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Last updated: May 5, 2021 • Lifestyle

Top Ten Cities for Summer Camps in the US

Giving our children the experiences and lessons they need to grow is the most important part of raising children. Summer camps can be the perfect opportunity for children to learn new skills, forge strong new friendships, and make new memories. From equestrian activities to rock-climbing and stories around a fire, camps are a token part of growing up, especially when you’re just discovering how vibrant the world and nature can be.

Top 10 summer camp locations, and the camps worth considering.

  1. Lake Pleasant, New York. Lake Pleasant is the county seat of Hamilton county in New York, and is also within driving distance of Raquette Lake Camps. RLC has two parts, one for boys and one for girls, and accepts children anywhere from six to fifteen.
  2. Poland, Maine. Maine boasts more than just beautiful views and a rich history, it’s also the home of Tripp Lake Camp for girls. Established by Eva Rosenheim in the early 1900s, Tripp Lake Camp is nestled in the evergreens, and fronted by a beautiful lake. Girls aged seven to sixteen can enjoy equestrian pursuits, archery, sports, waterfront activities, art, and even theater.
  3. Granby, Colorado. Home of the Camp Chief Ouray, a summer camp that offers all sorts of activities from backpacking to horseback riding, and encourages leadership in children ages seven to seventeen. They also provide family plans and even a women’s fitness camp. You can ask a neighboring Colorado real estate agent about accessibility.
  4. Sanger, California. River Way Ranch Camp is the summer hotspot for this city. This camp offers everything you can think of, from martial arts, horse jumping, and archery to waterfront activities such as waterslides, swimming, and kayaking.
  5. Orford, New Hampshire. Camp Moosilauke is one of the oldest all-boy summer camps in the US, and has been encouraging boys to challenge themselves and inspire confidence in others for over a hundred years. If you have sons, consider Grafton County, NH.
  6. Woodruff, Wisconsin. With no shortage of nature, Camp Timberlane for Boys is the perfect place to encourage teamwork and self-confidence in boys ages anywhere from eight through fifteen.
  7. Becket, Massachusetts. Originally known as an all-boys camp, the well-known Becket-Chimneys Corners summer camp started accepting girls in 1931, and now offers a variety of activities to children of all ages.
  8. Dubois, Wyoming. Teton Valley Ranch Camp is the perfect place to get in touch with your inner cowboy, and experience a taste of a more rustic, simple lifestyle. They offer horseback riding, riflery, and fly-fishing to kids ages 10-16.
  9. Pittsford, Vermont. With Camp Sangamon offering new experiences to kids every summer, this idyllic town might be worth considering. Arts, outdoor experiences, and even farming programs available, it’s certainly an experience for any child.
  10. High View, West Virginia. Accepting children ages seven to sixteen, Camp Tall Timbers offers a variety of activities for any child. From the arts to sports to outdoor activities, they hope to encourage individual talents in every child.

While it may be difficult to find a summer camp near you, and not four states away, there are always chances to find places to enroll your child. A big part of moving is deciding where to send your child for school, and summer camps are no different!


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