduling for the week, etc.

Then Schedule out-of-office time for example Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays may be great days for property showings, maybe not. The important step to taking back control of your schedule is that it works for you, figure out what days are best for in-office and which are best for out-of-office. You might say well I have to go by the clients schedule. We beg to differ. An appointment in the office getting work done is just as important as touring with clients so therefore set your days and be true to them. If Wednesday mornings are for networking say 7 to 10 am, then book clients in the afternoon and evening.

Block scheduling is a great way to ensure all of the tasks get completed, without overwhelming yourself with the task lists that never end. Clients can be demanding, the best way to deal with demanding clients is to simply say… I have another appointment at that time. Even if that appointment is with yourself.

Dealing With Distraction

Everyday something comes up that requires attention, more often than not it’s a distraction that takes away from production time. When dealing with distractions it is important to categorize and prioritize the event. If it is an emergency or fire that needs attending to right away, make the choice to deal with it immediately – resolve it – and move on. Don’t let it consume your day. If you can add it to the “schedule” to deal with at another, more convenient time – that is the best decision in order to stay on track with your organized calendar.

Personal Time

WE ALL get caught up in the work, work, work mode; however the most successful people in the world make time for themselves, to take care of their health, body and family. This is crucial to maintaining success and avoiding burnout.

An hour walk in the park, a 90 minute massage twice a month or a 45 minute workout will improve productivity and efficiency rather than stifle it. The mind and the body needs time away from the computer, away from the phone and away from clients. It’s absolutely OK to “schedule” personal time and is most effective when done on a consistent basis – like every Wednesday morning workout and Friday afternoon walk in the park. This time is meant for you personally not lunch with a friend, not taking the boys to a baseball game, time for you!

Taking back your schedule, dealing with distractions appropriately and giving yourself personal time is all a part of the successful journey. By simplifying life and keeping a positive attitude, while staying our of the “overwhelmed feelings” state of mine that real estate agents tend to have from time to time; everything can be accomplished while living the life you want.


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