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Brian Patrick has sold homes in the Dallas/Fort Worth area since 2000. In this time, he has helped buyers, sellers. landlords and tenants in over 500 real estate transactions. In fact, Brian is a Certified Residential Specialist, the only designation for Realtors requiring actual results and not just training. To become a Certified Residential Specialist, agents must have sold over 75 homes worth a total of over $25 million in five years. When Brian became a Certified Residential Specialist, he had already sold 242 homes in his first five years with a value of over $40 million.  In Brian's entire career, he has sold nearly 400 homes for almost $80,000,000.    

Brian represents buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants in the Dallas Fort Worth area. His real estate practice is through his company, Superior Realty LLC. Brian represents buyers and sellers in the Dallas Fort Worth area, and has also operated a property management business since 2008. His company manages as many as 15 homes, and he also represents landlords leasing fifteen other properties that are managed by the property owners. 

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Superior Realty LLC

Superior Realty LLC

Brian Patrick


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CRS®, Certified Residential Specialist®
Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity (FHEO)
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The Idyllic Suburbs Vs. Vibrant Downtowns

The Idyllic Suburbs Vs. Vibrant Downtowns

 Where is it better to live? Where is living more cost-effective? Where will I have to say hello to everyone I meet? Should I remain in New York City or better move to Jericho 29 miles away? Let our real estate agents help you decide!   There are many reasons, pro, and con, for both living in the suburbs or the city. Besides the apparent financial aspects, ...

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Cryptocurrency-Friendly Realtors

Cryptocurrency-Friendly Realtors

For decades, the world of finance was an oblique, inaccessible sphere that only those with the proper education and preparation could hope to break into. Hedge funds and investment firms reigned supreme, firmly holding a monopoly on everything even tangentially related to the industry of making money by spending money.  This was an era defined by elitist financial ...

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Creative Ways To Get Leads As A Real Estate Agent

Creative Ways To Get Leads As A Real Estate Agent

When you work in real estate, there are times when you’ve got to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. With a good marketing strategy and some clever advertising you can get work by just sitting back and waiting for it to come to you, but this isn’t always going to pay the bills. In instances like these, you’ve got to go out and round up some ...

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Is Online Advertising Worth It For Realtors?

Is Online Advertising Worth It For Realtors?

For real estate agents working in the sphere today, there’s no denying that marketing is a key part of becoming successful. In order to sell real estate, you’re going to need to get your name out in the sphere. It doesn’t matter how highly developed your other skills are, without a solid marketing strategy you won’t go far. With the arrival of ...

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How To Advertise Online As A Real Estate Agent

How To Advertise Online As A Real Estate Agent

The online environment is growing, and with so many people surfing the internet, many businesses seize the opportunity to market themselves on the internet. It’s not just big companies that leverage the benefits of digital marketing but also independent agents such as realtors. In a post-pandemic era, the real estate market of 2021 looks more promising than ever ...


Real Estate Glossary Terms

  • Site Analysis

    Evaluating a locality to determine its value and appropriateness for designated objectives. ...

  • Steep Land

    Land located on a precipice. ...

  • Live Animal Insurance

    Coverage under the Commercial Property Floater for loss under two forms: livestock mortality life insurance and livestock floater. This is really life insurance coverage for livestock. ...

  • Perpetual Insurance

    Coverage on real property written to have no time limit. A single deposit premium pays for insurance for the life of the risk. The insurer earns enough investment income on the deposit to cover losses and costs. Upon cancellation, the insured is entitled to return of the initial deposit premium. Per ...

  • Term

    Period of time of insurance coverage. If a loss occurs during this time, insurance benefits are paid. If a loss occurs after this time period has expired, no insurance benefits are paid. ...

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