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I'm a Grandmother of eight with one son and two stepchildren. My husband and I enjoy riding our Harley. We have a cat and enjoy the outdoors.
I enjoy helping people to find there dream home. I'm licensed in Tn and Ga.

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Carol Potts


Real Estate Glossary Terms

  • Duplex

    Structure have two dwelling units under the same roof. Two-story apartment unit. ...

  • Highway Easement

    The construction of a highway right way over a privately held parcel of land. Property owners are entitled to compensation for the value of the property usurped by a highway easement. See also eminent domain. ...

  • Interest Free Loans

    Means of borrowing at no charge by a policyowner under universal life insurance policies. ...

  • Interpleader

    Legal procedure through which a court determines the rightful claimant (of two or more claimants making the same claim) against a third party. Insurance companies use interpleader if claims are made by different parties. For example, upon the death of an insured, two or more individuals (such as the ...

  • Per Capita

    Distribution of a deceased beneficiary's share of an estate among all of his or her living heirs. Contrast with per stirpes. ...

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